Iris Flores

Name: Iris Flores
Position: Page Editor
Graduation Year: 2002
Iris Flores works as a proud design editor in Silver Chips' prestigious staff and is currently enrolled in the Communication Arts program at Blair. Born in the Philippines on February 6, 1984, she is the third of four CAP daughters in her family. She has won three art competitions (county, state and national) and has gained much positive recognition (and over $1000 in prize money!) for her works which are hung around the local community and around the nation. Iris has played the piano for ten years and has even played for the ambassador of the Philippines. In her spare time, Iris enjoys creative art, piano, theater, biking, tennis, Internet, HTML, sleep, and relaxing to the aesthetic tunes of BBMak, Hanson, and *NSYNC. As for her future plans, Iris aspires to pursue a career in the field of medical biology or nursing and hopes for a nice husband, several kids, a dog, a pretty house with a white picket fence and a shiny Mercedes parked in the garage.

Stories (3)

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Verizon ups call cost to 50 cents

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Blazers march to a different tune

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