NFL Week 9 Predictions

Nov. 8, 2015, 1:01 p.m. | By Sandeep David, Lauren Frost, Charles Lott, Robert Pfefferle | 8 years, 5 months ago

The middle of the standings continue to shake up every week, as Lauren is climbing her way to the top. Bobby however, is pulling further and further away from the pack. Charlie continues to sink, as does Sandeep. How will things shape up for our prediction squad this week?

1. Bobby: 71-35
2. Lauren: 66-40
3. Sandeep: 65-41
4. Charlie: 62-44

Browns at Bengals
Bobby: Bengals
Sandeep: Bengals
Lauren: Bengals
Charlie: Bengals

Bobby says: The Bengals are just getting stronger and stronger every week.
Sandeep says: I don't think I even need to say anything here.
Lauren says: Bengals stay undefeated.
Charlie says: Andy Dalton and company will continue to take the NFL by storm.

Redskins at Patriots
Bobby: Patriots
Sandeep: Patriots
Lauren: Patriots
Charlie: Patriots

Bobby says: Washington doesn't stand a chance.
Sandeep says: I say the same thing every week for both the Patriots and the Bengals...
Lauren says: This is going to be ugly…
Charlie says: The Redskins will... nevermind. I really need to stop predicting against the Patriots.

Packers at Panthers
Bobby: Packers
Sandeep: Panthers
Lauren: Panthers
Charlie: Panthers

Bobby says: Green Bay is going to bounce back easily against Carolina. Aaron Rodgers and company are going to be hungry. The Panthers just scraped by the Colts last week, and are the worst of the undefeateds.
Sandeep says: The Packers wide receivers are really struggling with their matchups and to add on to their woes, they're playing in Carolina. The Packers have shown that they aren't too good on the road while the Panthers at home are a force to be reckoned with.
Lauren says: Always pick the Panthers. The Packers offense looked somewhat stagnant in the last game against the Broncos and the Panthers defense should be able to take advantage.
Charlie says: The Packers looked pretty awful last week against the Broncos, and the Panthers also have a strong defense that is capable of shutting down Rodgers on a good night.

Titans at Saints
Bobby: Saints
Sandeep: Saints
Lauren: Saints
Charlie: Saints

Bobby says: Drew Brees is ridiculous. He won't have a repeat of last week, but against the Tennessee defense he sure could come close.
Sandeep says: You know it's bad when you're the worst team in the AFC South.
Lauren says: Drew Brees is playing incredibly and will have another great game against the weak Titan defense.
Charlie says: The Titans are on their way out, and the Saints have been great at home the last few games.

Dolphins at Bills
Bobby: Bills
Sandeep: Bills
Lauren: Bills
Charlie: Bills

Bobby says: In order for the Dolphins to get going offensively, they need Lamar Miller to succeed. However, the Bills contained him quite easily in Week 3 in a 41-14 demolition of Miami. In Buffalo, nothing should change.
Sandeep says: If Tyrod Taylor shows up and picks apart the Dolphins defense - without pass rusher Cameron Wake - like he did in their last meeting, the Bills have this game in the bag.
Lauren says:
Charlie says: The Bills defense is capable of stopping Lamar Miller, and Tyrod Taylor is finally back with Lesean McCoy and possible Sammy Watkins. This should be a good game.

Rams at Vikings
Bobby: Vikings
Sandeep: Vikings
Lauren: Vikings
Charlie: Rams

Bobby says: Stefon Diggs is a beast. He and Adrian Peterson should help Minnesota power through a tough Rams defense.
Sandeep says: These two teams are pretty evenly matched but the Vikings offense looks to be a bit better than the Rams offense. Neither team has an offensive line though so I'm expecting a low scoring game.
Lauren says: The Vikings run game is going to be really tough to beat.
Charlie says: This year, Todd Gurley has been better than Adrian Peterson. I also don't see Stefon Diggs stomping over this good Rams secondary.

Jaguars at Jets
Bobby: Jets
Sandeep: Jets
Lauren: Jets
Charlie: Jets

Bobby says: Despite the humiliating loss to the Raiders, they won't let the Jags take em down.
Sandeep says: The Jaguars just aren't a good team.
Lauren says: This should be a pretty easy game for the Jets.
Charlie says: The Raiders might be able to take the Jets, but the Jaguars definitely can't. If Ryan Fitzpatrick is hurt, Chris Ivory will take matters into his own hands.

Raiders at Steelers
Bobby: Steelers
Sandeep: Steelers
Lauren: Steelers
Charlie: Steelers

Bobby says: I only take Pittsburgh because they're at home, but it will be close
Sandeep says: It's a sad way to end the Oakland-Pittsburgh rivalry for the Raiders who will most probably be relocating next season.
Lauren says: The Raiders defense won't be able to keep up with the Steelers.
Charlie says: The Steelers can take the Raiders through the air, and their top ranked secondary can bottle up an AC/DC based attack. Latavius Murray is the wildcard in this game.

Giants at Buccaneers
Bobby: Giants
Sandeep: Giants
Lauren: Giants
Charlie: Buccaneers

Bobby says: Jameis isn't quite ready to dominate the Giants defense like Drew Brees.
Sandeep says: This game is a must-win for the Giants and Eli Manning has a chance to redeem himself this week against the weak Bucs secondary.
Lauren says: The Giants did not play well last week this week they have a chance to redeem themselves against this Bucs team it won't be an easy game for them but they'll pull through.
Charlie says: After watching the Saints throw for seven touchdowns against Big Blue, I'd love to watch Jameis Winston have a go. With a healthy Doug Martin, the Bucs are a contender.

Falcons at 49ers
Bobby: Falcons
Sandeep: Falcons
Lauren: Falcons
Charlie: Falcons

Bobby says: Matt Ryan and Julio Jones continue to remain one of the best combos in the NFL.
Sandeep says: Not only do the 49ers not have a quarterback, they're down three running backs, a star wide receiver, and to top it off tight end Vernon Davis is now in Denver.
Lauren says: The 49ers are still a mess. No.
Charlie says: The 49ers are so bad that they're starting Blaine Gabbert this week. I'd be impressed if they got one touchdown.

Broncos at Colts
Bobby: Broncos
Sandeep: Broncos
Lauren: Broncos
Charlie: Broncos

Bobby says: Broncos against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
Sandeep says: I feel bad picking the Broncos but the Colts just aren't in shape to compete with the Broncos, especially not with T.Y. Hilton dealing with a foot injury.
Lauren says: The Broncos dominated a much stronger Packers team last week and should have no probe against the struggling Colts.
Charlie says: The Broncos finally got their running game going last week, and they'll look for that to continue against a weak Colts defense.

Eagles at Cowboys
Bobby: Eagles
Sandeep: Eagles
Lauren: Eagles
Charlie: Eagles

Bobby says: I really don't know what to make of this Eagles team, but I know they can take down Dallas this week.
Sandeep says: It's the same story week after week with the Cowboys. Without their injured stars back, they'll keep taking "L"s.
Lauren says: The Cowboys are still decimated by injuries, they really don't have a good chance until they get their offense back.
Charlie says: As long as Tony Romo is out, this Cowboys offense just has no bite. The Eagles can ride DeMarco Murray to a victory.

Bears at Chargers
Bobby: Chargers
Sandeep: Bears
Lauren: Chargers
Charlie: Bears

Bobby says: Philip Rivers always plays better at home. The Chargers are struggling, but they won't let the dismal Bears take them down in sunny San Diego.
Sandeep says: Rivers will come out throwing as usual, but the Chargers turn over the ball too much. Without Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery should make the difference in this game.
Lauren says: The Chargers have a good chance against this Bears team as long as they limit their turnovers.
Charlie says: Melvin Gordon and Jeremy Langford are a wash. Philip Rivers no longer has Keenan Allen to pass to. This game will come down to Alshon Jeffery against Jason Verrett, and Jeffery's 6'5” frame gives him a clear advantage.

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