Celine Wu

Name: Celine Wu
Position: Staff Writer
Graduation Year: 2023
Hi everyone! My name is Celine, and I am a junior staff writer. I play volleyball for high school and MetroVBC. In my free time, I solve logic puzzles and play with my two fat cats. I also bake cakes for profit; my most popular cake is the crepe cake.

Stories (8)

The Sweet SCOop: Macarons

By Celine Wu | Jan. 23, 2022, 2:21 p.m. | In Blogs »

I hope I didn't macaron choice with these recipes!

The Sweet SCOop: Apple Turnovers

By Celine Wu | Jan. 23, 2022, 2:17 p.m. | In Blogs »

A great turnout to apple turnovers.

The Sweet SCOop Ep. 2: Blazers Turn Up For Apple Turnovers

By Celine Wu Emma Weinstein | Dec. 21, 2021, 4:39 p.m. | In Video »

On the second episode of the Sweet SCOop, Blazers review three different apple turnover recipes. Watch to find out which ones were winners and which ones were flops!

Student athletes don't need more exercise

By Celine Wu | Dec. 14, 2021, 1:33 p.m. | In Opinions »

Student athletes who play school sports shouldn't be required to take P.E. — they need a chance to take another elective.

The Sweet SCOop Ep. 1: Pumpkin Bread Cake Pops

By Celine Wu Emma Weinstein | Nov. 22, 2021, 10:01 a.m. | In Video »

This is the first episode of The Sweet SCOop, SCO's first baking show! In this episode, five Blazers taste test three different types of pumpkin bread cake pops, baked by SCO's own Celine Wu.

The Sweet SCOop: Pumpkin Bread Pops

By Celine Wu | Nov. 22, 2021, 10 a.m. | In Blogs »

Are pumpkin bread cake pops a thing?

Extra cleaning with no reward

By Celine Wu | Nov. 12, 2021, 1:13 p.m. | In Features »

A day in the life of a building service worker

Hispanic Heritage Month brings a fiesta to Blair

By Celine Wu | Oct. 8, 2021, 10:16 a.m.

Blazers learn more about Hispanic and Latinx cultures through fun activities all month long.

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Photo: Students in Voces Unidas

By Celine Wu | Oct. 8, 2021, 10:15 a.m.

Students in Voces Unidas meet during lunch