NFL Week 11 Predictions

Nov. 22, 2015, noon | By Sandeep David, Lauren Frost, Charles Lott, Robert Pfefferle | 8 years, 4 months ago

1. Bobby: 84-49
2. Sandeep: 80-53
3. Lauren: 79-54
4. Charlie: 78-55

Titans at Jaguars
Bobby: Jaguars
Sandeep: Jaguars
Lauren: Titans
Charlie: Titans

Bobby says: The Jags should take this
Sandeep says: The Jaguars have been on a roll and Blake Bortles has shown that he can be consistent.
Lauren says:
Charlie says: Marcus Mariota shows up for big games, and with Kendall Wright and David Cobb back in the mix, this team could make a bid for the division title.

Redskins at Panthers
Bobby: Panthers
Sandeep: Panthers
Lauren: Panthers
Charlie: Panthers

Bobby says: Redskins can't handle the Panthers offense. No way.
Sandeep says: The Redskins are coming off of a blowout win against the Saints, but the Panthers are just too good to allow that.
Lauren says: Cam for President of the United States (and MVP). He's just too good.
Charlie says: I really want the Redskins to make it to .500, but it won't happen against Josh Norman and the undefeated Panthers.

Raiders at Lions
Bobby: Raiders
Sandeep: Raiders
Lauren: Lions
Charlie: Raiders

Bobby says: Derek Carr is having quite the surprising season. He can handle the Lions.
Sandeep says: The Raiders deviate from the standard offense most teams in the league run which is why it's been so effective. The Lions won't figure out a way to stop it.
Lauren says: The Lions played a great game last week which should give them momentum into this one.
Charlie says: The Lions beat the Packers last week, but that says more about the Packers than anything else. The Raiders strong offense can win this game.

Colts at Falcons
Bobby: Falcons
Sandeep: Falcons
Lauren: Falcons
Charlie: Falcons

Bobby says: The Colts struggled with Andrew Luck. I can't imagine this team winning a game without him.
Sandeep says: Picking against the Colts worked last time...
Lauren says: The Falcons are fresh off thier bye week and should come out strong.
Charlie says: The Falcons are coming off their bye week, and a fresh-legged Devonta Freeman will run all over this Colts defense.

Jets at Texans
Bobby: Jets
Sandeep: Jets
Lauren: Jets
Charlie: Jets

Bobby says: The Jets defense won't have to work too hard to beat a Brian Hoyer-less Texans team.
Sandeep says: The Texans held the Bengals to just six points last week so this looks to be a battle of defenses.
Lauren says: This will be a heavily defensive game but when it comes down to it the Jets have a better offense.
Charlie says: Andy Dalton and the Bengals just lost to this Texans squad, but with Brian Hoyer hurt and DeAndre Hopkins on Revis Island, they won't be scoring many touchdowns.

Buccaneers at Eagles
Bobby: Buccaneers
Sandeep: Eagles
Lauren: Eagles
Charlie: Buccaneers

Bobby says: Jameis is better than Mark Sanchez. At the beginning of the season I could never imagine picking Tampa, but I'm doing it.
Sandeep says: The Buccaneers haven't won consecutive games in three years.
Lauren says: The Eagles have gotten better throughout the season and seem to have found a way to work together.
Charlie says: Mark Sanchez throws a pick for every touchdown, and the Buccaneers have a surprisingly good defensive unit that can take advantage of his inaccuracy.

Broncos at Bears
Bobby: Broncos
Sandeep: Bears
Lauren: Broncos
Charlie: Bears

Bobby says: I regret picking Denver for the Super Bowl, but I think they can beat the Bears.
Sandeep says: Manning is injured and Brock Osweiler is playing in his place. I've never even heard of Brock Osweiler.
Lauren says: Even with Manning out I'm not going to doubt the Broncos, they have other offensive weapons and a solid defense.
Charlie says: I don't trust Brock Osweiler, and the Bears defense can stop the Broncos poor running game. Matt Forte is back, too.

Rams at Ravens
Bobby: Rams
Sandeep: Ravens
Lauren: Ravens
Charlie: Ravens

Bobby says: Both teams are at low points right now, and I think St. Louis is more primed to break out of it this week.
Sandeep says: Case Keenum was 0-8 for the Texans in 2013. I don't see him doing much better with the Rams.
Lauren says: New QB for the Rams should mean a semi easy win for the Ravens.
Charlie says: The Ravens always play better at home, and similar to the Broncos game the Rams will be playing behind untested quarterback Case Keenum, and even Baltimore's awful secondary can stop such an interception-prone quarterback.

Cowboys at Dolphins
Bobby: Dolphins
Sandeep: Cowboys
Lauren: Cowboys
Charlie: Cowboys

Bobby says: Romo might be back, but Miami is just starting to show some signs of life this season. Romo still doesn't have Dez Bryant to throw to.
Sandeep says: Tony Romo's return is huge for the Cowboys who will get back to their early-season form quickly.
Lauren says: Romo's back and so are the Cowboys.
Charlie says: With Tony Romo coming back, this is a big get-right game for the Cowboys. Dez Bryant figures to have a huge outing.

Chiefs at Chargers
Bobby: Chiefs
Sandeep: Chiefs
Lauren: Chiefs
Charlie: Chiefs

Bobby says: I love picking San Diego, but I just can't do it this time around.
Sandeep says: I feel bad for Philip Rivers. He's really a great quarterback but his team just keeps letting him down.
Lauren says: The Chiefs have played excellently lately (Beating the Broncos! Woah!) and should keep it going against a weaker Chargers team.
Charlie says: The Chiefs and Charcandrick West are riding high after taking down the Broncos, and they should keep their hot streak going this week.

Packers at Vikings
Bobby: Vikings
Sandeep: Vikings
Lauren: Packers
Charlie: Vikings

Bobby says: I'm falling in love with Minnesota.
Sandeep says: The Packers don't play well at all on the road and lost to the lowly Lions last week. Their skid continues against the Vikings.
Lauren says: The Packers have gone on a bit of a skid lately, but this is a good chance for them to come back and lead the division.
Charlie says: At home, the Vikings will fight hard to keep their slim division lead over the Packers, who are having trouble producing offense. Davante Adams is the x-factor here.

49ers at Seahawks
Bobby: Seahawks
Sandeep: Seahawks
Lauren: Seahawks
Charlie: Seahawks

Bobby says: 12th man has historically shut down San Francisco.
Sandeep says: The 49ers are having some real bad troubles...
Lauren says: The Seahawks defense is going to make the 49ers offense look useless.
Charlie says: The 49ers can't do anything against the Seahawks in Seattle. Blaine Gabbert is in for a rude awakening after his victory over the Falcons.

Bengals at Cardinals
Bobby: Cardinals
Sandeep: Cardinals
Lauren: Bengals
Charlie: Cardinals

Bobby says: Carson Palmer is the better of the underrated quarterbacks.
Sandeep says: The Cardinals secondary is too good to fall to the Bengals.
Lauren says: I'm not givin up on the Bengals just yet...
Charlie says: Andy Dalton is returning to the unpredictable player we have always known and loved. The Cardinals can take advantage of this shaky passing game.

Bills at Patriots
Bobby: Patriots
Sandeep: Patriots
Lauren: Patriots
Charlie: Patriots

Bobby says: Edelman is out, but the Bills defense has struggled to hold down offenses all season.
Sandeep says: I'll take the Patriots at home any day (sadly).
Lauren says: Patriots with an easy win.
Charlie says: The Patriots had a rough time last week against the Giants, but in Foxborough this team is still practically unbeatable.

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