Keianna Dixon

Name: Keianna Dixon
Position: Design Team
Graduation Year: 2007

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Entertainer of the month: Karen Biddle

By Keianna Dixon | April 30, 2007, midnight | In Entertainment »

Senior Karen Biddle feels like a Hollywood star. In a black floral gown, she stands before the sea and a large crowd on a mid-July night in Minori, Italy. The twinkling stars and soft clatter of wine glasses lend the place an atmosphere of romance.

Entertainer of the month: Karen Biddle

By Keianna Dixon | April 25, 2007, midnight

Senior Karen Biddle feels like a Hollywood star. In a black floral gown, she stands before the sea and a large crowd on a mid-July night in Minori, Italy. The twinkling stars and soft clatter of wine glasses lend the place an atmosphere of romance.

Full house

By Keianna Dixon | Feb. 6, 2007, midnight

Junior Eve Arias has never really had a space of her own. She shares her home with her parents, two younger brothers, two uncles and two aunts (who aren't speaking), one of whom has a five year-old daughter and another child on the way. High housing costs in Montgomery County make it difficult for families to afford their own homes, says Elias Zeleke, a real estate agent for Long and Foster. "Montgomery County is getting too expensive," affecting lower and middle-class residents alike, he says. While the poor are being pushed out to areas where housing is cheaper, he says, some of the remaining county residents may opt to live in crowded homes, renting out their homes to help pay for the mortgage or sharing their homes with family members in need.

Home sweet home

By Keianna Dixon Saron Yitbarek | Nov. 16, 2006, midnight

Folding the switchblade back into his palm, senior Tony Offut stared calmly at his cousin's torn and bloody face as the blare of a distant siren filled the street.

Making a move against HIV and HPV

By Keianna Dixon | Nov. 16, 2006, midnight

To increase awareness about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and improve public health, the government has launched a new initiative to combat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Cherishing the good old days

By Keianna Dixon | Oct. 10, 2006, midnight

Blair alumnus Al Schrider, 78, has truly tasted the essence of change. He journeys deep into his memory, describing the simple, halcyon days when Silver Spring was just a quiet rural community. Schrider may have graduated 60 years ago, but even time cannot erase these heartfelt memories.

X-tra, X-tra! Get your X-Men! — only from the film, that is

By Keianna Dixon | May 31, 2006, midnight | In Movies »

What began as a cartoon strip by ­Stan Lee and Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics in 1963 has emerged as a fantastic cinematic series that, though very different from the cartoon, will no doubt have the third installment emerge as a lovable blockbuster. Action-packed and explosive, "The Last Stand" weaves intricate layers of surprise into its already star-studded plot. In addition to Halle Berry's fiercer hairstyle, pleasing new elements and characters are added to the story of the previous films. Coupled with Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen) and other mutants, are familiar faces from both the X-Men cartoon series, like Juggernaut (Vinnie Jones), and Hollywood, like Kelsey Grammer, who plays the super-genius, super-blue and super-hairy, Beast.

Living with no medical support

By Keianna Dixon | May 25, 2006, midnight

When a softball smashed into her left knee during a neighborhood pick-up game in sixth grade, Maria, a junior, heard the bone break, but she never went to see a doctor. As usual, she dealt with the emergency herself, putting ice on her knee to suppress the swelling.

Learning survival of the fittest

By Keianna Dixon | May 25, 2006, midnight | In Features »

At barely an inch deep, the knife wound to senior Brian Abel's leg didn't faze him. Instead of going for help, Abel retaliated against the older cadets at Massanutten Military Academy, a co-ed school in Woodstock, Virginia, where hazing rituals like stabbings are routine.

Emergency techniques essential for Health

By Keianna Dixon | April 23, 2006, midnight

Seizures. Fatal allergic reactions. Cardiac arrests. These are among a parent's worst nightmares, yet they occur almost every day. We must be prepared to handle these medical emergencies where children are most likely to be: school.

A minority within a minority

By Keianna Dixon | Jan. 26, 2006, midnight

Limbo. It's that age-old in-the-middle place, the spot caught in between heaven and hell. It's my life as a young black scholar.

Bringing the brigade home

By Keianna Dixon | Jan. 26, 2006, midnight

At the lab in the Takoma Park Long Branch Recreational Center, junior Michael Morris, a cameraman and editor for the 9/11-based documentary "From Out of the Blue," concentrates on the computer screen as the completed film appears. Months of editing have boiled down to this moment. He watches the three hours of raw footage he captured that have now transformed into a 10-minute film. Passing over his face are shock, disbelief, but most vivid, pride that this is, in part, his creation.

Keeping the struggle alive

By Keianna Dixon | Dec. 15, 2005, midnight

The brisk autumn wind greets sophomore Courtney Forbes as she waits in the large crowd gathering outside of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda on the wet and drizzly morning of Oct. 30. It is not until midday -- six hours after she arrived -- that Forbes sees what she has been waiting for all morning: a polished mahogany coffin bearing the late Rosa Parks.

Staying strong through Ramadan

By Keianna Dixon | Nov. 10, 2005, midnight

As dusk falls on Oct. 25, a husky voice escapes from the mosque replica that serves as an alarm clock on the mantel of junior Margaret Khan's living room. The lyrical call to prayer cues her to bring a small date to her lips, and she tastes a sticky sweetness. This date, symbolic of the one with which the prophet Muhammad broke his fast centuries ago, begins her first meal of the day since dawn.

A learning experience behind the wheel

By Keianna Dixon | Oct. 6, 2005, midnight

As he drives, Senior Eliyahu Zuares keeps his eyes trained on the display prices posted high in the air. He pulls into a Shell gas station and slowly pumps fuel into his Ford Mustang. When the familiar ritual is done, he looks wearily at the gas receipt - $38. A full tank for $24 is now a thing of the past.