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A flurry of treats

By Julia Wynn | March 8, 2010, 11:09 a.m. | In Sides »

Snow is a remarkable phenomenon in many ways: it allows sleds and skis to slide easily down hills, it cancels school and it coats the world in a gorgeous layer of pure white delight. But many people over the age of five tend to overlook that snow is also perfectly edible, as long as it's still white.

Making trickin' treats

By Julia Wynn | Oct. 31, 2009, midnight | In Sides »

Soon every child will be visiting houses in various costumes, hunting for candy with shouts of: "Trick or treat!" But there is something eerier than candy that people can offer neighboring children: human body parts - the edible version that is. Getting people to eat these treats is the real trick.

Hummus a tune

By Sophie Schwadron, Kiera Zitelman | April 3, 2008, midnight | In Sides »

There's a reason why hummus rhymes with "YUMmus." Best served as a pita bread dip, this delectable Middle Eastern staple means "chickpeas" in Arabic, after the main ingredient of the dish. Our version is a simplified side dish with an aftertaste that kicks. And cooking skills? What are those? All this recipe asks for is a food processor and an open mind.

Smashing cauliflowers

By Jon Kesten | March 20, 2008, midnight | In Sides »

Although called smashed potatoes, this recipe contains no potatoes at all. In fact, this healthy variation on an American favorite is actually made out of cauliflower. It takes only 20 minutes to make and requires only a food processor and a microwave for a light and steaming side dish. If you have got a sudden party to plan for, or if you just want something hot and fast, smashed potatoes is a fresh relief from mundane dishes.

Take a ride on my "dreamboat"

By Sophie Schwadron, Kiera Zitelman | March 7, 2008, midnight | In Sides »

Elvis lives – in food form. To celebrate the 52nd anniversary of his very first record release on March 13, 1956, follow this recipe inspired by the music sensation's two famously favorite ingredients – peanut butter and bananas. Wise men say only fools rush in, but there's no other way to enjoy this quick and honorary snack.

Mexican bean dip

By Kate Harter | Sept. 24, 2007, midnight | In Sides »

Parties and gatherings can sometimes take turns for the worse, but if you have this Mexican bean dip ready for guests, no one will leave disappointed. Partygoers will gather 'round the snack table just to get a chip full of this great — and easy to make — dip!

Potato and leek soup

By Alexis Egan | May 8, 2007, midnight | In Sides »

Spring may have finally hit the DC area, but it's never too late to enjoy some cold weather food, especially if it's cool out. Potato and leek soup is an easy recipe to follow and even easier to clean up. The soup's smooth and rich texture allows the dish to be served as an appetizer individually or as an entrée with bread and a simple salad. Served with bread or croutons, potato and leek soup is perfect for the rainy days of May.

Great green guacamole

By Will Bucher | Feb. 3, 2007, midnight | In Sides »

Football season is almost over, and those days of Sunday fun are coming to a close. Though this recipe can be used for every occasion, the final celebration of the season can be topped off with a bowl of guacamole.

Scrumptious Sides

By Miriam Ragen | Jan. 3, 2007, midnight | In Sides »

Sometimes even the best meal can be ruined by a few unappealing side dishes; fruit cake is a serial meal spoiler. Luckily, SCO has taken the time to compile some side dishes that will have everyone asking for more this winter.

Spiced Bat Wings

By Erica Turner | Oct. 29, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

The unusual addition of curry to this recipe makes these chicken wings especially delicious. The savory flavor creates a new snack that will leave people wanting more of this Halloween snack.

Texas ranch potato salad

By Simon Kanter | Oct. 11, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

Ever wish your potato salad tasted more like ranch dressing and bacon? Well now it can, with this new recipe for Texas ranch potato salad! This creamy, decadent dish goes perfect with any barbeque or packed lunch. It's fun for the whole family!

Bonanza banana bread!

By Courtney Burtraw | Aug. 6, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

No matter how much you like the fruit, there comes a time in everyone's life when they are faced with a bunch of overly ripe bananas. What better way to impress friends and family than to present them with fresh, homemade banana bread? This moist, sweet recipe is delicious for breakfast, or can be served with fruit for dessert. It's a great way to put to good use bananas that are past their prime, without just throwing them away.

String beans and eggs

By Hokuma Karimova | March 30, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

What do you get when you mix string beans with eggs? The string beans and eggs dish, which is pretty straight forward to cook and will fill you up quickly.

Spinach delight

By Hokuma Karimova | March 30, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

Although not many people enjoy eating spinach, this dish has the power to change minds. Rich with vitamins and minerals, along with other good-for-you ingredients, this plate will make your taste buds tingle. In addition, the fried onions and eggs make the dish much tastier than you ever though it could be.

Greek Chicken Salad

By Bridget Egan | March 16, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

While going to Greece for lunch may be preferable, making this Greek Chicken salad is a savory substitute for a Grecian meal and much easier than going half way around the world. This dish encompasses the taste of Greece and is simple to make, as well as a delicious addition to any meal. People will be impressed when you walk in carrying this fantastic dish instead of bringing your normal potato salad to a dinner party.

Fruit dippin' delicious

By Zoe Norvell | Feb. 17, 2006, midnight | In Sides »

Simple apple slices are boring and bland in today's changing world. Introducing the ranch dip of fruit: Joy's Fruit Dip. This tasty dipping spread for fruit is the perfect addition to any lunch or dinner table for something new. It's sweet but healthy and enjoyable for all ages.

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