NFL Predictions Week 4

Oct. 1, 2017, 10:25 a.m. | By Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Nate Bodner, Ellie Williams | 6 years, 7 months ago

Week 3 was a crazy week in the NFL, with many teams pulling off upsets, like the Bears beating the Steelers in OT, the Jags crushing the Ravens in London, and the Redskins beating the Raiders in prime time, just to name a few. And in games we thought were going to be blowouts, heavily favored teams struggled and just barely managed to win, like the Patriots last minute drive to beat Houston, and the Packers coming back from a two TD deficit to win against the Bengals in OT. Will Week 4 bring more upsets? See what our team thinks about the upcoming games.

Nate: 31-47
Ellie: 29-47
Noah: 28-47
Eric: 28-47

Bears at Packers
Nate: Packers
Ellie: Packers
Noah: Packers
Eric: Packers

Nate says: Aaron Rodgers is going to cut through the Bears secondary with ease.
Ellie says: Last week was a fluke for the Bears.
Noah says: These two rivals will make for a good game but the Packers are just that much better than the Bears.
Eric says:The Bears got lucky last week, The Packers elite passing game will tear the them apart.

Saints at Dolphins
Nate: Saints
Ellie: Saints
Noah: Dolphins
Eric: Dolphins

Nate says: The Fins just got beat by Jets last week, while the Saints came out with a solid win over Carolina.
Ellie says: Games in London are always unpredictable, so it could go either way.
Noah says: After a disappointing loss to the Jets, the Dolphins will come back and show that it was just an off game.
Eric says: The Dolphins are a solid team and will beat the below average Saints.

Panthers at Patriots
Nate: Patriots
Ellie: Patriots
Noah: Patriots
Eric: Patriots

Nate says: The Patriots defense always does a good job of taking away their opponents top options on offense. It's going to be tough for the Panthers to get anything going in this one.
Ellie says: There's no contest here.
Noah says: The Patriots are still one of the best if not the best team in the league and will dominate the Panthers left and right.
Eric says:While the Panthers are an average NFL team, the Patriots dominate consistently.

Jaguars at Jets
Nate: Jaguars
Ellie: Jaguars
Noah: Jaguars
Eric: Jaguars

Nate says: One win over a division rival doesn't mean that much. Expect the Jets to get back to their losing ways this week.
Ellie says: The Jets look like they're trying to lose at this point.
Noah says: The defense of the Jaguars has showed up to play and the Jets are still the Jets.
Eric says:The Jaguars convincing game last week makes them a favorite this week.

Titans at Texans
Nate: Titans
Ellie: Titans
Noah: Titans
Eric: Texans

Nate says: I don't see this talented young Titans offense getting stopped right now.
Ellie says: Deshaun Watson still lacks experience.
Noah says: The Texans made their game against the Patriots very close but the Titans dominated the Seahawks all over. The Titans should win this one with relative ease.
Eric says: A near win against the best team in the NFL, means the Texans should no problem against the Titans.

Steelers at Ravens
Nate: Steelers
Ellie: Steelers
Noah: Ravens

Nate says: Pittsburgh is going to bounce back from an ugly loss in Chicago to steal an important division game from the Ravens on the road.
Ellie says: The Ravens showed their true colors in London last week. Joe Flacco is cooked.
Noah says: Another big rival game, the Ravens should bounce back from a bad loss and defeat the Steelers.
Eric says: Both teams are coming off of disheartening losses, but expect the Ravens to edge out the competition in this divisional matchup.

Bengals at Browns
Nate: Bengals
Ellie: Bengals
Noah: Browns
Eric: Bengals

Nate says: After firing their former offensive coordinator, the Bengals were able to put some points on the board and give Green Bay a scare last week. I expect their offense to continue to perform well.
Ellie says:The Browns will out-suck the Bengals.
Noah says: The Bengals have been horrendous, even more so than the lowly Browns. A bad game will see the Browns come out on top.
Eric says:The Browns are one of the worst teams in the NFL and are likely to go 0-16 this year.

Lions at Vikings
Nate: Lions
Ellie: Viking
Noah: Vikings
Eric: Lions

Nate says; Matt Stafford has the talent on his offense to spread the ball around and put enough points on the board to stay ahead of Minnesota
Ellie says: Case Keenum will ride his momentum to a home win against the Lions.
Noah says: Yet another division rival game, the Vikings showed last week that after a tough loss, it doesn't matter who is quarterbacking for them. It will be close but the Vikings will pull out on top.
Eric says:The Lions had an unlucky loss against the Falcons last week, don't expect the Vikings to be as fortunate.

