NFL Predictions Week 7

Oct. 20, 2017, 12:58 p.m. | By Eric Feigen, Noah Stern, Nate Bodner, Ellie Williams | 6 years, 8 months ago

Nate: 54-37
Eric: 52-39
Ellie: 51-40
Noah: 44-47

Chiefs at Raiders
Nate: Chiefs
Ellie: Chiefs
Noah: Chiefs
Eric: Chiefs

Nate says: The Raiders season has gotten off to a terrible start that shows no signs of improvement. The Chiefs should get back to their winning ways with ease.
Ellie says: Both teams are coming off tough losses, but the Chiefs were the last undefeated team in the league until last weekend and will be able to bounce back a lot faster than Oakland.
Noah says: A tough loss to the Steelers shouldn't stop the Chiefs from defeating the surprisingly bad Raiders.
Eric says:The Chiefs had an unlucky defeat against the Steelers, but they still outclass the Raiders in all aspects of the game.

Ravens at Vikings
Nate: Vikings
Ellie: Vikings
Noah: Vikings
Eric: Vikings

Nate says: The Ravens offense is atrocious and blew a ton of opportunities to put an equally bad Bears team away last week. I expect nothing from them this week.
Ellie says: Keenum can outthrow Flacco any day of the week.
Noah says: The Vikings beat a Aaron Rodgers-less Packers team last week, but it was still impressive. The Ravens lost to the Bears.
Eric says:The Ravens have been underperforming, don't expect them start now.

Saints at Packers
Nate: Saints
Ellie: Saints
Noah: Saints
Eric: Saints

Nate says: Without Aaron Rodgers I don't know what to make of Green Bay. What I do know is that Drew Brees and the Saints tore up Detroit last week.
Ellie says: The Saints defense looked formidable last week when they crushed the Lions while the Packers are still trying to find their footing without Rodgers.
Noah says:The Packers all of a sudden don't look like much of a threat without Aaron Rodgers and the Saints should dominate.
Eric says:Without Rodgers the Packers don't stand a chance.

Jets at Dolphins
Nate: Jets
Ellie: Jets
Noah: Dolphins
Eric: Dolphins

Nate says: I actually think this is going to be one of the better games of the week. I'll give it to New York for their impressive play against the reigning Super Bowl champs in week 6.
Ellie says: The Jets have only looked better throughout the season while the Dolphins are still the Dolphins.
Noah says: The Dolphins had a very impressive comeback victory against the defending NFC champions last week. The Jets played the Patriots well but the loss should bring them back down to being the Jets.
Eric says:The Jets are one of the worst teams in the NFL, they will lose against a mediocre Dolphins team.

Panthers at Bears
Nate: Panthers
Ellie: Panthers
Noah: Panthers
Eric: Panthers

Nate says: Mitch Trubisky and Chicago managed to eek out a win against Baltimore despite Trubisky completing only eight passes. The Panthers won't let them win that easily.
Ellie says: The Panthers are perfect on the road so far against teams a lot scarier than the Bears.
Noah says: Cam Newton is starting to look like MVP Newton from two years ago and should edge out a win against a less than good Bears team.
Eric says:The chance of the Panthers getting upstaged is zero.

Cardinals vs Rams (In London)
Nate: Cardinals
Ellie: Cardinals
Noah: Cardinals
Eric: Rams

Nate says: Another interesting matchup, I'll take Arizona's veteran offensive weapons against the young talent of LA.
Ellie says: The Cardinals defense is starting to get itself together, and Peterson is killing it.
Noah says: A huge division game for both teams here. The Cardinals have more to play for and Adrian Peterson started to look like the AP were used to seeing. The Cardinals should play like they did in the first half against the Bucs.
Eric says:The Cardinals win against the Bucs means nothing, expect them to fall against a well coached Ram's offense.

Buccaneers at Bills
Nate: Bills
Ellie: Bills
Noah: Bills
Eric: Bills

Nate says: Expect the Bucs defense to cost them another one on the road.
Ellie says: The Buccaneers are full of holes and really don't stand a chance.
Noah says: The Bills are coming off a bye week and have gotten off to a surprisingly fast start. The Buccaneers made a valiant comeback effort against the Cards last week but will fall again this week.
Eric says:The Bucs were destroyed by the Cardinals last week, while the game may be tight, the Bills will pull out a win.

