Robert Day

Name: Robert Day
Position: Page Editor
Graduation Year: 2002
Robert is currently a senior enrolled in the Montgomery Blair High School Magnet Program. Son of two Asian parents makes Robert Chinese. If you didn't make the connection, it also makes him Asian. Born on the 25th of February of 1984 means Robert is a Rat according to the Chinese, and a Pisces according to the Zodiac. Someone unknowingly made the egregious mistake of assigning this rat/fish character to the on-line staff of Silver Chips. When he's not misspelling articles for Chips, he's drilling holes at Physics Team, losing arguments for Mock Trial, missing deadlines at Sysop business, sleeping instead of programming on Computer Team, playing cards with the Math Team, or amusing himself with the computers at Robotics Team. Once in a while he'll look away from his computer screen and migrate to the volleyball court and stand around looking like he knows exactly what he's doing. If you happen to get lost enough to be driving down the C&O canal, you might see him strenuously pedaling on his bike, but getting nowhere. You might also encounter him at the local swimming pool, probably in the baby pool scaring all the babies.

Stories (2)

School evacuated due to ruptured sprinkler

By Nora Toiv, Robert Day | March 13, 2002, midnight | In Print »

President visits local high school

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