Dylan Baird

Name: Dylan Baird
Position: Print Managing Sports Editor
Graduation Year: 2008

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Blazers conquer Warriors

By Dylan Baird | Oct. 18, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

BLAZER STADIUM, Oct. 17 - Coming off of a devastating defeat to Walter Johnson, the Blazers took out their frustration on the Sherwood Warriors, displaying their defensive strength in a 4-0 victory. Despite the fact that Sherwood's violent style of play mixed well with the referee's lenience towards aggressive play, the Blazers managed to keep to their game plan and come away with the victory.

Blazers cruise past Trojans

By Dylan Baird | Oct. 9, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

BLAZER STADIUM, Oct. 9- Varsity girls' soccer conquered the Gaithersburg Trojans on Tuesday October 9, in an epic battle, where their depth and versatility on the field prevailed over the Trojans. The girls, coming off of a depressing victory to the Wootton, again demonstrated the depth and hustle that has kept brought them a winning record.

Whitman wipes out Blazers

By Dylan Baird | Sept. 18, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

WHITMAN HIGH SCHOOL, Sept. 18 - The girls' varsity soccer had yet to be challenged this year, dominating all of their opponents until their 1-0 loss to the Vikings. The Vikings combined blistering speed and physical play to overcome the Blazers team work.

Blazers rock Rockets

By Dylan Baird | Sept. 11, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

After conquering the Watkins Mill Wolverines, the Blair girls' varsity soccer continued their success with a dominating effort against the Richard Montgomery Rockets. The Blazers notched six goals for the second time in as many games, winning 6-1.

Floor hockey frenzy

By Dylan Baird | Jan. 9, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

As another week passes, the Blair Intramural Floor Hockey League (BFHL) could not get more exciting. There were upsets, dominations, tear-jerkers and heart breakers; the excitement was so hot even the Inferno couldn't handle it. The week started out with a big win for the Iron Chefs, who had yet to score twice in a game, as they put up a masterful performance against the Ninjas, who are in a heated battle with 5B Lunch for second-to-last place spot. Despite only scoring two goals, the Chefs dominated with 13 shots on goal.

Floor hockey face-off

By Dylan Baird | Dec. 20, 2006, midnight | In Blair »

DEC. 15, NELSON H. KOBREN MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM— After a long off-season, the much-anticipated Blair intramural floor hockey league is underway. Although there are only six teams in the league this year, there are still bragging rights, respect and two openings for bye-weeks in the first round of the playoffs, so the regular season is still expected to bring that hot tension and excitement that only floor hockey can evoke.

Blake triumphs over Blair

By Dylan Baird | Nov. 4, 2006, midnight | In Blair »

NOV. 4th, Blake— All year, Blair's JV Football team has been about not giving up and fighting back. They are strong in the trenches, and their run-based offense always seems to come through. However, on Saturday against the Blake Bengals, they just fell short. In a game that started with the Bengals up 22-6 and a half-time score of 22-20, Blair was never out of it until the final minutes. Despite the 38-20 score, they came close to staging a surprising comeback.

Blazers bulldoze Titans

By Dylan Baird | Oct. 26, 2006, midnight | In Blair »

OCT. 26, EINSTEIN— It was the first play of the Titans' first drive, when Einstein's quarterback connected for an easy completion. Even before the first play was over, it looked like another tough game for Blair JV football. Suddenly, the ball slipped from the receiver's hands and onto the ground. Sophomore Paris Essoumba scooped it up and smashed straight into the end zone for a quick six points. Before the Einstein fans knew what hit them, Blair was on top, and would stay there for the entire game, for a final score of 0-39.

Blair comes up short, despite good defense

By Dylan Baird | Oct. 5, 2006, midnight | In Blair »

Sept. 30, BLAZER STADIUM— The Blair football has never been much of a match for several up-county foes; one in particular is the Sherwood Warriors. This Saturday morning however, the JV Blazers had the Warriors biting their nails. Despite being shut-out 10-0, the game was not truly decided for Blair until the final minutes.