Gabriel Morden-Snipper

Name: Gabriel Morden-Snipper
Position: Page Editor
Graduation Year: 2003

Stories (11)

Thespians act on their own

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | April 10, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The usually charismatic Danielle Prados, a senior, grows bashful when speaking of her work. She runs through a sketch of the plot and a litany of characters as she sits cross-legged, her back against the elevator shaft on Mar 19. Nervous hand gestures betray her reservations about sharing her one-act play with the entire school.

Transit plan aims to ease congestion

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper, Tina Peng | Feb. 13, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Montgomery County's Go Montgomery! transit plan, to be implemented over the next ten years, aims to ease congestion in the Four Corners area with a new Metro line, bus system improvements and HOV lanes.

Harry Potter casts his spell over Blazers

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | Dec. 19, 2002, midnight | In Print »

A fierce lunchtime debate has broken out on Blair Blvd on Nov 21."Some little short kid with glasses going off to wizard school? There's no point! One book was actually good, but then it's just the same stuff,” says sophomore Jessica Jones. Junior Andres Beriguete and his sister Anleny, a sophomore, adamantly disagree. "I wish I could make my sister float—that'd be tight. And playing Quidditch . . . how fun would that be?” asks Andres.

Where to go when ya really wanna rock and roll

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | Nov. 8, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Weeding through D.C.'s countless pubs, bars, nightclubs and theaters can be daunting. But here, Chips' own Gabe Morden-Snipper takes you through the turnstiles of the best, the closest and the quirkiest of D.C.-area concert venues.

A lesson in the classics

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | May 23, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Fleischakin' it up in the English classroom

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | April 25, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Should tracking be abolished in MCPS? Gabe Morden-Snipper says YES

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | Feb. 14, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Athletes light up and burn out

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | Dec. 20, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Dream pill could be drug nightmare

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | Nov. 16, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Big plans for big business: downtown goes upscale

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | Oct. 11, 2001, midnight | In Print »

Summaries stunt students' studies

By Gabriel Morden-Snipper | Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | In Print »

We said, ‘we're gonna make books about books for people who like reading, and to help people enjoy reading.' And that's exactly what we've done,” said Justin Kestler, editorial director of SparkNotes, in an Aug 1 interview for NPR's Talk of the Nation.