NFL Predictions: Week 2

Sept. 19, 2018, 2:46 p.m. | By Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Arthi Thyagarajan | 5 years, 9 months ago

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Welcome back to SCO's weekly NFL Pick 'em! We apologize for missing week 1. It was a crazy week with some big time upsets and some big victories. Luckily for fans, there were not many serious injuries to the big stars in the game which makes it more entertaining for us. This year we will have two returning pickers, Noah and Eric, and three new pickers. Welcome to the team Arthi, Andrew and Raffa!

Chiefs at Steelers

Noah: Chiefs

Eric: Steelers

Arthi: Chiefs

Andrew: Steelers

Raffa: Chiefs

Noah says: The Steelers started off their season with a tie to the Browns. The Chiefs started off their season better than they could have hoped. Their offense clicked on every level and Pat Mahomes looked like a real starter in the NFL. It's a battle of great offenses and bad defenses, and without Le'Veon Bell the Chiefs are just better.

Eric says: The Chiefs defense is bad. The Steelers offense is good. Game.

Arthi says: The Steelers are coming into this game with an embarrassing tie to the Browns. On top of that, they'll be without their three starters: Le’Veon Bell, David DeCastro, and Joe Haden. It is hard to believe they are ready to stand up against the Chiefs' explosive offense. 

Andrew says: Le’veon Bell who? James Conner was really impressive last week, against a much improved Browns D. That offense will dominate the awful Chiefs defense.

Raffa says: The Steelers aren't going to be very competitive without Le'Veon Bell. Even with Big Ben and Antonio Brown, the Chiefs just outmatch them.

Dolphins at Jets

Noah: Jets

Eric: Jets

Arthi: Jets

Andrew: Jets

Raffa: Jets

Noah says: Both of these teams started off their season with a surprise victory. The difference between these two teams is that one is promising and the other isn't. The Jets should win this close battle.

Eric says: The Jets will win.

Arthi says: Given the two evenly matched teams, I expect this game to be a toss up, but the Jets have an edge up with the home advantage.

Andrew says: I was impressed by both of these teams last week. However, I feel like the Jets are stronger on paper, especially that Offense. This will be a close one, but New York is going to win this game.

Raffa says: The Dolphins got a little lucky last week with Jack Conklin, Marcus Mariota and Delanie Walker all out. They won't get so lucky come week 2.

Eagles at Buccaneers

Noah: Eagles

Eric: Buccaneers

Arthi: Eagles

Andrew: Eagles

Raffa: Eagles

Noah says: I don't care what you say about Ryan Fitzpatrick. He's still Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Eagles are stacked at every position from top to bottom. No contest here.

Eric says: Fitzmagic is alive and well people.

Arthi says: Philadelphia has a strong defensive line that should easily be able to put pressure on Fitzpatrick and force him into some sacks or bad throws.

Andrew says: Ryan Fitzpatrick was amazing against the Saints last week, but the Eagles have a stronger defense. That combined with Tampa’s awful defense should be an easy win for Philly.

Raffa says: The Bucs just got lucky. No contest here.

Browns at Saints

Noah: Saints

Eric: Saints

Arthi: Saints

Andrew: Saints 

Raffa: Saints

Noah says: No matter what you say about the Saints performance in the first week, they are still super bowl contenders. The Browns started off with a win for their standards. The Saints are just better and should win this one easily.

Eric says: The Browns will be the Browns.

Arthi says: We saw how James Conner tore up the Brown's defense last week. New Orleans is in for a big game.

Andrew says: The Browns are better than most people give them credit for. However, the Saints are legitimate super bowl contenders. Despite last week’s upset, the Saints are a stronger team that should handle the Browns. 

Raffa says: The Saints offense is too explosive even for this revamped Browns defense. The Saints will come back this week after an embarrassing loss in week 1.

Colts at Redskins

Noah: Redskins

Eric: Redskins

Arthi: Redskins

Andrew: Redskins

Raffa: Redskins

Noah says: Washington put on a show in Week 1 against my Cardinals. The Colts blew a big lead to a not very good Bengals team. This should be a good game for about a half but D.C. will pull away in the end.

