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Nov. 24, 2016

NFL Week 12 Predictions

by Ellie Williams, Features Editor, Benjamin Yokoyama, Online Sports Editor, Nate Bodner, Sports Editor and Ryan Handel, Opinions Editor
Happy thanksgiving! The Redskins will face off against the Cowboys in an important division matchup on this Turkey Day, while the Ravens play the Bengals on Sunday.

Ellie: 95-64
Ben: 93-66
Nate: 91-68
Ryan: 89-70

Vikings at Lions
Ben: Vikings
Nate: Vikings
Ryan: Lions
Ellie: Lions

Ben says: The Vikings have been banged up on defense, but they should still have enough to outscore a weak Lions secondary.
Nate says: Superior defense and the need for a win will keep Minnesota afloat in the NFC North
Ryan says: The Vikings got a much-needed win last week against the Cardinals, but Stafford and the Lions will halt their momentum.
Ellie says: Lions are on a roll winning 5 out of their last 6 games, and the Vikings offense is looking shaky.

Redskins at Cowboys
Ben: Redskins
Nate: Redskins
Ryan: Cowboys
Ellie: Cowboys

Ben says: The Redskins have improved significantly this year, but I'm still skeptical of their tackling ability, especially with blocking from the 'Boys' line.
Nate says: The Skins are coming off a big win vs Green Bay and are determined to win so they can stay in the playoff conversation.
Ryan says: No matter how good the Redskins have looked lately, I can’t see them or any other team stopping the Cowboys’ offense.
Ellie says: The Redskins won’t be able to slow down Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

Steelers at Colts
Ben: Steelers
Nate: Steelers
Ryan: Steelers
Ellie: Steelers

Ben says: The Colts don't stand a chance honestly.
Nate says: The Colts have no defense. The Steelers have AB and Bell.
Ryan says: The Colts have no shot without Andrew Luck.
Ellie says: The strong Steelers defense will destroy the colts without Luck.

Rams at Saints
Ben: Saints
Nate: Saints
Ryan: Saints
Ellie: Saints

Ben says: Drew Brees is one of the all-time greats and he should roll in this matchup.
Nate says: Rams offense just can't produce enough to win.
Ryan says: The Saints will blow out the Rams and their inept offense.
Ellie says: Rams inexperienced defense won't be able to slow down Drew Brees.

Titans at Bears
Ben: Titans
Nate: Titans
Ryan: Titans
Ellie: Titans

Ben says: After the Green Bay matchup we thought the Titans would win the South, but they lost it last week.
Nate says: Without Jay Cutler, the Bears have nothing. Even with Jay Cutler they don't have much...
Ryan says: Mariota and the Titans will get back on track when they face the Cutler-less Bears.
Ellie says: The Bears without Jay Cutler won't be able to handle Marcus Mariota and Demarco Murray.

Cardinals at Falcons
Ben: Cardinals
Nate: Cardinals
Ryan: Falcons
Ellie: Falcons

Ben says: The Falcons' offensive output decreased in the last few games.
Nate says: Cardinals need a bounce back win to correct their dreadful first half of the season.
Ryan says: Feeling the pressure to stay ahead in the NFC South, the Falcons will deliver.
Ellie says: The elite combination of Julio Jones and Matt Ryan will be too much for the struggling Cardinals.

Giants at Browns
Ben: Giants
Nate: Giants
Ryan: Giants
Ellie: Giants

Ben says: Very simple pick.
Nate says: The Browns have two first round picks next year. Maybe they can win some games with them.
Ryan says: The Browns can’t even beat the Jets; how do you expect them to beat the Giants?
Ellie says: It's the Browns. They're 0-11.

Chargers at Texans
Ben: Texans
Nate: Chargers
Ryan: Chargers
Ellie: Texans

Ben says: I'm not sure how the Texans been winning, and they even kept it close against the Raiders.
Nate says: Chargers dynamic offense will show their skill against a semi-decent Texan defense.
Ryan says: I’d take Philip Rivers over Brock Osweiler in a close game in the fourth quarter.
Ellie says: Philip Rivers always finds a way to lose.

