NFL Predictions Week 14

Dec. 7, 2017, 12:55 p.m. | By Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Nate Bodner, Ellie Williams | 6 years, 6 months ago

Ellie: 113-63
Nate: 110-66
Eric: 109-67
Noah: 101-75

Saints at Falcons
Nate: Falcons
Ellie: Saints
Noah: Saints
Eric: Saints

Nate says: The Falcons need every win they can get to ensure their spot in the 2017-2018 playoffs, and I think last year's Super Bowl runner-ups will do what it takes in this important match-up.
Ellie says: New Orleans has a powerhouse offense that has been dominating week after week and Kamara continues to impress.
Noah says: The Saints offense is just that much better than the Falcons defense and should put on another show.
Eric says: As these last few weeks wind down, playoffs are absolutely a factor, and the seasoned Saints will best Matty Ice and the Falcons to secure their spot.

Packers at Browns
Nate: Packers
Ellie: Packers
Noah: Packers
Eric: Packers

Nate says: The Packers have recently gotten some young running backs going since the injury to Aaron Rodgers, and the run game is downright dangerous. They'll tear through the Browns.
Ellie says: Yet another winless week for the Browns.
Noah says: The Browns can't win a game.
Eric says: Noah and the Browns have approximately the same chance at winning.

Lions at Buccaneers
Nate: Lions
Ellie: Lions
Noah: Lions
Eric: Lions

Nate says: The Bucs season went downhill almost right from the start, and their defense has been getting torched all season. Expect Stafford and the Lions to win routinely.
Ellie says: A win against the Bucs is just what the Lions need after last week's loss.
Noah says: I was high on the Lions last week but they took a stomping to the Ravens. However the Bucs have been major disappointments and should take this L to the Lions.
Eric says:Expect the Lions bounce back with Stafford spearheading the offense.

Raiders at Chiefs
Nate: Chiefs
Ellie: Raiders
Noah: Raiders
Eric: Raiders

Nate says: The Chiefs finally got their dynamic offense moving in a big way last week, but they still came up short. I think this week they will finally put it all together and get back to their winning ways while playoffs are still a possibility.
Ellie says: If the Chiefs couldn't beat the Giants, what makes them think they can beat the Raiders?
Noah says: The Chiefs couldn't buy a win if they wanted. The up and coming Raiders should win this one handsomely.
Eric says:The Chiefs still haven't recovered from when Dallas gave them the big boy beat down. If they can't beat Jets, they will have a difficult time playing the Raiders.

Vikings at Panthers
Nate: Vikings
Ellie: Vikings
Noah: Vikings
Eric: Vikings

Nate says: The Vikings defense has been lights out all season, and Case Keenum has a wealth of dynamic weapons on offense. Minnesota is a real threat.
Ellie says: The Panthers don't have the talent to outshine the Vikings, who have the best record in the NFL right now.
Noah says: The Vikings are red hot and should blow the Panthers out of Carolina.
Eric says:The Vikings have been impressive and surprising this season, they've earned our vote of confidence.

49ers at Texans
Nate: Texans
Ellie: Texans
Noah: 49ers
Eric: 49ers

Nate says: This will be a sloppy, slow game, as Garoppolo is still adjusting to Kyle Shanahan's offense and Tom Savage just isn't very good. But, the Niners can't keep winning on field goals alone (literally).
Ellie says: The Texans playoff aspirations have been crushed, but they'll still be able to defeat a flailing 49ers team.
Noah says: Jimmy G didn't look great but he got the job done last week. It'll be a similar story this week.
Eric says:The Texans without Watson can't perform, the 49ers will be able to pull out a win.

Colts at Bills
Nate: Colts
Ellie: Bills
Noah: Colts
Eric: Bills

Nate says: Even as the most sacked QB in the league, Brissett has still shown some talent and been able to keep a lot of games close for Indy. I expect him to work some magic against an incompetent Bills squad.
Ellie says: The Bills still have a glimmer of hope for playoffs, especially if Taylor's knee holds up this week.
Noah says: The Bills can't decide between Tyrod Taylor or Nathan "interception” Peterman. With no quarterback, the Colts will take advantage and have a surprise victory.
Eric says:Buffalo's offense will cut through the Colts defense with Mccoy leading the charge.