Eric says: Even with Andrew Luck under center, the Colts will need a lot of his last name to win this one.

Arthi says: Anthony Castonzo's injury is a huge loss for the Colts' O Line. Washington Football's defense also shows some serious potential.

Andrew says: The Colts are very overrated. The offense lacks good wide receivers and running backs. And that defense is even worse. Washington wins because of Indy’s shortcomings, not because of their own strength.

Raffa says: Washington showed a lot of promise in week 1 and the Colts blew a 20 point lead. Easy one here.

Chargers at Bills

Noah: Chargers

Eric: Chargers

Arthi: Chargers

Andrew: Chargers

Raffa: Chargers

Noah says: Stephen A. Smith said it, "The 2018 Bills may be the worst team we will see this decade." The Bills stink and the Chargers should win this one with ease.

Eric says: The Bills are the worst team in the NFL.

Arthi says: The Chargers will easily outperform the Bills.

Andrew says: Raffa says: There's nothing to explain here. The Bills suck and the Chargers don't.

Vikings at Packers

Noah: Vikings

Eric: Packers

Arthi: Vikings

Andrew: Vikings

Raffa: Packers

Noah says: I know that Aaron Rodgers is a beast, but he's the only beast on the Packers. The Vikings are loaded all over their depth chart. This should be a really good game but the Vikings defense will help them pull away with this one.

Eric says: The Vikings will cut the cheese all over the place.

Arthi says: Whether or not Aaron Rodgers plays, the Vikings are a superior team. They can easily create offensive threats.

Andrew says: Green Bay is a talented team. The Vikings are better. The offense is clicking and that defense is elite. A beaten up Aaron Rodgers will have to do something amazing to pull off this victory.

Raffa says: Aaron Rodgers is a god. He will lead this Packers team to a dominating victory.

Panthers at Falcons

Noah: Falcons

Eric: Panthers

Arthi: Falcons

Andrew: Falcons

Raffa: Panthers

Noah says: The Panthers beat the most overrated team in the NFL during week 1. The Falcons barely lost to the best team in the NFL. This again should be a good game between two division rivals but the Falcons are just better and should win this game.


Arthi says: Both teams are missing high-end players but, I have no doubt the Falcons will catch that dub.

Andrew says: This will be a close game. The Panthers are a strong team with stars on both units. However, the Falcons have more depth and will pull out the win.

Raffa says: Without Deion Jones and Keanu Neal the Falcons defense isn't very good. Cam Newton will take advantage and win this one.

Texans at Titans

Noah: Titans

Eric: Texans

Arthi: Texans

Andrew: Texans

Raffa: Texans

Noah says: Another division rival matchup with two mediocre teams. The Titans are going to want more vengeance after an embarrassing loss to a bad Dolphins team to start off the season.

Eric says: Watt and (D)Wat will lead this team to victory.

Arthi says: If Deshaun Watson bounces back from his Week 1 performance, the Texans have a good shot at a win.

Andrew says: The Texans went to New England and put up a fight. The offense is talented and the defense is really strong, especially the front seven. The Titans are just not that good. Easy win for Houston. 

Raffa says: The Titans just lost too much with Delanie Walker out. They don't have a passing offense and the passing defense of the Texans is their only weakness. The Texans will pull out a tight victory.

Cardinals at Rams

Noah: Cardinals

Eric: Rams

Arthi: Rams

Andrew: Rams

Raffa: Rams

Noah says: The Rams will probably win but I can't pick against my Cardinals.

Eric says: In the animal kingdom, who is more intimidating? Same thing here.

Arthi says: Without a doubt, the Rams' defensive line will dominate. The game is a must-win for Los Angeles.

Andrew says: The Cardinals almost got shutout in a big loss to Washington. The Rams are incredibly talented and are super bowl contenders. This game is over before it even starts.

Raffa says: The Cardinals suck. No contest.

