snoWatch: the snow just keeps coming

Feb. 27, 2005, midnight | By Vivek Chellappa Ely Portillo | 15 years, 11 months ago

How could we ever doubt the snow gods?

Well, here we are again, already writing another snoWatch column for you heathens to enjoy. We're fresh off a four day long, snow-induced weekend, and the weather services are predicting snow tonight and tomorrow.

We would first like to thank the snow gods for the timeliness of our last snowing. To show our appreciation for their efforts, we here at snoWatch decided to sacrifice a couple of our furrier weather team members (sorry PETA). Although the loss of two of our monkey correspondents reduces our work force, readers should start to read less gibberish filling out these articles (although that depends on your definition of gibberish). Some readers may see a decrease in quality in the post-monkey era.

And now, without further ado, your definitive, absolutely correct, never-failing, all-knowing and all-seeing (take breath) predictions for tomorrow.

45 percent chance of cancellation
85 percent chance of delayed opening

We've taken many factors into account to arrive at these numbers. First of all, both and are predicting snow for tonight and tomorrow, which means we'll be seeing some white stuff for sure. According to, snow won't start coming heavy till about 8 a.m. tomorrow morning, but once the snow starts it's expected to continuously snow to snow for almost 24 hours. We could get as much as 10 inches before it's all done.

Second, we all know that MCPS is absolutely terrified of snow in any form. But we've also only had two days of school since Feb. 18, and the roads are still salted and treated from this week's snow – which makes the chance of a cancellation a bit less than would otherwise be the case.

So Blazers, feel free to take the risk of not setting your alarm clocks tonight, but don't count on waking up in a school-free winter wonderland.

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