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Sept. 13, 2015, 12:39 p.m. | By Sandeep David, Lauren Frost, Charles Lott, Robert Pfefferle | 8 years, 10 months ago

As we get underway with a new school year, we are proud to be returning with a new season of SCO NFL Predictions. The staff is excited to welcome three newcomers to the game this season. Charlie Lott, Sandeep David, and Lauren Frost with help from Randi Herath are all eager to prove their knowledge of the game. Meanwhile, last year's runner-up Bobby Pfefferle will be attempting to grab the championship this year. Every week our SCO experts pick every NFL game and give you some analysis to get you ready for all the NFL action on Sundays.

Steelers at Patriots

Bobby: Patriots

Sandeep: Patriots

Lauren: Steelers


Bobby says: Brady's back, and the Steelers' absence of Le'Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant leave Pittsburg with almost zero chance of winning this game.

Sandeep says: As much as I hate that cheating pretty boy Tom Brady and those repulsive Patriots, the suspensions of Bell and Bryant leave the Steelers with no offense weapons.

Lauren says: Tom Brady's been a little occupied lately, so we can't expect him to be the knight in shining armor he has been in the past. The Steelers defense is improving, and though they are missing some of their key offensive players, new players have stepped up and will come up big.

Charlie says: Tom Brady has a great history against the Steelers, and without either of the teams' running backs eligible to play the Pats' passing game will win out.

Packers at Bears

Bobby: Packers

Sandeep: Packers

Lauren: Packers

Charlie: Packers

Bobby says: The Bears have no defense for any of the offensive firepower Green Bay brings to the table. Lacy and Rodgers should put this game out of hand by the end of the first quarter.

Sandeep says: Aaron Rodgers is poised to have an incredible season and that starts against the porous and weak Bears defense.

Lauren says: The Bears defense will be no match for the strength of Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers offense.

Charlie says: Despite any injury concerns regarding Rodgers' calf, and Jordy Nelson's ACL tear, the Packers are the better team on all fronts.

Chiefs at Texans

Bobby: Chiefs

Sandeep: Chiefs

Lauren: Chiefs

Charlie: Texans

Bobby says: Arian Foster's out, Andre Johnson is gone, and Brian Hoyer is a very mediocre quarterback. JJ Watt can do almost anything, but he won't stop the Chiefs from rolling in Houston.

Sandeep says: Granted the Texans have JJ Watt, but their offense is severely lacking. It'll be close, but the Chiefs will take this one.

Lauren says: Since Houston is struggling with quarterback Brian Hoyer, the Chiefs have the advantage.

Charlie says: This game should be close, with the Texans lacking a strong signal caller in Brian Hoyer and with star running back Arian Foster out for at least three games, but the Texans defense should shut down the offensively weak Chiefs.

Browns at Jets

Bobby: Jets

Sandeep: Jets

Lauren: Jets

Charlie: Jets

Bobby says: In the most boring matchup of the week, the Jets will muscle out a win over Cleveland. Cornerback Darelle Revis should cause problems for the weak Browns offense.

Sandeep says: The Browns' quarterback crisis has carried over into this season meaning their already dismal offense is abysmal.

Lauren says: Someone has to win...

Charlie says: The Browns are lacking a strong quarterback in Johnny Football... and a strong running back in their three man committee... and a strong wide receiver in... well, the Browns have their work cut out for them.

Colts at Bills

Bobby: Colts

Sandeep: Colts

Lauren: Colts

Charlie: Colts

Bobby says: This game could fall either way, but I think the Colts grab a win on the road this week. Both teams have revamped their offense, but the Colts new squad will make the bigger contribution.

Sandeep says: Andrew Luck and his revamped offensive squad will take the Bills easily.

Lauren says: It's going to be the classic battle of caveman vs. buffalo. Let's hear it for the caveman himself, Andrew Luck, who will continue to lead his team to victory.

Charlie says: Andrew Luck will be the best quarterback in the NFL again this year, with a great receiver group. The Bills' defense is good, but not good enough.

Dolphins at Redskins

Bobby: Dolphins

Sandeep: Dolphins

Lauren: Dolphins

Charlie: Dolphins Bobby says: As much as I want to pick the hometown ‘Skins in Week 1, I don't think they put up much of a fight this week against Miami. The season hasn't even started yet and Washington is already dealing with more quarterback trouble. Until they can get it figured out, it will be tough for them to win a game.

Sandeep says: The Dolphins have slowly been rebuilding their team and quarterback Ryan Tannehill has really started to shine. The Redskins on the other hand have had some...problems, to say the least, with their quarterbacks.

Lauren says: The Redskins are an RGIII induced mess and they still have a lot of work to do before they can focus on winning an actual game.

Charlie says: The Dolphins' defense is anchored by the signing of Ndamukong Suh, and Ryan Tannehill is looking better than ever. Combine that with the quarterback situation in Washington, and the only chance for the Skins is if Alfred Morris has the game of his life.

Panthers at Jaguars

Bobby: Panthers

Sandeep: Panthers

Lauren: Panthers

Charlie: Panthers

Bobby says: Quarterback Blake Bortles is a year older, but it doesn't necessarily mean he's any better. Newton and the Panthers roll.

Sandeep says: The Jaguars have gained a bit of offensive power with rookie T.J. Yeldon, but they are still the Jaguars.

Lauren says: The Panthers have a strong red zone offense, and combined with Cam Newton's running ability will allow them to overcome the Jaguars defense.

Charlie says: The Jaguars should be a fun team to watch this season, with the emergence of rookie T.J. Yeldon and second year QB Blake Bortles, but the Panthers should come out on top. Expect a big game from Jonathan Stewart.

Seahawks at Rams

Bobby: Seahawks

Sandeep: Seahawks

Lauren: Seahawks

Charlie: Seahawks

Bobby says: I think this game could turn out to be much closer than expected, but Seattle will win. The Rams have potential this season, but their inexperienced offensive line will struggle against Seattle's defense this week.

Sandeep says: The Seahawks made some offseason moves to acquire dominant tight end Jimmy Graham and their defense is still holding strong.

Lauren says: The Seahawks have the most dominating defense in the NFL and in the face of it the Rams offense will crumble.

Charlie says: The Legion of Boom is on shaky legs thanks to the contract holdout of All-Pro safety Kam Chancellor, but the offensive addition of Jimmy Graham and return of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch give the Seahawks a clear advantage.

Saints at Cardinals

Bobby: Cardinals

Sandeep: Cardinals

Lauren: Cardinals

Charlie: Saints

Bobby says: Quarterback Carson Palmer is 13-2 in his past 15 starts. Running backs Andre Ellington and Chris Johnson will keep his options open, and the Cardinals will win at home.

Sandeep says: The Cardinals' defense is looking strong and the receiver situation in New Orleans is inconsistent at best.

Lauren says: The loss of Jimmy Graham will hurt Drew Brees and the Saints offense, his talent has led to many touchdown receptions over the past four seasons.

Charlie says: Drew Brees looks better than ever, as does his receiver #1 Brandin Cooks. The Mark Ingram/CJ Spiller situation is still dicey, but the Saints are definitely good enough to take the Cardinals.

Lions at Chargers

Bobby: Chargers

Sandeep: Chargers

Lauren: Lions

Charlie: Chargers

Bobby says: Quarterback Philip Rivers is one of the best in the NFL. Yes it sounds surprising, but he consistently gets the job done. His playmaking ability is second to none, and faithful option in Antonio Gates will keep the ball moving this weekend against Detroit.

Sandeep says: Philip Rivers' resurrection season starts Sunday. The Lions have a solid team but they will be shaky for the first game.

Lauren says: The lions have high-powered offense, anchored by Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate which will lead to their success.

Charlie says: The Chargers have one of the better receiver groups in the NFL, and Philip Rivers isn't half bad. The Lions have an exciting rookie running back in Ameer Abdullah and Matthew Stafford is set for a breakout year, but they're not going to start clicking until after the first game.

Titans at Buccaneers

Bobby: Buccaneers

Sandeep: Buccaneers

Lauren: Buccaneers

Charlie: Buccaneers

Bobby says: The rookie battle of Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota will leave the Seminole winning in his home state. Winston and fellow young guns Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins will take down the Titans defense.

Sandeep says: The Titans defense is decent, but with rookie Jameis Winston and explosive running back Doug Martin, the Bucs should be able to get this win.

Lauren says: Jameis Winston will step up big in this battle of the rookie quarterbacks and overtake Mariota for the win.

Charlie says: This game is honestly a toss-up in my opinion. There's know way of knowing whether Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston will be better suited for the NFL, but I'm sticking with the Bucs' other offensive weapons in Doug Martin and Mike Evans.

