The Bachelor Week 7 recap and Week 8 predictions

Feb. 19, 2018, 10:23 a.m. | By Eric Feigen, Emma Markus, Sneha Ojha, Noah Stern, Rebecca Wessel, Ellie Williams | 6 years, 1 month ago

Recaps written by Emma Markus and Rebecca Wessel

In Week Seven, the Bachelor heads to Tuscany, Italy. The girls are informed that there will be three one-on-one dates this week followed by a group date, but no rose ceremony. This means that only the girls who get roses on dates will go on to hometowns (note: for any Bachelor newbies, hometowns are when the final four girls bring the Bachelor to where they grew up and introduce him to their whole family).

Becca K. gets the first one-on-one, and she and Arie head to the town of Barga, Italy. They stroll the quaint streets hand-in-hand, buying bread, cheese and meat from local vendors for a romantic picnic in the park. Arie and Becca discuss how while their connection on their first date was strong, it's been a while since they've gotten to spend that amount of quality time with one another. However, their doubts vanish and their connection is reconfirmed on the date. Arie gives Becca a rose.

Back at the hotel, Jacqueline is having doubts about her relationship with Arie, so she goes to his room to talk to him. In between make-out sessions and tears, Jacqueline tells Arie that she doesn't think she is as confident in her feelings for him as the other girls, and has to go. Arie tries to convince her to stay, but Jacqueline sends herself home.

Arie is stung and blindsided by Jacqueline's departure, but it's a new day and time for his one-on-one with Lauren. Lauren decides to actually talk to Arie on this date! They get gelato and play soccer with some Italian kids they come across in the street. At dinner Lauren plays up her trust issues from her last relationship and also tells Arie that she's falling for him, even though her facial expression says, "I have never felt any emotion." Arie buys it and gives her a rose, leaving just two spots left.

On Sienne's one-on-one, the two meet in the countryside and go on a hunt for wild truffles led by a professional truffle hunter and his dogs. They meet the truffle hunter's Italian-speaking family, making conversation a bit difficult, and spend the afternoon cooking pasta and pizza with them. It seems like their connection is strong, but at dinner when Sienne expresses that she has trouble opening up, Arie calls it off.

Arie looks uncomfortable at dinner as he makes his choice between Tia and Bekah. Photo courtesy of Post Grad Problems.

Kendall, Bekah and Tia enjoy a group date at a beautiful estate. When Kendall and Arie go off together, Kendall gushes to him about how excited she is for him to meet her family. Arie then talks to Tia, who decides to bring up the fact that Bekah isn't as serious as the other women because she's only twenty-two and hasn't had that much experience. When she returns, she proceeds to tell Bekah that she was just talking smack to Arie. Bekah bursts into tears. Arie tries to comfort Bekah by kissing her and changing the subject, but he never really addresses the real issue at hand. He gives Kendall a rose and decides to make his final decision between Bekah and Tia at an awkward dinner with both of them. Tia gets the rose and while Bekah walks out very cool and collected, she bursts into tears when she gets in the car.

Scoreboard of Last Week's Correct Predictions:

The Bachelor Week Eight Predictions

Remaining Women
Becca, Kendall, Lauren, Tia

Becca's Picks for Week Eight

Arie has a tough decision to make this week about who he decides to take with him to the fantasy suite. His one-on-one with Becca was reassured me that the two have a solid connection. Despite the fact that he and Lauren still haven't seemed to have a conversation lasting more than five minutes, Arie told Lauren he was falling in love with her, which should be enough to keep her around. Tia has gotten a one-on-one thus far, and Kendall has not. Arie has a stronger relationship with Tia, while his relationship with Kendall is more friendly and not as deep. Kendall and Arie haven't had conversations about the deeper topics, which will ultimately send her home.

Eric's Picks for Week Eight

A classic Bachelor rule is, "he's not gonna keep if you're not deep." This applies to Kendall and will be the reason she is sent home the next episode. She has yet to form a genuine connection with Arie and this will be her downfall. In addition, all of the other candidates have fostered and strengthened their relationships with the Bachelor in recent episodes. I stake my entire reputation as a Bachelor predictor on the line, Kendall is going to be eliminated.

Ellie's Picks for Week Eight

Kendall is behind everyone right now in terms of where her relationship with Arie is. Anything less than the perfect hometown will send her packing, and from what we can glean by watching the Week Eight preview, her sister has some choice words for the Bachelor. Lauren's declaration of love sweeped Arie off his feet last week, and he admitted to falling for Becca on their super cute second one-on-one. Tia and Arie have one of the best connections I've seen and even if she doesn't win, I think she'll outlast the taxidermist.

Emma's Picks for Week Eight

I'm calling Becca K. as the ultimate winner because both her and Arie are really simple and sweet people. Also, Becca doesn't have any possible negative aspects unlike Kendall with her taxidermy, Lauren with her trust issues, and Tia with her attitude. I think that Lauren should head home this upcoming week because she is so lackluster and devoid of any personality.

Sneha's Picks for Week Eight

After the last one-on-one, it seems that Arie and Becca are still going strong. There is no doubt that she will get a rose. Arie is clearly into Lauren considering he had to leave the room with excitement after Lauren told him that she was falling in love with him. While Lauren may seem boring, there's clearly something about her that Arie likes. In the preview for next week's episode, it showed that Arie wasn't freaked out by Kendall's taxidermy, and they actually seemed really happy together. While Kendall hasn't had the same amount of time with Arie compared to the other girls, Kendall has a stronger connection with Arie than Tia does. Also, in last week's episode, Tia stirred up some drama by telling Arie that Bekah M. wasn't ready for marriage. No girl in Bachelor history that created drama has won. Hence, this week will be Tia's time to go.

Noah's Picks for Week Eight

Becca K. and Arie are the cutest option left. They are so in love, even if they haven't said it yet. That date that they had last week was just perfect for both of them. Tia and Arie have had a special connection since the beginning and all Arie has done is make her happy. Tia did get a little fiesty last week, ,when she was on a three-on-one with Bekah M. and Kendall. She spoke poorly about Bekah M. which may cost her in the finale. Lauren B. was the first person that Arie said he was falling in love with. Kendall is just weird and boring. Sure, she's attractive, but she just doesn't compare to the other three left.

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