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NFL Week Five predictions

By Phillip Allen, Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin | Oct. 7, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

For Redskins fans, this week is big. Real big. The difference between 3-2 and 2-3 could mean the difference between playoff contention and a season destined for Jason Campbell's development. Plus, the 'Skins travel to New York to face the Giants, who you may recall have a certain flashy linebacker by the name of Arrington who would love to lay out some Washington players. As for the rest of the NFL, the Bears may have established themselves as the league's top team and T.O. returns to Philadelphia. So pour yourself a cold drink, grab the chips and dip and plop down for a Sunday of zoning out on football.

Breaking Federer and Nadal

By Nitin Sukumar | Oct. 4, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

With Andre Agassi's final, tearful bow to the crowds at the 2006 U.S. Open, his retirement has raised questions about the future of USA tennis. The days of tennis greats Agassi, Pete Sampras, Jim Courier and Michael Chang are gone. The women's side has been long dead, dominated by a score of Russian athletes. With Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal dominating the Grand Slams, the US needs its players to step up. With aggressive serves, approaches and backcourt games, Andy Roddick and James Blake may be the only Americans who are future Open contenders. Federer knocked both of them out of the U.S. Open. Here's a quick look on the strengths US players need to use, and the weaknesses they need to suppress.

NFL Week Four predictions

By Phillip Allen, Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin | Oct. 1, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Mark Brunell will face his old team Jacksonville this week when the Jags invade FedEx Field for a big matchup with the Redskins, Seattle and Chicago square off Sunday night for the right to be called #1 in the NFC and the Chargers face the Ravens for a defensive battle that will leave one team undefeated and the other with an L on their record. In short, this Sunday's slew of NFL games is a big one. It's time for teams to separate from the pack, and as for our standings so far, well, Pia has done most of the separating. She still hasn't gone over the 10-loss mark yet…jeez, Josh, Phil and I need to step our game up.

The call of the wild card

By Andrew Kung | Sept. 25, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

October is just around the corner, and the playoff races in Major League Baseball are sizzling hot. Here's a quick team-by-team preview of the franchises hoping to be headed for the postseason:

NFL Week Three predictions

By Pia Nargundkar, Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin | Sept. 24, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Strange things are afoot in the NFL. From an OT comeback to an embarrassment in Dallas to the lowest-scoring Monday Night Football game in history, football has gotten weird again, and we wouldn't have it any other way. And as for our panel of so-called "experts," Pia still leads the way, proving once again that excluding Phil, everyone with a name that starts with the letter "P" is extremely smart (as in "Pratik").

NFL Week Two predictions

By Phillip Allen, Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin | Sept. 16, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Okay, so the Redskins dropped a tough game to the Vikings on Monday night. Boo-hoo. Buck up and get ready for week two, the weekend that solidifies our opinions on teams that looked great or terrible in week one. More importantly, if you're still looking to win that friendly wager with a buddy or you just want to check out how bad our crew of "experts" is doing this week, we've got you covered. And by the way, don't sleep on Pia, the leader out of the gates.

The greatest show on paper, but not turf

By Andrew Kung | Sept. 14, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

If championships were awarded for off-season speculation, the Washington Redskins would have already won the Lombardi trophy. Sadly, what happens between the months of February and September has once more proved to be meaningless, as the revamped Redskins fell to the Minnesota Vikings 19-16 on Monday Night Football.

NFL Week One predictions

By Pia Nargundkar, Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin | Sept. 8, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Are you ready for some football? SCO definitely is. With Pratik gone to who-knows-which-super-smart-college, we bring back two experts in Abe Schwadron and myself, Josh Zipin to analyze all the games on Sundays. I take pride in introducing to you our newest recruit, Pia Nargundkar"don't hate, she knows her stuff. We also bring back one lesser talent in the form of Phillip Allen (sorry, Phil). This season we will do our best to predict the Redskins all the way to the Super Bowl, and along the way hopefully win some bragging rights. I sit on the throne as last season's pick 'em champion, and I'll be there until one of these so-called "experts" knocks me off. Here are our passionate picks for the first week of NFL games.

