snoWatch: What the flurries?

Jan. 30, 2010, 1:31 p.m. | By Deepa Chellappa | 13 years, 4 months ago

We're getting a little tired of this

It snowed on a Saturday. Nobody cares.

In all seriousness, snow showers during the weekend only keep Blazers cooped up inside staring forlornly out the windows at the slick streets. And it's not like the supposed 4-6 inches of accumulation will matter - in case you haven't noticed, snow plows are already on the streets, turning the pristine white flakes into slushy brown goo.

But as snoWatch gurus, we're obligated to provide the Blair community with our highly accurate predictions (they're really guesses) for school next week. Here goes nothing (we apologize in advance for the bitterness - we can't help it).

snoWatch predictions - where we make up fake numbers based know the deal

Chance of delayed opening: 27 percent
Tomorrow's forecast calls for sunny skies and temperatures above freezing. For once, we're upset that it's not blisteringly cold outside - at least then we'd have the chance to sleep in on Monday. But for the glass-half-full-people (we can't stand you), the sidewalks will likely remain slippery tomorrow morning since light snow is supposed to continue through the night. If someone were to suddenly set fire to the entire salt stock in the county (not that we're insinuating anything), Executive Ike Leggett probably won't have funds in the budget to purchase more until Fiscal Year 2013. Just sayin'.

Chance of closing: 1 percent
While the Carolinas are enjoying about nine inches of snow, salt trucks and UV rays will dash any hopes we have of a snow day. Do your homework, Blazers. At least you'll have a picturesque wintry view to keep you unfocused.

Despite the reality of school on Monday, don't let our sarcasm keep you from venturing outdoors in snow pants and boots! The snow is perfect for an afternoon of sledding and snowball fights followed by a warm mug of hot chocolate.

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