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Damascus HS: walkout shut down

By | March 22, 2003, midnight | In Local »

The closest students at Damascus High School came to walking out of school on Thursday, March 20th were discussions in the hallways before 4th period. "I hear loose talk in the halls of things here," senior English teacher Mrs. Dean said as she addressed the rumors with her 4th period class.

Administration authorizes walkout

By | March 13, 2003, midnight | In Local »

Students for Global Responsibility and Montgomery County Students for Peace and Justice have been organizing a walkout, in coordination with other students across the country, for the day after the United States declares war on Iraq. Because the walkout is expected to draw hundreds of students the administration has agreed to authorize the walkout for safety reasons. Below is a letter from vice principal Linda Wanner to the rest of the staff outlining the procedures the administration will take on the day of the walkout.

Jacobson, Marcy

By | Feb. 25, 2003, midnight | In Local »

Blair teacher Ms. Jacobson has always dreamed of science. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and earned her Master's degree in teaching/education. Afterwards she worked in the Wyeth Aherst research lab.


By | Feb. 13, 2003, midnight | In Local »

School has already been cancelled for today, Wednesday, February 19, and with over two feet of snow still on many residential roads in Silver Spring, students may be off for Thursday as well.

Thu Fri 13 letter from the Superintendent

By | Feb. 13, 2003, midnight | In Local »

2003-2004 school calendar released

By | Jan. 8, 2003, midnight | In Local »

Newsbrief: Blake HS Closing 2 Hours Early today

By | Dec. 16, 2002, midnight | In Local »

SGA press release

By | Dec. 9, 2002, midnight | In Local »

Heath, Cassandra

By | Nov. 18, 2002, midnight | In Local »

History teacher Cassandra Heath says she couldn't have been luckier, "coming to Blair”. Heath now enjoys her fourth year at Montgomery Blair High School, teaching Modern World History and hosting Forensics club, a public speaking extracurricular activity. "The school itself is just amazing,” she says. "All the different races and cultures bring a whole new experience to teaching.”

Congressman, Delegate speak to Blair students

By | Nov. 8, 2002, midnight | In Local »

A former Blair graduate and recently elected Delegate from Maryland's sixteenth district, and the recently reelected Congressman from Indiana's first district came to talk to students in Blair's CAP program on Friday November 8 about the legislative process.

Thu Oct 10 letter from the Superintendent

By | Oct. 10, 2002, midnight | In Local »

The following letter was handed out today, Thursday, October 10, 2002, to all students at the end of sixth period class. The letter addresses the discussions of yesterday's professional day, and the continued support from the community.

Tue Oct 8 letter from the Superintendent

By | Oct. 8, 2002, midnight | In Local »

According to the Montgomery County Public Schools website, the following leter was to be sent home with students today. Blair students did not receive this letter for an unknown reason. The letter addresses today's continued Code Blue, and methods for coping with the recent tragedies.

Mon Oct 7 letter from the Superintendent

By | Oct. 7, 2002, midnight | In Local »

The following letter was handed out today to all students at the end of 6th period. The letter is from the superintendent of schools, Jerry Weast, and addresses the school shooting that occured this morning in Prince George's County.

Thu Oct 3 letter from the Superintendent

By | Oct. 3, 2002, midnight | In Local »

The following letter was supposed to be distributed to students to bring home today, but students did not receive it because not enough copies were able to be made before the end of the school day. The letter concerns the recent shootings that occurred in the county and MCPS' response.

People post their thoughts on the Honor Code

By | Feb. 9, 2002, midnight | In Local »

Taliff, Edward M.

By | Nov. 30, 1999, midnight | In Local »

Dr. Edward M. Taliff has been a business and computer teacher at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland for the past four years. Before coming to Blair, he worked in various places in Pennsylvania. Taliff has noticed many differences between Pennsylvania and Maryland, and has had many interesting experiences in both places.

Sandwiches Replace Cookies as Hacker Food of Choice

By Jennifer Wang | Dec. 22, 1996, midnight | In Local »

Upon hearing of sandwiches with dramatically increased sugar and caffeine content, computer lovers all over the county have dropped their cookies in favor of a more attractive alternative.

MCPS takes action to reduce lead in water

By | April 1, 1989, midnight | In Local »

Lead level high in Montgomery school coolers

By | March 24, 1989, midnight | In Local »

One-third of the drinking fountains in Montgomery County's public schools contain water with excessive amounts of lead, and there are 10 schools where lead levels are more than four times the federal safety standard, according to recent tests.

Lead in water

By | Oct. 1, 1988, midnight | In Local »

A study initiated by Silver Chips,indicates that the lead content in Blair's drinking water averages 25 parts per billion (ppb), a level which exceeds and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines that will be put into effect in June, 1989.


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Seniors Rule!

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