2006 NFL Preview

By Pia Nargundkar, Phillip Allen, Abe Schwadron | Sept. 7, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Breathe. The months of waiting for pro football to return are over. Lord football is back and ready to reign once again. Whether you need to check up on your favorite team, analyze this year's Super Bowl contenders or just want to do a little light reading before the NFL kicks off later tonight, SCO's staff of NFL experts is here for you.

Skins' Preview '06-'07

By Elsi Wu | Aug. 23, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Look alive football junkies! Dust off your foam fingers and throw your jerseys on, because the kickoff of the NFL season is approaching faster than a yellow penalty flag in the old, sloppy Spurrier-coached Skins days.

World Cup Pre-Tourny Report

By Ethan Kuhnhenn Josh Zipin | June 8, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

On Friday, the United States Men's soccer team will make its seventh appearance in the World Cup in 70 years. Riding the wave of last World Cup's success, in which the United States outplayed a heavily favored Portuguese team, defeated their continental rivals Mexico in the second round and finally succumbed to the Germans in the quarterfinals, the US hopes to capitalize on a productive off-season and continue their World Cup run. As fate would have it, the United States was drawn into group E, one of the more competitive groupings in the tournament. Comprised of three-time champions Italy, a Czech team ranked second in the world and the dangerous Ghanaian national team, Group E will offer plenty of problems for the US squad.

NBA Finals '06 Preview

By Abe Schwadron Josh Zipin | June 6, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

The NBA is officially in uncharted territory. Neither the Dallas Mavericks nor the Miami Heat have ever made it to the NBA Finals in their franchise histories. With Shaq now as a backseat driver to the Heat's Championship bus, Miami looks to its young phenom, Dwyane Wade (a.k.a. "Flash") to propel the team to their first title. On the other side of the court lies Dirk Nowitzki, a reformed player who now attacks the basket instead of hoisting European-style jump shots. With rookie teams in the finals, but NBA veterans facing off on the biggeset stage of them all, SCO breaks down what should be a hard-fought series.

Major League Baseball heats up

By Abe Schwadron Josh Zipin | May 17, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

America's Pastime is back. With the first month of April out of the way, things are starting to get interesting in the baseball world. In the first month of the 2006 season, Barry Bonds had a syringe thrown at him, Chris Shelton and Jonathan Papelbon arose out of anonymity to become household names and Albert Pujols dominated (again). With the month of May still in its early stages, Silver Chips Online breaks down a couple of the most intriguing plot lines developing around the league.

2006 NFL Draft Preview

By Abe Schwadron Josh Zipin | April 28, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

The NFL Draft. Some call it a crapshoot. Others call it a science. However you look at it, the draft signifies the official return of football season. While you can likely pencil in Reggie Bush as the number one pick, the remainder of the first round is as unpredictable as Chad Johnson's new touchdown dances. So in honor of the re-entering of the glorious game of football into the lives of sports fans once again, SCO's primary sports experts channel Mel Kiper, Jr. to predict and break down the NFL Draft. Read on…

NBA Playoff Preview

By Phillip Allen, Ethan Kuhnhenn, Josh Zipin | April 24, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

The playoffs are once again upon us, the culmination of six months of games, controversies, trades and record-breaking feats. This year's ensemble of playoff teams includes some familiar faces as well as some names that we haven't seen in a while (Clippers? Bucks?). Expect exciting play from the league's best players, a few surprises and plenty of highlights.

A throwback wishlist

By Josh Zipin | March 26, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Although less popular than they once were, throwback jerseys remain a staple of popular culture. More than just a fashion statement, a retro jersey represents respect for an athlete and respect for greatness. The famed company Mitchell and Ness produced their first throwbacks by hand, but the jerseys were popularized by rap artists such as Outkast and Fabolous. But not all throwbacks are equal. Some catch the eye with their uniqueness or rarity. With this in mind, Silver Chips Online offers a few friendly suggestions for throwbacks to our friends at Mitchell and Ness.

Kicksology 101: The basketball classics

By Abe Schwadron Josh Zipin | March 3, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

A basketball shoe is more than stitched cloth, rubber and paint. Not only does a sneaker have a sole; a sneaker has a soul. The feel, the design and the vibe emanating from a shoe can inspire players to do their best on the court. Players' shoes can speak volumes about their game, their personality and their mood. To the sneakerhead or the avid shoe-wearer, a person's footwear gives insight into their life. Any retro design can be worn to school, but not every shoe deserves to grace the hardwood. So with the basketball shoe industry adding more and more features to the latest styles of baller-approved sneakers, we present a synopsis of the basketball kicks that we'd like to see make a return to the court.