Jaguars at Bills
Ben: Bills
Nate: Bills
Ryan: Bills
Ellie: Bills

Ben says: The Jags just don't have it this year.
Nate says: Bortles can't get it going enough for anyone to predict the Jags to win anything.
Ryan says: The Bills will take care of business against an inferior Jaguars team.
Ellie says: Buffalos a tough place to play, and the Jaguars suck.

Bengals at Ravens
Ben: Ravens
Nate: Ravens
Ryan: Ravens
Ellie: Ravens

Ben says: Without top receiver AJ Green, the Bengals don't stand a chance.
Nate says: No A.J Green, no Gio Bernard. The offense wasn’t producing much even with them. What’s gonna happen without them?
Ryan says: The Bengals won’t be able to get anything done on offense without A.J. Green.
Ellie says: The A.J Green-less Bengals won't have enough firepower to overcome the Baltimore defense.

49ers at Dolphins
Ben: Dolphins
Nate: Dolphins
Ryan: Dolphins
Ellie: Dolphins

Ben says: Make that a six game winning streak against a 49ers defense that can't stop anyone.
Nate says: Streeeak. Who would have predicted this before the season?
Ryan says: The Dolphins’ win streak will continue against the pathetic 49ers.
Ellie says: San Francisco has been losing almost as much as the Browns.

Seahawks at Buccaneers
Ben: Seahawks
Nate: Seahawks
Ryan: Seahawks
Ellie: Seahawks

Ben says: Jameis Winston and Mike Evans won't be able to keep up with Richard Sherman.
Nate says: The Legion of Boom is just too good.
Ryan says: The Bucs have looked strong in their past few games, but they aren’t good enough to take down the Seahawks.
Ellie says: The Seahawks are on a roll and primed for another run at the Super Bowl.

Patriots at Jets
Ben: Patriots
Nate: Patriots
Ryan: Patriots
Ellie: Patriots

Ben says: They lose the strangest games, but they should beat the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Jets.
Nate says: This Pats offense is just too good.
Ryan says: Anything can happen in this rivalry game, but Brady and Belichik won’t let an upset happen this time.
Ellie says: New England is stronger than New York on both sides of the ball and is historically good in their division.

Panthers at Raiders
Ben: Panthers
Nate: Raiders
Ryan: Raiders
Ellie: Raiders

Ben says: I truly still believe in the Panthers, but the Raiders are a force in the AFC.
Nate says: Khalil Mack is going to put a beating on Cam.
Ryan says: Khalil Mack and the Oakland defense will stop the Panthers in their tracks.
Ellie says: Fresh off a win in Mexico City, the Raiders return to the black hole where the Panthers will likely be without their star player, Luke Kuechly.

Chiefs at Broncos
Ben: Broncos
Nate: Chiefs
Ryan: Chiefs
Ellie: Broncos

Ben says: This is a crazy division game, but the Broncos defense will hold Alex Smith and the Chiefs' offense.
Nate says: Chiefs boast a top tier defense as well as Denver, and they may have the offensive edge now that CJ Anderson is injured.
Ryan says: The Chiefs will rebound from an ugly loss by defeating their hated rivals in a defensive battle.
Ellie says: Denver’s home field advantage will give them the edge in this matchup of AFC heavyweights.

Packers at Eagles
Ben: Eagles
Nate: Packers
Ryan: Eagles
Ellie: Eagles

Ben says: I still believe in the Panthers, but the Packers have no defense.
Nate says: Packers will find a way to win and bounce back from consecutive poor performances.
Ryan says: The Eagles will start to crawl out of the NFC East basement by beating the suddenly ineffective Packers.
Ellie says: The packers defense can't stop giving up points and the Eagles are strong at home.

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