NFL Predictions Week 5

Oct. 6, 2017, 9:39 a.m. | By Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Nate Bodner, Ellie Williams | 6 years, 6 months ago

Nate: 40-22
Ellie: 38-24
Eric: 36-26
Noah: 31-31

Patriots at Buccaneers
Nate: Patriots
Ellie: Patriots
Noah: Patriots
Eric: Patriots

Nate says: After the loss week one, Tom Brady stormed back with an incredible performance week two. After the loss last week, expect the Pats to come back with a vengeance on Thursday night.
Ellie says: Even with their less than perfect defense, the Patriots offense can put up points where the Bucs can't.
Noah says: The 2-2 Patriots are looking bad on the defensive end. The mean Bill Belichick will get their act together and they will come out and beat the Buccaneers.
Eric says:It's dangerous to bet against the Patriots, they will mostly pull out a victory.

49ers at Colts
Nate: Colts
Ellie: 49ers
Noah: Colts
Eric: 49ers

Nate says: Without Andrew Luck, the Colts are by no means a good team, but the 49ers aren't good enough to match their offensive output.
Ellie says: San Francisco is struggling but pretty much anything is better than how the Colts have been playing the last few weeks.
Noah says: Jacoby Brissett has shown he can lead the Colts well enough to stay afloat. Against a bad 49ers team, they will pull out with a victory.
Eric says: Don't let the 0-4 record fool you, the 49ers have been competitive in nearly all their games against solid teams. The Colts will be slight work for the 49ers hungry for their first win.

Jets at Browns
Nate: Browns
Ellie: Browns
Noah: Jets
Eric: Jets

Nate says: Even though the Jets pulled out the OT win over the Jags last week, bonehead turnovers and mistakes led to them blowing a big lead and almost losing. If they can't limit the poor decisionmaking, it's going to cost them.
Ellie says: Browns fans are in for yet another disappointing season, but they could rise above the pitiful Jets this Sunday.
Noah says: The Jets are so bad they don't even know how to tank. At 2-2, the Jets will be able to get above .500 and the Browns will fall to 0-5.
Eric says:To the inexperienced eye, the Jets sloppy play last week might foreshadow their lost, however don't forget who they are playing against...0-4.

Jaguars at Steelers
Nate: Steelers
Ellie: Steelers
Noah: Steelers
Eric: Steelers

Nate says: The Steelers offensive weapons will put Jacksonville in a big hole early, and Bortles won't be able get them out of it.
Ellie says: If the Jags couldn't take on the Jets last week, they don't have a chance against a strong Pittsburgh team.
Noah says: Blake Bortles is the most inconsistent quarterback in the NFL so we don't know what to expect from him. However, the Steelers look like a Super Bowl contender right now and should pull out an easy victory.
Eric says: The Steelers showed what they are capable of against the Ravens, I doubt the Jags can repeat another win like two weeks ago.

Chargers at Giants
Nate: Chargers
Ellie: Chargers
Noah: Giants
Eric: Chargers

Nate says: Both of these teams are no stranger to losing close games, but I expect Philip Rivers to get the better of Eli Manning in this one.
Ellie says: San Diego will do just about anything for a win at this point.
Noah says: A battle of winless teams. The Giants have lost really close games the last 2 weeks and will be able to get their first win of the season against the Chargers, who will fall to 0-5.
Eric says: Rivers outclasses Manning and this will lead the Chargers to a victory.

Bills at Bengals
Nate: Bengals
Ellie: Bills
Noah: Bills
Eric: Bills
Nate says: The Bills are coming off back to back upset wins over the Broncos and the Falcons and are currently on top of the AFC East. They have what it takes, but this seems like a perfect matchup for the revamped Bengals offense to take them down a peg.
Ellie says: The Buffalo defense is ready to shut down Dalton.
Noah says: The Bills are the surprise team in the league so far. They look good. The Bengals have bounced back a bit but the Bills have the edge over a still disgruntled Bengals team.
Eric says:The Bills have had a surprisingly good season this year defeating solid teams, the Bengals only win comes from the Browns.

