Neva Bowers

Name: Neva Bowers
Position: Print Managing Entertainment Editor
Graduation Year: 2009
Peepva Bowers is a Peepsces and enjoys long, peepfoot walks on the peep. Too peepy to peep her own bio, Peepva spends her time peeping Peeps, making Peep peeporamas, and hula-peeping. Most of the time, you can peep her talking to strangpeeps that she prepeeps to peep. She peeps the Peepble, speepcifically Peepses. She peeptends Marsh Mallow High and peeps Jurassic Peep on the peepular.

Stories (3)

Viva la resolución!

By Neva Bowers | April 2, 2009, midnight | In Print »

Change. It's a buzzword word that's been on everyone's tongue for the past year. But if we are, as we've been told, "the change we've been waiting for," why wait any longer? New Year's resolutions provide a perfect opportunity for personal change, and we here at Silver Chips wanted to put the mantra to the test — for two whole weeks.

Recording the ultimate senior superlative

By Neva Bowers, Adelaide Waldrop | April 2, 2009, midnight | In Print »

Since second semester seniors no longer have to worry about grades, they're spending their remaining time at Blair concerned with one thing: legacy. This can take the form of executing a notorious senior prank, performing a famous prom proposal or snagging a yearbook superlative. We considered these options for our legacy, but without the guts to follow through on a serious school prank, the attractive candidates to ask to prom and the friends to vote us for senior superlatives, we were back to square one.

CHIPS TRIPS Thanksgiving Edition

By Neva Bowers | Dec. 3, 2007, midnight | In ‎Latest »

Thanksgiving is almost here. School will be temporarily replaced by time with family and friends. And while luxuries like a heated home and full-course meals might seem natural to many, countless people do without during the holiday season. Not all families are able to reunite for the holiday, and thousands within Montgomery County alone are without food. Donating food, presents or time is a great way to bring the joy of Thanksgiving to the area's less fortunate, so as we approach the holiday for giving thanks, keep these suggestions in mind for ways you can give back to the community: