NFL Predictions Week 6

Oct. 12, 2017, 8:20 p.m. | By Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Nate Bodner, Ellie Williams | 6 years, 8 months ago

Nate: 49-27
Ellie: 45-31
Eric: 44-32
Noah: 37-39

Eagles at Panthers
Nate: Panthers
Ellie: Panthers
Noah: Eagles
Eric: Eagles

Nate says: The Eagles have looked great so far, but Cam Newton has been unstoppable the past few games, and I think the Panthers will keep rolling at home
Ellie says: The Eagles will put up a good fight but the Panthers have hit their stride and will be too much for the Philly defense to handle.
Noah says: The Eagles were dominant in a win over the Cardinals last week. They should come out firing against the Panthers.
Eric says:The Panthers are no pushovers like the Cardinals, but the Eagles have the momentum to take their game to the next level.

Bears at Ravens
Nate: Ravens
Ellie: Ravens
Noah: Ravens
Eric: Ravens

Nate says: The Bears still have a lot of work to do before we say with confidence that they will win any game.
Ellie says: The Ravens rebounded from London last week, expect this to carry over into this week's game.
Noah says: Mitch Trubisky didn't look as good as I thought he would and therefore will allow the Ravens to win this one.
Eric says:Rule number three of predictions: never bet on the bears.

Packers at Vikings
Nate: Packers
Ellie: Packers
Noah: Packers
Eric: Packers

Nate says: Aaron Rodgers will always come in clutch. That's all Green Bay needs.
Ellie says: Aaron Rodgers has thrown 13 touchdowns this season, more than any quarterback in the league. No defense can stop him.
Noah says: The Vikings got Sam Bradford back but the Packers are too good for the Vikings to beat them.
Eric says:The Packers beat a super-bowl caliber team last week, that earns a little respect in my book.

49ers at Redskins
Nate: Redskins
Ellie: Redskins
Noah: Redskins
Eric: Redskins

Nate says: Although Washington still has a lot of players with lingering injuries, whoevers on the field should be able to handle the hapless niners.
Ellie says: The winless 49ers don't stand a chance.
Noah says: The Skins should be rested after a bye week and come out and dominate the winless 49ers.
Eric says: Both teams are weak in my book, but I guess the Niners are a little worse.

Lions at Saints
Nate: Lions
Ellie: Saints
Noah: Lions
Eric: Saints

Nate says: This will be a bounceback game for Detroit, and they will secure a nice victory after back to back disappointments against good teams.
Ellie says: If Stafford plays and the New Orleans defense continues to improve, the Saints could come out on top.
Noah says: The Lions have had a couple of rough losses. After trading Adrian Peterson, the Saints offense has truly become one dimensional. Nothing will fool the Lions defense here and the Lions will win.
Eric says: This game is difficult call, so difficult that I needed to call in football connoisseur James Mcgee for his expert opinion. The Saints are going to win.

Browns at Texans
Nate: Texans
Ellie: Texans
Noah: Texans
Eric: Texans

Nate says: Deshaun Watson is hitting his stride, and with a reliable passing game all kinds of interesting things are opening up for Houston. Expect them to steamroll Cleveland.
Ellie says: Even without J.J. Watt, the Texans can easily shut down the Browns' offense.
Noah says: Still without any certainty at QB, we can all expect the Browns to continue to fall.
Eric says: The Texans are a solid NFL team, and the Browns lack in all areas of the field.

Dolphins at Falcons
Nate: Falcons
Ellie: Falcons
Noah: Falcons
Eric: Falcons

Nate says: Jay Cutler is not the answer.
Ellie says: Atlanta is rested after a bye week and ready to destroy Miami.
Noah says: The Dolphins have looked dreadful so far and the Falcons have looked like they should. The Falcons should win this one pretty easily.
Eric says:The Dolphins luck ran out last week, expect them to lose against a well rounded and well rested Falcons team.

Patriots at Jets
Nate: Patriots
Ellie: Patriots
Noah: Patriots
Eric: Patriots

Nate says: Some things will never change. One of those things may very well be that the Pats will always beat this division-rival.
Ellie says: The Patriots might be off their game but there's no way they're losing to the Jets.
Noah says:The Patriots are still the Patriots. The Jets still stink. They may have won three games in a row but that doesn't mean they will beat the surprisingly disappointing Pats.
Eric says: Patriots are third in their division? Expect that to correct itself.

Buccaneers at Cardinals
Nate: Buccaneers
Ellie: Buccaneers
Noah: Cardinals
Eric: Buccaneers

Nate says; Though the defense is still shaky, I expect the Bucs offense to outduel the Cards on the road.
Ellie says: Both teams are looking to bounce back after week 5 loses, but Jameis Winston's ready to shred the Cardinals defense.
Noah says: After acquiring AP for nothing, the Cardinals run game suddenly looks dangerous. The Defense is still shaky but should be enough to pull out with a victory.
Eric says: The Cardinals got slaughtered last week, I don't have much faith in them.

Rams at Jaguars
Nate: Rams
Ellie: Jaguars
Noah: Jaguars
Eric: Jaguars

Nate says: I'm betting that Sean McVay will be able to use his revamped offense to make the Jags look a bit more vulnerable than they have in recent weeks.
Ellie says: The Rams weren't able to shut down the Seahawks defense, so they won't be able to shut down the Jags.
Noah says: A battle of the, "Are they good? Are they bad? What are they-s?” The Rams offense has looked unstoppable. The Jaguars defense has looked like a brick wall. The latter will win this matchup.
Eric says: In past few weeks I doubted the Jags, but I must admit their performances indicate that they can play with the big boys.

Chargers at Raiders
Nate: Raiders
Ellie: Chargers
Noah: Chargers
Eric: Chargers

Nate says: If Carr is healthy enough to play this week, maybe he can bring some life back to an offense that has been awful thus far.
Ellie says: Even a healthy Derek Carr can't make the Raiders score.
Noah says: With only one win, the Chargers season looks lost. Without Derek Carr, the Raiders are hopeless.
Eric says:The Bolt's record is not a good indication of the talent on this young team. I think they could steal one from the floundering Raiders.

Steelers at Chiefs
Nate: Chiefs
Ellie: Chiefs
Noah: Chiefs
Eric: Steelers

Nate says: If Roethlisberger doesn't get it together, this game might not be as close as people think. And even if he does, the Chiefs are still better.
Ellie says: Kareem Hunt will easily exploit the Steelers weak O-line.
Noah says: Super bowl contenders. I'm going with the team that has not lost a game yet.
Eric says:The Chiefs are undefeated now, but if anyone change can change that it's the Steelers. Expect big Ben to bounce back.

Giants at Broncos
Nate: Broncos
Ellie: Broncos
Noah: Broncos
Eric: Broncos

Nate says: The Giants already were bad. Then four wideouts got injured in one game. It's going to be hard for them to move the ball at all. And that's all true without the fact that they're playing one of the best defenses in the game this week.
Ellie says: The Giants will be winless going into week 7.
Noah says: The Giants are terrible.
Eric says:I want to pick the Giants, but i don't know who will catch ball. If fifth string receivers can pull out a victory, they deserve the upset.

Colts at Titans
Nate: Titans
Ellie: Titans
Noah: Titans
Eric: Titans

Nate says: This has all the makings of a bounceback week for Tennessee. At least that's what their fans must be hoping.
Ellie says: The Titans are still finding their footing after losing Mariota but should have no problem crushing the Colts offense.
Noah says: The Titans have looked both dominant and shaky. The Colts have looked both terrible and worse than that. Titans W.
Eric says: The Titans beat bad teams, the Colts are a bad can do the math.

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