Belinda Li

Name: Belinda Li
Position: Online Art Editor
Graduation Year: 2013

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Photo: Preferences

By Belinda Li | Nov. 14, 2012, midnight

Of course, that's not the right reason to decide how to buy. In the world of laptops, you get what you pay for. But for Apple products, I still don't know why half of them exist.

Photo: Photography

By Belinda Li | Oct. 17, 2012, midnight


Photo: Critics

By Belinda Li | Sept. 21, 2012, midnight

Haters gonna hate -- but don't let it get to you. Take pride in your work. (Constructive criticism is always helpful, though.)

Photo: Fairy tale gone wrong?

By Belinda Li | Aug. 23, 2012, midnight


Photo: It doesn't feel like the last day

By Belinda Li | June 4, 2012, midnight

Finally, I get to title/caption my own uploads~ Another school year is over -- time to relax and catch up on sleep! And good luck to everyone taking exams this week :)

Photo: Yawn

By Belinda Li | May 10, 2012, midnight

Sometimes, we all just need to get more rest...

Photo: That Look

By Belinda Li | April 19, 2012, midnight

Photo: School computers

By Belinda Li | April 19, 2012, midnight

Photo: Perfume

By Belinda Li | March 10, 2012, midnight

Photo: Valentine's day

By Belinda Li | Feb. 16, 2012, midnight

Photo: Christmas came early

By Belinda Li | Dec. 7, 2011, midnight

Photo: Lost in the crowd

By Belinda Li | Dec. 6, 2011, midnight

Conservative Blazers are often forgotten in a sea of liberal peers.

Photo: Bad habits

By Belinda Li | Nov. 11, 2011, midnight

Photo: Laziness

By Belinda Li | Oct. 14, 2011, midnight

Photo: September rain

By Belinda Li | Sept. 15, 2011, midnight