Photo: Juvenile injustice

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Lee, Jacob J.

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Jacob Joseph Lee never met his parents. Foster parents took him in at 2 months old, changing his life for the better. As a teacher, Lee is inspired and determined to spread the kindness he had experienced in his youth to all his students.

Heath, Cassandra

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History teacher Cassandra Heath says she couldn't have been luckier, "coming to Blair”. Heath now enjoys her fourth year at Montgomery Blair High School, teaching Modern World History and hosting Forensics club, a public speaking extracurricular activity. "The school itself is just amazing,” she says. "All the different races and cultures bring a whole new experience to teaching.”

Should MCPS distribute condoms? Adam Stella says NO: More effective means needed

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The ethics of condom distribution are debatable. But based on factual evidence, the matter becomes incontrovertible. The goals of condom distribution, to decrease teenage pregnancy and the promulgation of sexually transmitted diseases, have not been achieved. Furthermore, condom distribution has the negative effects of encouraging sexual activity among teenagers and promoting confidence in a method of birth control particularly susceptible to human error.

Should MCPS distribute condoms? Angelique Forrester says YES: Distribution aids teens

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According to the Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Parenting (MOAPPP), 66 percent of females and 68 percent of males are having intercourse by age 18. With the prevalent increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and teenage pregnancy, researchers believe that it is important to encourage safe sex among adolescents. The most effective way that Montgomery County can promote safe sex is to allow condom distribution in public schools.

A ladle of love and laughs from the lunchroom ladies

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Behind the steel counters and display cases filled with apple juice and club sandwiches, Food Service Manager Maddalena Bianchini is busy preparing salad cups, cashier Debbie Davis is wiping down her station and cashier Jennifer Morgan is swiftly stocking the snack stand with Ho-Hos and Twinkies. And it's barely 9:00 a.m.

Blazers mourn former teacher

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Former Magnet teacher and CoreModels project director Mary Ellen Verona passed away on Oct 7. Her death, caused by complications from cancer, is mourned by many Blair staff and students.

Former DIVA talks

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I am a former and original DIVA. On Oct 8, I was informed by Jalima Caulker, also a former and original DIVA, that DIVAs were no longer allowed to perform during pep rallies. No words can express our anger, shock and sorrow. We worked so hard to become part of Blair's club and athletic communities. I was the first president of the DIVA organization. I personally attended meetings and did paperwork to have us integrated into the school's programs.

Artificial insemination yields real family

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Like most girls, I often fantasize about what my wedding day will be like. The ceremony will be held in a small chapel, and all my family and close friends will be in attendance. An organ will play as I enter the sanctuary wearing a flowing white gown. Then, slowly, I'll march down the center aisle towards the altar—all alone. I'm going to have to escort myself to the front of the church, because I don't have a dad to fill the traditional role.

Congressman, Delegate speak to Blair students

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A former Blair graduate and recently elected Delegate from Maryland's sixteenth district, and the recently reelected Congressman from Indiana's first district came to talk to students in Blair's CAP program on Friday November 8 about the legislative process.

Press release: SGR holding canned food drive

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Students for Global Responsibility (SGR) is sponsoring a Winter Drive at Montgomery Blair High School. Winter clothing, blankets, and canned food will be collected during the drive which starts Nov 6th and continues until Dec 19 (extended from Nov 20). All students may bring donations into their English of Social Studies classrooms.

Westhoughton, England: A view of the sniper from Across the Pond

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The focus on the sniper shootings has been prominent in the UK media over the past few weeks, as well as the continuing pressure with the War on Iraq. It is fair to say that the terrifying sniper shootings have captured the hearts of many people over here.

Photo: Executive Powers

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Photo: Cleanup

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An NEH Challenge for Young People through a New Presidential Initiative

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The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a new national civics and American history education initiative, "We the People," announced by President Bush.

Photo: Toy War House

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Photo: Preemption

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Thu Oct 10 letter from the Superintendent

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The following letter was handed out today, Thursday, October 10, 2002, to all students at the end of sixth period class. The letter addresses the discussions of yesterday's professional day, and the continued support from the community.

Tue Oct 8 letter from the Superintendent

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According to the Montgomery County Public Schools website, the following leter was to be sent home with students today. Blair students did not receive this letter for an unknown reason. The letter addresses today's continued Code Blue, and methods for coping with the recent tragedies.

Mon Oct 7 letter from the Superintendent

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The following letter was handed out today to all students at the end of 6th period. The letter is from the superintendent of schools, Jerry Weast, and addresses the school shooting that occured this morning in Prince George's County.

Photo: Assassin

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Homeless student admitted after struggle

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Pans clatter as dinner ends. A baby's shrill cry reverberates through the house. Loud conversations and laughter resonate in the background. "I know it's not normal,” says senior Brandon Haynes of the commotion in the crowded home in which he currently lives. "But I'm kind of used to it now.”

Student questions Chips policy

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Although I enjoy Silver Chips, there's one huge flaw that I don't think can be overlooked: Magnet [and] CAP students aren't fully represented in Blair's newspaper.

Should MCPS drug test athletes and club members?

By Anna Schoenfelder | Oct. 4, 2002, midnight | In ‎Latest »

Every year in government class, Blazers learn one of the core principles of our legal system: every American is innocent until proven guilty. A recent Supreme Court decision, however, teaches a new lesson—that upstanding students can be forced to take humiliating tests to prove their innocence. Now it is up to MCPS officials to keep drug testing out of Montgomery County schools. Drug testing of students who participate in extracurricular activities is invasive and ineffective, and it violates students' basic constitutional rights.

Thu Oct 3 letter from the Superintendent

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The following letter was supposed to be distributed to students to bring home today, but students did not receive it because not enough copies were able to be made before the end of the school day. The letter concerns the recent shootings that occurred in the county and MCPS' response.

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