Panthers at Lions
Nate: Lions
Ellie: Panthers
Noah: Lions
Eric: Panthers

Nate says: Ameer Abdullah emerged as a solid running back for the Lions this week. With a good combination in the air & ground game, the Lions should be able to outperform Carolina.
Ellie says: This should be a close game but Newton is back and better than ever.
Noah says: The Panthers had a really nice win against the Patriots last week but the Lions just look better and will edge out the Panthers.
Eric says: Fresh off defeating the Super Bowl Champions the Panthers will put the L in Lions.

Titans at Dolphins
Nate: Titans
Ellie: Titans
Noah: Titans
Eric: Dolphins

Nate says; No matter who ends up playing QB for the Titans, they should be able to take down the listless Dolphins (But seriously Tennessee, why not Kaepernick?).
Ellie says: These two are pretty evenly matched but expect Mariota to tip the scales in favor of Tennessee this weekend.
Noah says: 57-14. The Titans got demolished by this score last week but the Dolphins lost to the Saints and Jets. The Titans are the better team though and will edge out the bad Jay Cutler.
Eric says:Unbenounced to the layman, this is going to be an upset game, you heard it here first.

Cardinals at Eagles
Nate: Eagles
Ellie: Eagles
Noah: Cardinals

Nate says: The Eagles look surprisingly great so far. The O-Line is solid, the D-Line is solid, and we've seen a lot of positive things from Wentz. They should easily take down the Cardinals.
Ellie says: The Eagles hit the ground running this season, while the Cardinals just hit the ground.
Noah says: The Eagles look good. The Cardinals don't. The Cardinals will still win.
Eric says: Correction: The Eagles look good. The Cardinals don't. The Cardinals will not still win.

Ravens at Raiders
Nate: Raiders
Ellie: Raiders
Noah: Ravens
Eric: Raiders

Nate says: The Ravens have been crushed by injuries again this year, and also their offense is terrible. Even with Carr out, the Raiders will crush Flacco and the Ravens.
Ellie says: Baltimore's D-Line can't stand up to Carr.
Noah says: Without Derek Carr, the Raiders will not be able to get going on offense against this good defensive team. The Raiders defense is not good and the Ravens will take advantage.
Eric says:The Ravens broke my heart and let us down. I can't bring myself to pick them one more time.

Seahawks at Rams
Nate: Seahawks
Ellie: Rams
Noah: Rams
Eric: Rams

Nate says: This is the week that the Seahawks either reassert their dominance in the NFC West, or fall to the talented young Rams team. I think Russell Wilson and the Legion of Boom will have the edge due to experience.
Ellie says: The Rams will capitalize on last week's win when the new and improved Goff takes on Seattle at home.
Noah says: The Rams have always played the Seahawks well even when they were bad. Now they're good…
Eric says: The Rams have a young talented team and Seahawks have lost their edge.

Packers at Cowboys
Nate: Packers
Ellie: Packers
Noah: Packers
Eric: Cowboys

Nate says: Aaron Rodgers will shred the Cowboys problematic pass defense in what could turn into an offensive shootout.
Ellie says: The Cowboys are overrated.
Noah says: The Cowboys are not living up to expectations whatsoever. The Packers have looked good on offense and should make the Cowboys defense look silly.
Eric says:A slow start means nothing, the Cowboys are stellar and by comparison the Packers are mediocre.

Chiefs at Texans
Nate: Chiefs
Ellie: Chiefs
Noah: Chiefs
Eric: Chiefs

Nate says: In my mind, the Chiefs are the best team in the league right now and Deshaun Watson and the Texans don't stand much of a chance, no matter what happened last week.
Ellie says: The Chiefs should be able to destroy the Texans O-Line.
Noah says: The Texans embarrassed the Titans last week but the Chiefs are just better. They will improve to 5-0.
Eric says:The Chiefs are the only undefeated team expect them to retain their title.

Vikings at Bears
Nate: Vikings
Ellie: Vikings
Noah: Bears
Eric: Vikings

Nate says: The Bears will be out of sync with their new QB and will fall to the superior defense of their division rivals.
Ellie says: The only advantage the Bears have is that they're playing at home, but that won't magically make their team good.
Noah says: Mitchell Trubisky is getting his first career start and will take full advantage. The Vikings defense is good but the Bears will pull off a surprise win.
Eric says: Adrian Peterson will cross up the Bears defense and have them falling.

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