Lions at 49ers

Noah: 49ers

Eric: 49ers

Arthi: 49ers

Andrew: 49ers

Raffa: 49ers

Noah says: The Lions looked like the 0-16 Lions from 10 years ago. Jimmy G didn't look very good but the 49ers barely lost to the second best team in the NFL. I believe this will be an extreme down year for the Lions and the 49ers will get back to their winning ways.

Eric says: Jimmy G still hasn't lost a game in my mind. Last week was a fluke.

Arthi says: Matthew Stafford did not look like a number 1 overall pick last week. Jimmy G will have a bounce back and lead the niners to a victory at home.

Andrew says: The 49ers are an improved team with a excellent offense and a defense led by Richard Sherman. The Lions got blown out by the Jets. San Fran wins easily at home. 

Raffa says: The Lions looked horrible last week. I believe that trend will continue against an improved 49ers team.

Raiders at Broncos

Noah: Broncos

Eric: Broncos

Arthi: Raiders

Andrew: Broncos

Raffa: Broncos

Noah says: The Broncos looked like they were clicking in week 1. Their defense was stellar and Case Keenum looked mediocre enough to lead a mediocre offense. The Raiders fell apart in the second half which gives me no faith in them.

Eric says: The Broncos will be flying (mile) high after this win.

Arthi says: Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch looked good enough for one half last week. They should improve a little bit more this week and beat an overrated Broncos team.

Andrew says: The Broncos are an average team. However, the Raiders were a complete disappoint last week. The Broncos got this one easily.

Raffa says: The Raiders blew a lead last week. That makes me think that they can't really compete. The Broncos should win this close game.

Patriots at Jaguars

Noah: Jaguars

Eric: Patriots

Arthi: Patriots

Andrew: Patriots

Raffa: Jaguars

Noah says: The Jaguars will pull out this victory frankly on the fact that they have more talent than the Patriots. Never count out Brady and Belichick but the Jaguars defense will stifle the Patriots lackluster offensive weapons.

Eric says: B&B for the win BaBy.

Arthi says: Yeah the Pats may not have the weapons they once had but they still have Brady and Belichick. That should be enough to lead them to a victory against any team.

Andrew says: The Patriots reign might be coming to an end soon, but this Jaguars team won’t be the team to overtake them. They just didn’t look that amazing against New York. Brady wins this one narrowly.

Raffa says: This one comes down to home field. That goes to the Jaguars.

Giants at Cowboys

Noah: Giants

Eric: Cowboys

Arthi: Cowboys

Andrew: Giants

Raffa: Giants

Noah says: The Cowboys are far and away the most overrated team in the NFL. The Giants have some serious talent on their squad. In another division matchup, the away team should dominate.

Eric says: Dak and Zeke for the easy dub.

Arthi says: Ezekiel Elliott is so dominant with this offensive line that a lackluster front seven won't be able to stop it. The Cowboys run game will lead them to victory.

Andrew says: The Giants lost a very close game to one of the best teams in the NFL last week. The Cowboys looked horrible. Should be a very close game but in the end, the Giants have more talent.

Raffa says: The Giants should come back and compete against a rather lackluster Cowboys team.

Seahawks at Bears

Noah: Bears

Eric: Bears

Arthi: Bears

Andrew: Bears

Raffa: Seahawks

Noah says: The Bears collapsed against Aaron Rodgers but it gave me faith just watching them, unlike the Raiders collapse. The Seahawks just aren't that good. This should be a good game but the home field advantage should give the Bears an extra push.

Eric says: The Raiders are idiots. Khalil Mack will lead this team.

Arthi says: Russell Wilson is the only good thing about the Seahawks. The Bears are young and ready to prove themselves. This should be an easy victory.

Andrew says: Khalil Mack changes this team. They fell apart in the second half last week but they should bounce back this week against a lacking Seahawks team.

Raffa says: The Bears are overrated, the Seahawks lost a very close game last week. Should be another close one but the Seahawks will pull it out.

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