Rams at Cowboys
Nate: Cowboys
Ellie: Cowboys
Noah: Cowboys
Eric: Cowboys

Nate says: This will be a really close game, but as much as I hate to say it, the Cowboys will probably come out on top, thanks to a superior offense.
Ellie says: If they could barely beat the 49ers, the Rams don't have much of a chance going up against the Cowboys.
Noah says: The Rams have made it interesting this season with a very potent offense but the Cowboys dominated the Cardinals last week and should do the same here.
Eric says:The Cowboys are a top tier team, they won't lose to the Rams.

Bills at Falcons
Nate: Falcons
Ellie: Falcons
Noah: Falcons
Eric: Falcons

Nate says: The Falcons just managed to stay in the win column last week in an exciting game against the Lions, but the Bills don't have the offensive firepower to keep up.
Ellie says: The Bills will come back to earth after their win last week, and the Falcons will take this game at home to remain undefeated.
Noah says: A surprising win last week for the Bills will lead to nothing. The Falcons will remain undefeated.
Eric says: The Falcons are Super Bowl contenders this year, expect them to edge out the Bills.

Eagles at Chargers
Nate: Chargers
Ellie: Eagles
Noah: Chargers
Eric: Eagles

Nate says: The Eagles have looked impressive thus far, but the Chargers have been within striking distance of a win every week. Don't be surprised if the Bolts get their first win at home this week.
Ellie says: Any football team that plays in a soccer stadium will lose.
Noah says: Three extremely close losses for the Chargers show that they can play. It will lead to their first victory here against a surprising Eagles squad.
Eric says:The Chargers lost all 3 of their games and anyone who chooses them doesn't know what they are doing.

49ers at Cardinals
Nate: Cardinals
Ellie: Cardinals
Noah: Cardinals
Eric: Cardinals

Nate says: The Cardinals have been struggling a bit, but the revamped 49ers still shouldn't be able to beat them.
Ellie says: The Cardinals will win this by default.
Noah says: The 49ers have played well this year but the Cardinals are frankly better than them. It will be close but the Cards will pull out with a victory against their division rival. #BeRedSeeRed
Eric says:The 49ers are off to a slow start this year and don't have the momentum or talent to win in Arizona.

Giants at Buccaneers
Nate: Buccaneers
Ellie: Buccaneers
Noah: Giants

Nate says: It took the Giants three quarters to get going last week, and it was too little to late. If they have a similar start this week, the Bucs will make them pay for it.
Ellie says: Jameis and company will smell blood in the winless giants and sink them to 0-4.
Noah says: The G-men were better last week after being worse than the Jets in weeks one and two and the Bucs took a rough loss to the Vikings. This will be a must win situation for the Giants and will make it no contest.
Eric says:The Giants will be hunger for a win after suffering an unlucky loss last week.

Raiders at Broncos
Nate: Broncos
Ellie: Broncos
Noah: Raiders

Nate says: The Broncos still-powerhouse defense should be able to stifle Derek Carr and the Raiders offense just like the Redskins did last week.
Ellie says: This clash of AFC heavyweights is a toss up, but Denver's at home.
Noah says: The Raiders will bounce back after being dominated last week and remain in the Super Bowl conversation.
Eric says:The Raiders got embarrassed by a mediocre Redskins team, they don't stand a chance against a competitive Broncos team.

Colts at Seahawks
Nate: Seahawks
Ellie: Seahawks
Noah: Seahawks
Eric: Seahawks

Nate says: I expect the Seahawks to come out swinging in this one, as they got outplayed by the upstart Titans on the road last week.
Ellie says: Jacoby Brissett will look like a deer in headlights against the Seattle defense.
Noah says: Without Andrew Luck, the Colts have showed that they cannot play. The Seahawks will wipe the floor with them.
Eric says:The Seahawks outclass the Colts.

Redskins at Chiefs
Nate: Redskins
Ellie: Chiefs
Noah: Chiefs
Eric: Chiefs

Nate says: We already knocked off one AFC West team we weren't supposed to beat. Why stop there? #HailGang
Ellie says: The Chiefs are undefeated and at home, but I can see this going either way.
Noah says: A good but surprising win for the Skins last week will lead to a close game here, but playing at Arrowhead Stadium will lead to the Chiefs remaining undefeated.
Eric says:An unremarkable Redskins team will be slaughtered by the Chiefs.

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