Jesse Gonzales

Name: Jesse Gonzales
Position: Print Managing Op/Ed Editor & Print/Online Coordinator
Graduation Year: 2009

Stories (2)

Where does the education lie?

By Jesse Gonzales | Feb. 7, 2009, midnight | In Print Opinions »

Education is getting boring. Not the classes and the teachers, but the stuff that goes on outside of the school building - the constant partisan bickering about how best to fix the country's ailing schools, the squabbling over funding and budgets, the unending talk of reforms that always fail to happen. To be sure, a handful of people have made some headway into the bureaucracy, but for the most part, the system has remained relatively stagnant.

How it came to this

By Jesse Gonzales | Nov. 11, 2008, midnight | In Print »

It's been headline news for weeks now, but for many of us, our country's economic crisis is still extremely confusing. Why are we in such a bad situation? What's happening over on Wall Street? How did we even get to this point in the first place? The answers aren't simple and there's no quick fix, but one thing is for certain: Everyone has a role to play.