Colby Chapman

Name: Colby Chapman
Position: Page Editor
Graduation Year: 2003
Colby Chapman is a junior page editor and sports writer for Silver Chips. She plays basketball and runs track for Blair, and she plays the piano as well. She is very committed to her academics but takes great pride in her athletics.

Stories (18)

Full figured and filled with pride

By Colby Chapman | April 10, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Cheerio-sized waists, washboard stomachs and hourglass curves are all senior Didi Otigbuo sees as she glances up from her homework to catch the newest music videos. Comparing her own 5'5”, 170-pound figure to that of the video girls, she turns off the television while she thinks one thought: "I'm beautiful.”

Djenodjilem speeds past rivals

By Colby Chapman | March 13, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Until two years ago, senior Briand Djenodjilem had never heard of the track team at Blair. And until five years ago, Djenodjilem had never seen an American track: He could be found playing soccer and running with his friends in the local fields of his native African country, Chad.

Understanding African American heritage is key to future

By Colby Chapman | Feb. 13, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Over winter break I visited Senegal, West Africa, and the trip opened my eyes to many aspects of African American culture. Prior to that experience, I can't recall ever intently exploring my ancestry. I knew about slavery, its impact on society and African Americans' contributions to America. But looking back, I realize I knew about my past in a purely intellectual sense. I lacked emotional or spiritual connection to my very personal history.

DIVAs, all clubs removed from pep rallies in future

By Colby Chapman | Dec. 19, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Clubs and non-athletic organizations, including the DIVA Dancers, are no longer permitted to perform in pep rallies because of complaints that the pep rallies did not spotlight athletes, according to Athletic Director Dale Miller. Plans are in progress for alternative programs in which clubs can perform.

Give compensation for enslavement

By Colby Chapman | Oct. 4, 2002, midnight | In Print »

For centuries of being held captive and beaten with whips and chains, African Americans want payback. We want payback for being legally denied education, money, family and happiness.

Maryland raises its standards

By Colby Chapman | May 23, 2002, midnight | In Print »

When black isn't black enough

By Colby Chapman | April 25, 2002, midnight | In Print »

No hatin on Yeadon

By Colby Chapman | March 14, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Lindsey's long-lasting legacy

By Colby Chapman | Feb. 14, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Keepin' up with the kicks

By Colby Chapman | Dec. 20, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Blair girls' soccer drops from playoffs

By Colby Chapman | Oct. 31, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Girls soccer holds on for the victory

By Colby Chapman | Oct. 24, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Bulldogs get through Blazer defense

By Colby Chapman | Oct. 12, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Girls Soccer loses to Sherwood, 4-1

By Colby Chapman | Sept. 29, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Girls' Soccer Dominates Wheaton, 4-0

By Colby Chapman | Sept. 25, 2001, midnight | In Print »

B-CC Barons breeze by Blazers

By Colby Chapman | Aug. 11, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Drug abuse more common in females

By Colby Chapman | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

Teenage diabetes on the rise

By Colby Chapman | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »