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Munoz is change in action

By Jenna Bushnell | Jan. 20, 2009, midnight | In Features »

Cecilia Munoz, mother of junior Tina Munoz-Pandya, has been appointed Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Obama administration and as of Tuesday, will be one of the highest-ranking Latina women in government. Munoz believes that this opportunity will help solidify "a place at the table" for the United States' ever-growing Hispanic population, as well as strengthen the relationship between local and national government for all Americans.

SCO's Inauguration survival guide

By Jeremy Gradwohl | Jan. 18, 2009, midnight | In National »

Millions are expected to turn out on Tuesday, Jan. 20, to see President-elect Barack Obama be sworn in. SCO brings you a guide of what to see, where to go and when to get there.


By Katie Sint | Jan. 16, 2009, midnight | In National »

As the election year dragged on, support for Obama was seen plastered all over backpacks, car bumpers and tons of other Blazer swag. Bumper stickers reading, "Got Hope?" summed up the spirit of the Blair population as election day inched closer. On Jan. 20, as millions flock to the National Mall to witness the inauguration, Blazers will be thinking, "yes we did."

Blair to host its own inaugural ball

By Julia Wynn | Jan. 10, 2009, midnight | In Local »

Blair will host its first pre-inauguration ball on Jan. 17 from 8 - 11 p.m. in the Student Activities Center (SAC) to celebrate the election of President-elect Barack Obama. Both Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden have been invited. The event, themed "Yes We Can," is open to all members of the community. Tickets cost $10 and are now on sale in the financial office.

School canceled for Inauguration Day

By Lauren Kestner | Dec. 11, 2008, midnight | In Local »

The Montgomery County Board of Education (BOE) voted unanimously on Tuesday to close county schools on Jan. 20, 2009 for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. The resolution, introduced by board member Christopher Barclay on Nov. 18, designates all future presidential inaugurations official school holidays.

A way to the White House

By Julia Wynn | Dec. 6, 2008, midnight | In News Blog »

Apparently, the going price for witnessing history can reach thousands of dollars a night.

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