A one-night highlight reel

By Abe Schwadron Josh Zipin | Feb. 17, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Basketball fans will focus their attention on Houston during the All-Star Break is not just because some of the best players in all of the NBA will appear in the featured game. Yes, technically the NBA stops to focus on showcasing its best players and hype the All-Star Game nearly to death, but the real showcase takes place the night before the game during the skills competitions. Last year's competitions produced quite a few memorable moments. So in honor of dunkers, shooters and dribblers of past, present and future, SCO offers a guide to the most exciting part of the NBA weekend — All-Star Saturday night.

Top ten terrible teammates

By Phillip Allen Josh Zipin | Feb. 16, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

In light of the recent turmoil stirred up by Ron Artest about his trade to the Sacramento Kings along with athletes like Bode Miller and his Olympic antics, Silver Chips Online takes this opportunity to explore the professional athletes no one wants in their locker room.

NBA midseason update

By Ethan Kuhnhenn Abe Schwadron | Feb. 11, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

With the NBA closing in on its All-Star Weekend, the Detroit Pistons have yet to lose 10 games, the Dallas Mavericks have found their defense and the tragedy-plagued New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets are among the NBA's playoff-hungry teams. Ron Artest, Ricky Davis, Wally Szczerbiak and Peja Stojakovic are sporting new colors, while LeBron and his Cavaliers look poised to make a playoff run. So with so much to look forward to in the season's second half, we present our midseason analysis of the glorious game of basketball, composed by our sharpest NBA experts.

Trades shake up NBA landscape

By Abe Schwadron | Feb. 2, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

When Wally Szczerbiak and Ron Artest met on the court Friday night, they were not in Minnesota, nor in Indiana, where until last week the two had been for seven and five years respectively. Instead, the pair met in Boston, where Szczerbiak's new team, the Celtics, hosted Artest's new squad, the Sacramento Kings. Artest and Szczerbiak found new homes last week via trades that could have a significant impact on the second half of the NBA season.

Do you hail to the Redskins?

By Abe Schwadron Josh Zipin | Jan. 6, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

With the Washington Redskins in the NFL Playoffs for the first time since 1999, local football fans have something to celebrate. To those casual fans who like to share the excitement and learn the game, this means a weekend of social stimulation. But to those supporters who take their fandom seriously, Saturday's matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers means ecstasy or depression, love or hate, life or death. All this banter begs the question, what kind of Redskins fan are you? This short quiz will determine exactly where you lie on the spectrum on Washington football fanatics.

Redskins victory secures playoff berth

By Alex Hyder | Jan. 2, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

No one would have thought it at the end of last season, when Joe Gibbs, fresh from retirement, led the redskins to a disappointing 6-10 finish. No one would have thought it at halftime of game two, when the Skins were scoreless against their Dallas Cowboy rivals. Yet when Sean Taylor returned a fumble 39 yards for a touchdown to secure a victory against the Philadelphia Eagles in the waning minutes of Sunday's must-win game, it became apparent to all: the Washington Redskins were playoff-bound for the first time since 1999.

The Reggie Bush Sweepstakes

By Abe Schwadron | Dec. 22, 2005, midnight | In Professional »

While much of the attention in the last two weeks of the NFL season will be devoted to the wild-card chase, the playoff push and the march to the Super Bowl, football's weakest teams will be focused on something much more important—a player so dynamic his name triggers highlights of ankle-breaking moves and breath-taking speed: Reggie Bush.

NFL midseason report

By Abe Schwadron Josh Zipin | Nov. 11, 2005, midnight | In Professional »

Midway through the 2005 NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings have been the center of a sex scandal, the Indianapolis Colts remain undefeated, and the NFC East is perhaps the strongest division in football. So with our coverage of the NFL sitting on the 50-yard line, we present our midseason power rankings, awards, biggest stories and second-half predictions for an historic year in football.

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