Izaak Orlansky

Name: Izaak Orlansky
Position: Page Editor
Graduation Year: 2004
Izaak Orlansky is a senior in the Communications Arts Program. His hobbies include cross-country running, swimming, and singing in the spring musical. Izaak is also a big fan of the Yankees, and likes playing with big fluffy dogs.

Stories (15)

James Brown leaves MCPS after 31 years

By Izaak Orlansky | May 28, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Building service manager James Brown will retire due to kidney trouble after more than a decade at Blair and 31 years in MCPS. A replacement manager will probably be found by the fall.

After-school policy enforced

By Izaak Orlansky | March 18, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Security staff will now strictly enforce a Blair policy that requires students without adult supervision to leave the school building at 3:30 p.m. The new initiative came after lax enforcement had led to large numbers of unsupervised students staying late at school, a situation security staff, administrators and building-service workers had deemed unsafe.

Blair's growing pains

By Izaak Orlansky | Feb. 20, 2004, midnight | In Print »

If the walls of Blair could talk, they would groan. Lights are broken in and around the school, making rainy days particularly dark. Bathroom sinks have a tendency to break, sometimes leaking through the floor. The "injuries” have added up: Look five years earlier, and one finds out why: Substandard material was used in constructing parts of the new school. The mistakes have been costly for both the students and the school system alike.

Chemical safety affirmed

By Izaak Orlansky | Nov. 13, 2003, midnight | In Print »

A chemical spill at a Washington, D.C., public high school last month brought reassurances from the Blair science department that a chemical-related emergency would be extremely unlikely at Blair. School officials identified some problem areas but maintained that safety guidelines are being upheld.

Principals, superintendent clash

By Easha Anand, Elena Chung, Izaak Orlansky | Nov. 13, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Several high school principals have clashed with Superintendent Jerry Weast on his perceived push to discourage underperforming students from taking the SATs, his redirection of crucial resources from individual high schools to Central Office and his alleged mistreatment of administrators.

Taking an honest look at teacher diversity

By Izaak Orlansky | Oct. 2, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Final exams delayed

By Izaak Orlansky | June 11, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Summer Blues

By Izaak Orlansky | May 22, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Secretaries blue about jeans

By Izaak Orlansky | May 22, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Six Blair office secretaries were denied the right to wear jeans in an arbritration hearing after they filed a grievance against Principal Phillip Gainous. The Supporting Service Employees International Union (MCCSSE), which represents the secretaries, plans to appeal the May 9 decision.

Bracing for terror, war

By Easha Anand, Izaak Orlansky | March 13, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Transcription of speeches of Secretaries Ridge and Paige

By Izaak Orlansky, Kevin Chang | March 7, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The following is a transcription of the speeches made by Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Secretary of Education Rod Paige at their visit to Blair on Friday, March 7.

Ridge unveils terrorism safety website at Blair

By Easha Anand, Izaak Orlansky | March 7, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Secretary of Education Rod Paige unveiled a new initiative to assist schools in emergency response plans at Blair today.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom brings audiences back to the blues

By Izaak Orlansky, Marisa Schweber-Koren | Nov. 13, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. brings the troubles of a struggling 1920s black music group to a present day audience in an entertaining but powerful way. The August Wilson play follows the ups and downs of Ma Rainey and her back-up band as they try to cope with an oppressive and prejudiced society.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work Blazers go

By Izaak Orlansky | Nov. 8, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Tito "Benjamin” Bonilla rushes to pick up the phone. "Good evening, thank you for calling the Sheraton Hotel, Washington, D.C., downtown. This is Benjamin, how may I help you?” Despite his navy blue uniform and professional tone, guests may think Bonilla is young. They're right: Bonilla has gotten an early start in the work force.

Blair ‘messiest school'

By Izaak Orlansky | Oct. 4, 2002, midnight | In Print »

A large number of Blair students consistently fail to clean up after themselves and are causing heavy workloads for an understaffed janitorial department, according to Building Services Night Manager Harold Walker, who said Blair students leave the most trash in the county.