Cassie Cummins

Name: Cassie Cummins
Position: Print Managing Entertainment Editor
Graduation Year: 2008
Cassie Cummins is an 11th grade CAP student whose life is made complete with a hot cup of coffee and a long nap- preferably with Abe Lincoln by her side. When she's not doing homework or pining over her loss of sleep, she enjoys watching CSPAN in the wee hours of the morning and making fun of the crazies who call into the Washington Journal.

Stories (7)

Of vegetarians and blue jeans

By Cassie Cummins, Caitlin Schneiderhan | Dec. 3, 2007, midnight | In ‎Latest »

Cassie: The District Chophouse didn't really scream vegetarian to me. All I could think of as I sat in our plump leather booth and munched on the complimentary cornbread was the sad, screaming cow they used to make Caitlin's Chophouse burger. And so begins our second Caitlin-Cassie adventure. Caitlin: Cassie and I had been wandering around downtown D.C. for an hour and a half in the oddly warm October sunlight, and I was thirsty. Not bloodthirsty as some vegetarians (ahem, Cassie) might put it, but I had a definite hankering for a Diet Coke.

YouTube takes off

By Cassie Cummins | Feb. 2, 2007, midnight | In ‎Latest »

Andy Warhol once said, "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." For some, even a mere 15 seconds on the World Wide Web is enough.

Getting ahead, leaving early

By Cassie Cummins | Feb. 1, 2007, midnight | In Local »

Tess Minnick walked out of her first block class for the last time in January 2006, ending her high school career months before her peers. As she pushed the school doors open, leaving the memories of high school behind, Minnick sighed with relief - she had been eager to leave high school for years.

Middle Eastern Cuisine — an ethnic party in your mouth

By Cassie Cummins | Nov. 14, 2006, midnight | In Restaurant Reviews »

The streets of Old Town, Takoma Park are dotted with local restaurants, each one unique. And while Middle Eastern Cuisine may not look like anything special from the outside, do not be fooled — it really is one-of-a-kind.

ChipsTrips: Exhibition Edition

By Cassie Cummins | Oct. 9, 2006, midnight | In ‎Latest »

Face it, summer's over. No more whimsical beach trips or warm days in the sun. But fear not – the fall season holds new adventures. Now that the hordes of pesky tourists have left Washington, D.C., the city's museums are fair game for locals making fall the perfect opportunity for a whimsical day trip to local exhibitions. To celebrate, Silver Chips has compiled this handy guide to the must-see exhibits of D.C. – because the best time to go museum hopping is after the tourists have left town.

"The Black Dahlia" wilts

By Cassie Cummins | Sept. 21, 2006, midnight | In Movies »

If "The Black Dahlia" were indeed a blooming Dahlia, its petals would begin to droop as soon as the poor acting kicked in. Then, after some confusing plot twists, its leaves would start to turn brown. And eventually, after being neglected by bored viewers, it would soon shrivel up into nothingness. Essentially, that's the withering tale of this Dahlia.

"Queens" – royally clever

By Cassie Cummins | Sept. 6, 2006, midnight | In Movies »

In every movie with a wedding, there of course must also be havoc — wreaked by weird in-laws or inconvenient love affairs. But this time, "Queens" adds to all the typical hubbub, by throwing sexuality into the mix. It is the first gay wedding, en masse, to take place in Spain, a very Catholic country that only recently recognized gay marriage. The result is a hilarious, if sometimes unclear tangle of human relationships.