NFL Predictions Week 3

Sept. 22, 2017, 12:54 p.m. | By Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Nate Bodner, Ellie Williams | 6 years, 6 months ago

Nate: 23-31
Noah: 22-31
Ellie: 20-31
Eric: 19-31

Mike Evans and the Bucs have a tough matchup against Minnesota. Who's going to come out on top? Scroll down to see what our experts think. Photo courtesy of Youtube.

Rams at 49ers
Nate: Rams
Ellie: Rams
Noah: Rams
Eric: Rams

Nate says: The Rams are a talented young team that should be able to handle the lowly 49ers
Ellie says:The 49ers have yet to score a touchdown, while the Rams are on the rise.
Noah says: The Rams took a rough loss at home last week but will bounce back and have a nice game against the 49ers.
Eric says: The unsteady 49ers quarterback will be unable to convert on enough important third downs an red zone opportunities.

Ravens vs Jaguars (In London)
Nate: Ravens
Ellie: Ravens
Noah: Ravens
Eric: Ravens

Nate says: The Ravens tough defense should be able to force turnovers and stifle Blake Bortles and the Jags.
Ellie says: The Jaguars fell apart last week and their defense can't handle Flacco.
Noah says: The Ravens have come out this season and showed why they belong. The Jaguars are mediocre at best and the Ravens will beat them.
Eric says: The Ravens have a more experienced offense and their defense is a great counter to the Jaguars high octane running game.

Steelers at Bears
Nate: Steelers
Ellie: Steelers
Noah: Steelers
Eric: Steelers

Nate says: The Bears just don't have the talent on either side of the ball to beat the Steelers.
Ellie says: The Bears injury riddled offense has nothing on the Steelers.
Noah says: The Bears are a bad team. The Steelers are not. The Steelers will win handsomely.
Eric says: The Steelers outclass the Bears in all aspects of the game.

Broncos at Bills
Nate: Broncos
Ellie: Broncos
Noah: Broncos
Eric: Bills

Nate says: Trevor Siemian put on an impressive showing against Dallas last week, and the Broncos defense was even better. The Bills will just not be able to get anything going this week
Ellie says: Siemian has torn through every defense he's faced so far, the Bills won't be any different.
Noah says: With the Broncos defense looking great as usual, and the offense starting to click, the Bills pose no threat to this team.
Eric says: A lucky win against the Dallas means nothing, expect the Bills to defend their home field.

Saints at Panthers
Nate: Panthers
Ellie: Saints
Noah: Panthers
Eric: Saints

Nate says: The Saints defense is atrocious, and even though the Panthers had trouble putting points on the board last week, they should definitely be able to knock off their division rivals.
Ellie says: The Saints were crushed last week but I see a comeback against the Panthers who are struggling without Olsen.
Noah says: The Panthers offense has been a no show this season but their defense has been stellar. This will lead them to a close win against the Saints.
Eric says: The Panthers only scored 9 points last week? Pathetic. Drew Brees will tear them apart.

Buccaneers at Vikings
Nate: Buccaneers
Ellie: Buccaneers
Noah: Buccaneers
Eric: Buccaneers

Nate says: If Sam Bradford doesn't suit up, expect the Bucs to dominate this one.
Ellie says: This could be a close game but Tampa's defense will give them an edge.
Noah says: The Buccaneers came out strong last week and showed that they are a playoff contender. A tough loss to the Steelers is still in the back of the Vikings mind and will allow the Bucs to stomp all over the Vikings.
Eric says: The rested Bucs will edge out the Vikings in a close game. Any given Sunday, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Browns at Colts
Nate: Browns
Ellie: Browns
Noah: Browns
Eric: Browns

Nate says: As crazy as it sounds, Rookie QB Deshone KIzer and the beginnings of a revamped defense in Cleveland could take down the Colts and whichever QB they decide to start.
Ellie says: The Browns are a little less terrible than the Colts.
Noah says: Two of the worst teams in the NFL. Without Andrew Luck, the Colts will allow this young Browns team to pull out their first victory this year.
Eric says: The Colts have proven that without Luck they can't win, even against the Browns.

Dolphins at Jets
Nate: Dolphins
Ellie: Dolphins
Noah: Dolphins
Eric: Dolphins

Nate says; The Fins stole one from a solid Chargers team last week, but I'm sure they won't have as much trouble this time around in the meadowlands.
Ellie says: The Jets are still a mess.
Noah says: Jay Cutler showed that he is still a formidable quarterback in the NFL and the Jets are a bad team. The Dolphins will pull out the victory.
Eric says: While the Dolphins are somewhat mediocre, the Jets are straight up terrible.