Jaguars at Colts
Nate: Colts
Ellie: Jaguars
Noah: Jaguars
Eric: Jaguars

Nate says: I think the Colts are going to bring the Jags defense down to earth a little bit this week.
Ellie says: I want the Jags pattern to continue; win, lose, win, lose, win, lose, ___.
Noah says: The most unpredictable team in the league, the Jaguars. You never know what you're going to get with them. But they seem to play the bad teams well and the better teams worse. Look for a Jags W here.
Eric says:The Colts haven't performed well throughout the season, they will fall to the Jags.

Titans at Browns
Nate: Titans
Ellie: Titans
Noah: Browns
Eric: Titans

Nate says: Yes, the Titans have been pretty unpredictable and lost some bad games, but I can always count on Cleveland to choke when it matters.
Ellie says: The Browns stink on ice.
Noah says: Marcus Mariota's health will be the biggest question mark here. If he can play well enough then the TItans will win. But it's too hard to see what he's going to look like right now and therefore, I will give the Browns their first win of the year.
Eric says:I said it once and i'll say it again 0-16.

Cowboys at 49ers
Nate: 49ers
Ellie: Cowboys
Noah: Cowboys
Eric: Cowboys

Nate says: San Francisco has been within one score of victory in almost every game this season, and rookie QB Beathard nearly got them their first win against Washington. The 49ers don't deserve to be 0-6. I think they'll prove that this Sunday.
Ellie says: There's a reason the 49ers don't have any wins, and with Elliott's return they don't stand a chance.
Noah says: The 49ers played the ‘Skins well but came up short. The Cowboys have a better offense than the Redskins and should run all over this bad niners defense.
Eric says:The Cowboys just got back Elliott and his debut along with their better offense will secure them a win

Bengals at Steelers
Nate: Steelers
Ellie: Steelers
Noah: Steelers
Eric: Steelers

Nate says: They knocked off the undefeated Chiefs so that means they should be able to deal with the Bengals. But honestly there are still issues offensively and I wouldn't be that surprised if Cinci stole one.
Ellie says: Andy Dalton is showing signs of life, but the rest of the Bengals are off their game, and Le'Veon Bell will be able to break down their defense.
Noah says: The men of the Steel city took down the last remaining undefeated team last week. They look like true Super Bowl contenders and should take down this bad Bengals team.
Eric says:Steelers had an impressive win against a previously undefeated Chiefs, the Bengals should be a breeze.

Seahawks at Giants
Nate: Seahawks
Ellie: Seahawks
Noah: Giants

Nate says: Coming off the bye and playing against second string wide receivers, I expect the Legion of Boom to lock down New York on the road.
Ellie says: The Giants will go back to their losing streak this week and the Seahawks will be winning their third game in a row.
Noah says: The Giants showed a lot of promise against a good Broncos team even without their top 4 receivers. The Seahawks are indeed coming off a bye week but the Giants should take this momentum into the next week.
Eric says:The Giants will be run down by a rested and promising Seahawks team...especially when playing against second string wide receivers.

Broncos at Chargers
Nate: Chargers
Ellie: Chargers
Noah: Chargers
Eric: Chargers

Nate says: Yet another interesting division game. The Bolts should outpace the Broncos offensively. But should LA struggle on offense, the slow moving Denver offense will capitalize.
Ellie says: The Chargers are on the rise after a rough start to the season, while the Broncos strong start might be cooling down after losing to the Giants.
Noah says: The Chargers have won two in a row and the Broncos took a beating last week. This game does not look like it could go the Broncos way.
Eric says:The Chargers offense have shown impressive celerity this season, expect them to tear apart a slow Broncos defense.

Falcons at Patriots
Nate: Falcons
Ellie: Patriots
Noah: Patriots
Eric: Patriots

Nate says: The Falcons look a lot worse than they did last year, but the Patriots defense can't even stop Josh McCown and the Jets.
Ellie says: Both teams were thoroughly embarrassed last week, but not even Super Bowl revenge could crush Tom Brady at home.
Noah says: A Super Bowl rematch. 28-3. It won't be that dramatic. In fact, after a bad loss to the Dolphins, the Falcons will look lost. The Patriots will run all over the Falcons in maybe the best game of the week.
Eric says:The Patriots have been having a rough season, this game will be a turning point as they take down one of the most promising teams in the NFL.

Redskins at Eagles
Nate: Redskins
Ellie: Eagles
Noah: Eagles
Eric: Eagles

Nate says: The Redskins will regain some ground in the NFC East with a big dub on the road in Philly.
Ellie says: Philly is fully equipped to take down Washington this week after their impressive win against the Panthers.
Noah says: The most surprising team of the year so far, the Eagles, will dominate the Redskins from start to finish.
Eric says: Eagles have surprised us all this season offensively, expect them to edge out the Redskins.

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