Bears at Bengals
Nate: Bengals
Ellie: Bengals
Noah: Bears
Eric: Bengals

Nate says; Despite losing some defenders in the slugfest against Pittsburgh last week, Cincinnati has what it takes offensively to stave off Chicago.
Ellie says: Both teams' offenses leave much to be desired, but the Bengals should be able to beat the injury riddled Bears.
Noah says: The Bears will have a really nice win on the road against a bad, but somehow still overrated Bengals team.
Eric says:After a brutal performance last monday, the Bengals deserve a light game versus the Bears

Cowboys at Giants
Nate: Cowboys
Ellie: Cowboys
Noah: Giants
Eric: Cowboys

Nate says: The Giants are a disaster, and as much as I'd like both teams to tie in this one, the Cowboys should win handily, as overcoming the firing of a coach is no easy feat.
Ellie says: Dallas has been struggling, but should be able to pull it together to beat a 10-2 Giants team.
Noah says: With Ben McAdoo out of town, the Giants and Eli Manning can hit the refresh button. Still without Zeke, the Cowboys will take a heartbreaking loss to destroy their playoff hopes.
Eric says:Dallas doesn't get delt defeat, expect them to handle the Giants with ease.

Titans at Cardinals
Nate: Titans
Ellie: Titans
Noah: Cardinals
Eric: Titans

Nate says: Last week showed that Marcus Mariota is fully healed and ready to run circles around the free-falling Cardinals.
Ellie says: An injured and inconsistent Cardinals team won't be able to overcome the Titans elite defense.
Noah says: The Titans will most likely win but I have to pick my Cardinals.
Eric says:The Cardinals have had a rough season, after this game it is going to get rougher.

Jets at Broncos
Nate: Jets
Ellie: Jets
Noah: Jets
Eric: Jets

Nate says: Who could possibly have seen this coming two years ago? Even though the Jets are not a complete football team, they are far and away better than Denver
Ellie says: The Jets' surprising mediocracy will carry them through as the Broncos fall to an embarrassing ninth loss in a row.
Noah says: The Broncos are just plain terrible without a quarterback.
Eric says:Without a quarterback the Broncos offensive is disorganized and ineffective.

Redskins at Chargers
Nate: Redskins
Ellie: Chargers
Noah: Chargers
Eric: Chargers

Nate says: Even though playoffs aren't really an option, the Skins will win here and down the stretch, so that after the season was over, they can use the record to claim that the season was still a success.
Ellie says: The Redskins will continue to disappoint.
Noah says: With their playoff hopes all but over, the Skins will have almost nothing to play for while the Chargers are trying to win a really bad division.
Eric says:The Redskins are just subpar and disappointing this season...

Seahawks at Jaguars
Nate: Seahawks
Ellie: Seahawks
Noah: Jaguars
Eric: Jaguars

Nate says: Fresh of a win against the team with the best record in football, the Seahawks defense will have a much easier time stifling Blake Bortles and the Jags offense.
Ellie says: The Seahawks demonstrated the extent of their powerful defense against the Eagles last week, and will stop the Jags in their tracks this week.
Noah says: I have a feeling that Sacksonville will return this week. They will go off on a dismal Seattle offensive line and that will push the W out of the Seahawks name.
Eric says:The Jaguars have a chance at the playoffs, this will be their breakout game.

Eagles at Rams
Nate: Eagles
Ellie: Eagles
Noah: Rams
Eric: Eagles

Nate says: This is going to be a fun game to watch if you're a fan of the sport. The Eagles front seven is going to shut down Gurley and contain Goff to get the Birds back on track though.
Ellie says: Philly faltered last week, but I think they can bounce back this week and edge out a strong Rams team.
Noah says: As much as it pains me to say, the Rams are just good. The Eagles lost last week and won't be able to get back on track this quickly against the red hot Rams.
Eric says:This is a tough match up, but the Eagles are having an incredible season and are super bowl contenders.

Ravens at Steelers
Nate: Ravens
Ellie: Ravens
Noah: Ravens
Eric: Steelers

Nate says: Ravens-Steelers games are always good, and almost always close, but I'm betting Baltimore will be able to avenge their loss in Pittsburgh last year, and throw another curveball in the AFC playoff race.
Ellie says: The Steelers have a better record, but the Ravens have been fighting hard these past few weeks and aren't far behind Pittsburgh. Expect the Ravens to capitalize on last week's win.
Noah says: I don't care what the standings look like, this matchup will always be good. These teams hate each other. The loss of Ryan Shazier will haunt the Steelers too much and they will take a very close L.
Eric says:After battling back against the Bengals, Big Ben will take home a big dub.

Patriots at Dolphins
Ellie: Patriots
Noah: Patriots
Eric: Patriots

Nate says: Nothing is more routine for the Pats than a division game against the Fins.
Ellie says: The Dolphins are going right back to losing this week.
Noah says: Dolphins fans are in for a rough week.
Eric says:The Dolphins don't stand a chance against a powerhouse like the Patriots.

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