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Nov. 10, 2016

Social Media Showdown: Instagram vs Snapchat

by Zoe Friedman, News Editor
Instagram and Snapchat both have more than 200 million monthly users. But which one is better: the 'Gram or Snapchat? While both Instagram and Snapchat allow users to connect with friends and even celebrities through photos and videos, each app is unique.

Round 1
For Blazers who want to share an amazing memory or artistic landscape, Instagram is the app for you. You can use the camera on your phone or use the camera in the Instagram app itself to take a stunning high quality photo or video. And let's not forget about the 37 filters that transform even a dull photo into a masterpiece. On the flip side, while Snapchat filters can change the appearance of the subject in a photo, they just can't salvage a poor quality image.
Score: Instagram 1, Snapchat 0

Round 2
Blazers who post an embarrassing photo or video (or really anything that you don't want others to see more than a few times) should turn to Snapchat. Snapchats only last for 24 hours before they self-destruct, never to haunt you again. Unless of course your friend decides to screenshot. In that case, you're just in trouble.
Score: Instagram 1, Snapchat 1

Round 3
If you're looking for a smooth experience, Instagram wins again. Instagram offers easy access, which probably contributes to the fact that 28% of its users are 30-49 years of age. Just take a picture, add a caption or hashtag, and click post!
Score: Instagram 2, Snapchat 1

Round 4
What about the Story feature? Snapchat would take home a win in this category automatically, even with Instagram's "new" Story feature from this summer. Both Instagram and Snapchat Stories self-destruct after 24 hours and allow users to embellish their stories with drawings, text, and Emojis. However, only Snapchat Stories include that puppy filter everyone loves, so I have to give Snapchat the win for this category.
Score: Instagram 2, Snapchat 2

Well, I guess it's a tie. Each app will have to continue to add features in an attempt to top the other. The victor is up for you to decide, Blazers! Which is your favorite: Instagram or Snapchat? Comment below with your vote!

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