Texans at Patriots
Nate: Patriots
Ellie: Patriots
Noah: Patriots
Eric: Patriots

Nate says: Brady torched the Saints for 450 yards and three TD's last week and I do not think he's going to slow down.
Ellie says: Brock Osweiler just isn't skilled enough to take on Tom Brady.
Noah says: The Texans will make this game much closer than people think but the Patriots are just too good.
Eric says: Last week Brady and Gronk went off, reminding us of the Super Bowl team the Patriots are.

Falcons at Lions
Nate: Falcons
Ellie: Falcons
Noah: Falcons
Eric: Falcons

Nate says: The Falcons offense is just too good, and Matt Stafford's fourth quarter magic will be too little too late.
Ellie says: Atlanta is a powerhouse team, even without Vic Beasley.
Noah says: The Lions are overrated after two wins and the Falcons are a good team. The Falcons will pull out a tight victory in Detroit.
Eric says: Right now, the Falcons are the best team in the NFL, i'd be surprised if the Lions pulled out a victory.

Giants at Eagles
Nate: Eagles
Ellie: Eagles
Noah: Eagles
Eric: Eagles

Nate says: The Giants offensive woes don't show any signs of slowing, while the Eagles have looked like a very solid team through two weeks.
Ellie says: The Giants are a mess.
Noah says: The Giants have shown that they aren't a good team after two weeks. I believed in them but they are not a true NFL team right now. The Eagles have played well and will continue to do so with a victory here.
Eric says: The Giants have lost all their firepower in terms of their passing game. This will be crippling to their offense.

Seahawks at Titans
Nate: Titans
Ellie: Titans
Noah: Seahawks
Eric: Seahawks

Nate says: The Seahawks offensive line problems are stifling a powerful offense. If the Hawks can't put up points, Mariota and the Titans will make them pay.
Ellie says: The Seahawks O-line looks tragic and Seattle is always worse on the road.
Noah says: The Titans are an up and coming team but it won't be enough for a win against the powerhouse Seahawks.
Eric says: The Seahawks are infamous for their brutal and consistent defense and their explosive offense. The Titans will lose.

Chiefs at Chargers
Nate: Chiefs
Ellie: Chiefs
Noah: Chiefs
Eric: Chiefs

Nate says: The Chiefs are ready to contend for a Super Bowl in my book. They have a balanced offense and a very stellar defense. I don't think many teams have what it takes to beat them.
Ellie says: The Chiefs are a stronger team in all aspects and the Chargers are still struggling.
Noah says: The Chiefs are here and want to win now. The Chargers don't pose much of a threat and the Chiefs will pull out an easy victory against their division rivals.
Eric says: The Chiefs showed us what they are capable of in week 1. The Chargers have yet prove themselves.

Bengals at Packers
Nate: Packers
Ellie: Packers
Noah: Packers
Eric: Packers

Nate says: The Bengals are trying to right themselves after firing their former offensive coordinator. But I don't think they're going to be ready to contend with a decent team anytime soon.
Ellie says: The Bengals offense is full of holes.
Noah says: The Bengals are terrible all over the field. The Packers are good. No contest here.
Eric says: Playing at Lambeau field against one of the best quarterbacks in the league? The Bengals don't stand a chance.

Raiders at Redskins
Nate: Redskins
Ellie: Raiders
Noah: Raiders
Eric: Raiders

Nate says: Call me crazy, but I'm sensing an upset at Fedex Field is coming. #HTTR.
Ellie says: Lynch is back and better than ever.
Noah says: The Redskins had a nice win last week but the Raiders are looking better than ever. It will be close but the Raiders will win.
Eric says: The Raiders came out swinging this year and their momentum will carry them over the Redskins.

Cowboys at Cardinals
Nate: Cardinals
Ellie: Cowboys
Noah: Cardinals

Nate says: The 'boys are overrated. Everyone saw that last week when they got throttled by Denver's defense. If the Cardinals can run the clock, and control the line of scrimmage, they could take this one at home.
Ellie says: Both teams have had disappointing starts to their seasons, but without David Johnson in the backfield, Arizona's offense looks much less menacing.
Noah says: The Cowboys are too overrated and the Cardinals are too underrated. It will be extremely close but after a terrible showing last week, the Cowboys will slouch in a loss.
Eric says: The first bad week of Zeke's career means nothing, expect him to bounce back against the Cardinals.

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