NFL Week 13 Predictions

Dec. 6, 2015, 1 p.m. | By Sandeep David, Lauren Frost, Charles Lott, Robert Pfefferle | 8 years, 6 months ago

Our prediction squad's standings continue to tighten up week after week. This week we see the Vikings battle for the lead of the NFC North, and the Panthers will try to remain undefeated against the offensively loaded Saints. Check out these predictions to see who our experts think will win these big games in Week 13.

1. Bobby: 103-60
2. Lauren: 100-63
3. Sandeep: 98-65
4. Charlie: 95-68

Packers at Lions
Bobby: Packers
Sandeep: Packers
Lauren: Packers
Charlie: Packers

Bobby says: The Packers won't let the Lions beat them again.
Sandeep says: Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense need to show up.
Lauren says: The Packers need to come up big in this game.
Charlie says: Fool Aaron Rodgers once, shame on you. You won't fool him twice.

Jets at Giants
Bobby: Jets
Sandeep: Giants
Lauren: Jets
Charlie: Giants

Bobby says: After coming off a loss to the Redskins, I don't have much faith in the Giants defense. Jets win "on the road.”
Sandeep says: Odell is unstoppable and this is a must-win for the Giants if they want to make the playoffs.
Lauren says: The Giants lost to the Redskins last week and the Jets have played much stronger than the Redskins so far this season.
Charlie says: Eli and Odell are playing catchup now against the Redskins for the division title. They should show up bigtime at home.

Cardinals at Rams
Bobby: Cardinals
Sandeep: Cardinals
Lauren: Cardinals
Charlie: Cardinals

Bobby says: The Rams defense is strong enough to hold down the Cardinals to a certain degree. But Larry Fitzgerald will find his way to the end zone and the win column.
Sandeep says: The Cardinals are looking like they can't be beat.
Lauren says: The Cardinals have been playing incredibly well lately.
Charlie says: The Rams were awful even when Todd Gurley was playing well.

Falcons at Buccaneers
Bobby: Falcons
Sandeep: Falcons
Lauren: Falcons
Charlie: Buccaneers

Bobby says: Devonta Freeman is back this week. The Falcons offense has potential to run up the score, and it should edge out Tampa.
Sandeep says: The Buccaneers are playing with a banged up defense, missing two key players in their front line. The Falcons on the other hand, get star running back Devonta Freeman back.
Lauren says: The Buccaneers defense hasn't been playing well lately and the Falcons offense should be able to overcome the defense.
Charlie says: I like Matt Ryan to throw multiple picks in this loss.

Seahawks at Vikings
Bobby: Vikings
Sandeep: Seahawks
Lauren: Seahawks
Charlie: Vikings

Bobby says: I'm all in for the Vikings playoff run this season. They will be put to the test by Seattle in this game, but Adrian Peterson can make his way through the Seahawks defense.
Sandeep says: The Seahawks haven't been as dominant as they've been in the past but Russell Wilson is starting to show up.
Lauren says: Though the Seahawks have been somewhat mediocre this season their defense still has the capacity to shut down the Vikings.
Charlie says: The Seahawks are not the same team when they're playing outside of Seattle.

Texans at Bills
Bobby: Texans
Sandeep: Texans
Lauren: Texans
Charlie: Texans

Bobby says: These teams are heading in opposite directions. I'll take Hopkins and the Texans on their hot streak.
Sandeep says: I really want the Texans to lose, but they're too hot to lose to the Bills who are on the downswing.
Lauren says: The Texans have been on a roll lately.
Charlie says: This Texans defense is too much for Tyrod to handle. This should be one of the better games this week.

Ravens at Dolphins
Bobby: Dolphins
Sandeep: Dolphins
Lauren: Dolphins
Charlie: Ravens

Bobby says: There is no hope left in Baltimore.
Sandeep says: The Ravens one last week...but that was against the Browns. Schaub falls out of the undefeated club.
Lauren says: The Ravens just haven't been playing well and without their QB they're going to struggle.
Charlie says: I bet against the Ravens last week and they proved me wrong with Will Hill's kick six. Matt Schaub joins Brock Osweiler, Matt Hasselbeck, and Cam Newton as one of this year's undefeated quarterbacks.

Bengals at Browns
Bobby: Bengals
Sandeep: Bengals
Lauren: Bengals
Charlie: Bengals

Bobby says: The Browns secondary isn't going to have an answer for Dalton's throws.
Sandeep says: If the Browns lose to the Ravens, they have no hope against the Bengals.
Lauren says: The Bengal offense is going to overwhelm the Browns, and their defense will be tough to contend with as well.
Charlie says: Hey, at least there's a reason to watch this game if Johnny Football gets the start.

Jaguars at Titans
Bobby: Jaguars
Sandeep: Jaguars
Lauren: Titans
Charlie: Titans

Bobby says: The Titans' pass defense is good. But the offense isn't. Blake Bortles will get there
Sandeep says: The Jaguars are looking to bounce back after a surprise loss to the Chargers.
Lauren says: The Titans defense is going to give the Jaguars some trouble.
Charlie says: The Jaguars just lost Allen Hurns, and Blake Bortles might be playing better than ever but he's no match for the Titans defense.

49ers at Bears
Bobby: Bears
Sandeep: Bears
Lauren: Bears
Charlie: Bears

Bobby says: Do the 49ers even have a defense?
Sandeep says: The 49ers look like they're trying to go for the first pick in next year's draft.
Lauren says: The 49ers look to continue their terrible season.
Charlie says: I can't wait to see what the Bears can do with Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery, and Jay Cutler all finally healthy at the same time.

Broncos at Chargers
Bobby: Broncos
Sandeep: Broncos
Lauren: Broncos
Charlie: Broncos

Bobby says: The Chargers offense isn't going to be able to catch-up to Osweiler and the Broncos offense.
Sandeep says: I'm a believer in the Brocket Launcher.
Lauren says: The Chargers have very little to compete against this team with.
Charlie says: Any game in which Javontee Herndon is a starting wide receiver is not a game I want to watch.

Chiefs at Raiders
Bobby: Raiders
Sandeep: Chiefs
Lauren: Chiefs
Charlie: Chiefs

Bobby says: Raiders pull out the upset to shake up the playoff picture.
Sandeep says: The Chiefs are the surprise playoff contenders.
Lauren says: The Chiefs have been playing consistently well and should be able to beat the Raiders who have been playing well on and off.
Charlie says: I see the Chiefs going undefeated through the rest of the year and running their division table.

Panthers at Saints
Bobby: Panthers
Sandeep: Panthers
Lauren: Panthers
Charlie: Panthers

Bobby says: Panthers will lose before end of the season, but not this game.
Sandeep says: The Panthers defense is just too overwhelming for Brees. Can't wait to see Newton's latest dance.
Lauren says: Is this even a question?
Charlie says: Now that Luke Kuechly is back in top form... and Josh Norman... and Cam Newton... even Mike "Bowling Ball” Tolbert should have a hay day against this Saints defense.

Eagles at Patriots
Bobby: Patriots
Sandeep: Patriots
Lauren: Patriots
Charlie: Patriots

Bobby says: The Eagles defense has struggled against the run all season. The Patriots are going to be quick to expose that. Especially coming off a loss.
Sandeep says: The Patriots look to bounce back against Mark Sanchez and the pitiful Eagles defense.
Lauren says: The Pats are going to roll over the Eagles especially after a heart breaking loss.
Charlie says: The Patriots might not be undefeated any more, but they're still the Patriots, and Mark Sanchez is still Mark Sanchez.

Colts at Steelers
Bobby: Colts
Sandeep: Steelers
Lauren: Colts
Charlie: Steelers

Bobby says: The Steelers are not the team they were at the beginning of the season. The Colts are only headed in the right direction.
Sandeep says: It looks like if I keep picking against the Colts, they'll go undefeated for the rest of the season.
Lauren says: The season's been looking up for the Colts lately.
Charlie says: Sorry Matt Hasselbeck, you can't win this one in the Steel City.

Cowboys at Redskins
Bobby: Redskin
Sandeep: Redskins
Lauren: Redskins
Charlie: Redskins

Bobby says: I can't believe I'm picking the Redskins to win.
Sandeep says: Poor Cowboys...losing Romo again. If Captain Kirk can't pull this off, the Redskins are even worse than we all thought.
Lauren says: The once again Romo-less Cowboys are really going to struggle this week even though this is just the Redskins.
Charlie says: What kind of a world are we living in when the Redskins led by Kirk Cousins are in the playoff hunt?

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