Bengals at Raiders

Bobby: Bengals

Sandeep: Bengals

Lauren: Bengals

Charlie: Bengals

Bobby says: The Bengals have found a way to squeeze themselves into the playoffs every year under Andy Dalton. The trend should continue this year, and it will start with an easy win in Oakland.

Sandeep says: The Raiders have been a consistently poor team, with 10 losing seasons in the last 12 years. The Bengals will easily defeat them.

Lauren says: The Bengals running game will guarantee them the win.

Charlie says: The Bengals' defense is stronger, and they don't need to rely too heavily on QB Andy Dalton this year thanks to the best running back duo in the game with Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill.

Ravens at Broncos

Bobby: Broncos

Sandeep: Broncos

Lauren: Ravens

Charlie: Broncos

Bobby says: With a new coach at the helm in Denver, I would expect them to rely more heavily on C.J. Anderson and the run game this week. Peyton Manning started to show his age last season, but make no mistake, he is still an elite quarterback.

Sandeep says: The Ravens have an aging team in Steve Smith Sr. and Joe Flacco. Granted Peyton Manning's age is catching up to him, but he is still up there with the best.

Lauren says: The Ravens defense has a strong pass rush and will be able to get to Peyton Manning and while causing defensive havoc, meanwhile the Baltimore offense, though not as strong as Denver's will do enough to win.

Charlie says: I'm a Ravens fan, but even I need to see the light. Joe Flacco is a playoff monster but nothing special in the regular season, and Justin Forsett and Steve Smith Sr. are both getting up there in years. Peyton and his great receiver group, along with star running back CJ Anderson, should win with ease.

Giants at Cowboys

Bobby: Cowboys

Sandeep: Cowboys

Lauren: Giants

Charlie: Giants

Bobby says: Dallas is going to miss DeMarco Murray in the long run. But not this week. Tony Romo still has options in Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. Not to mention, they're offensive line is one of the best in the NFL.

Sandeep says: Dallas lost their star in DeMarco Murray in the offseason but Dez Bryant is still an extremely talented receiver and is among the best in the league.

Lauren says: The Giants haven't beat the Cowboys in a long time, but this year may be their year. The Giants offense is continually improving and the Giants will be able to score lots of points.

Charlie says: Eli Manning is due. In fact, he's long overdue. Odell Beckham is among the elite wide receivers, and although their running back committee will be pretty messy, I give them the nod over Tony Romo and the Cowboys.

Eagles at Falcons

Bobby: Eagles

Sandeep: Eagles

Lauren: Falcons

Charlie: Falcons

Bobby says: New running back DeMarco Murray proved he is the best in the league last year. I expect him and Chip Kelly's dream offense to shred up Atlanta in a high scoring shootout.

Sandeep says: Though Murray's production will probably decline a bit from last year's miracle injury-free season when Dallas ran him into the ground, Sam Bradford is more than competent and fits Chip Kelly's offense perfectly.

Lauren says: Sam Bradford is going to need a few games to warm up to the climate of the NFL. Matt Ryan while not overly dynamic is consistent and will be able to overtake the Eagles defense.

Charlie says: Matt Ryan has proven to be a top ten quarterback, and Sam Bradford is going to be jittery in his first NFL start in years. Julio Jones and Ryan should connect for some beautiful passes, and the Eagles will lean heavily on DeMarco Murray, but he's just not the player he was last year.

Vikings at 49ers

Bobby: Vikings

Sandeep: Vikings

Lauren: Vikings

Charlie: Vikings

Bobby says: Bridgewater isn't the greatest quarterback, but he and Adrian Peterson should be able to squeeze out a win in San Francisco. Kaepernick has absolutely no options to turn to, and the Vikings defense will shut him down.

Sandeep says: Kaepernick is not the same quarterback that took the 49ers to the Super Bowl a couple years ago. That and the coaching issues in San Francisco will lead to a Vikings win, led by Adrian Peterson.

Lauren says: The Vikings have one of their key offensive players, Adrian Peterson back who will help the offense out immeasurably. They have a brand new, mobile quarterback who should have a huge contribution.

Charlie says: Teddy Bridgewater could be the QB sleeper of the year, and he has a great offensive team. With AP back and Kyle Rudolph and Charles Johnson to throw to, Bridgewater should lock in his first NFL win.

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