Elsi Wu

Name: Elsi Wu
Position: Online Sports Editor
Graduation Year: 2008
Elsi Wu is really a middle-aged, obese Italian man. A perky CAP junior who lives for ESPN, Superbowl Sunday, Poms, and food, she watches Friends and Oprah RELIGIOUSLY along with any Redskins/Maryland games (you know, normal activities for the average obese Italian man). Instead of working during class, she naps, plays Text Twist, and listens to country music. Elsi tends to have very tragic experiences involving dead animals and would rather not relive them.

Stories (32)

Sumptuous smoothies in ten minutes or less

By Elsi Wu | May 28, 2008, midnight | In Drinks »

After a long day of classes, tests, and walking home in the soon-to-be blazing heat, nothing quenches your thirst for hydration and flavor better than a simple smoothie. Though vendors may make them out to be complicated mixtures requiring exotic fruits and exact measurements, you can make a satisfying smoothie with fresh, canned or frozen fruits you can easily find at home. Save yourself the buyer's remorse with one of these quick and easy smoothie recipes, and once you get the hang of it, feel free to get creative!

Softball stages comeback on senior night

By Elsi Wu | May 2, 2008, midnight | In Blair »

After being down 5-0 at the end of the third inning, the varsity softball team found its rhythm to come from behind and defeat the Northwest Jaguars 8-5 on Blair's senior night.

From the streets to the polls

By Elsi Wu | Feb. 13, 2008, midnight | In Features »

Traversing the slippery sidewalks of Takoma Park Tuesday morning, senior Breton Sheridan tiptoes up a treacherous front walk that is quickly developing a sheer coat of ice to deliver a simple, friendly message: "vote."

The end of an era (again)

By Elsi Wu | Jan. 10, 2008, midnight | In Professional »

And so it begins. After Joe Gibbs, Redskins head coach and president of football operations announced his retirement Tuesday morning citing family reasons and the stressful toll that Sean Taylor's death has had on him, the same question flickered across everyone's mind. "Who's next?"

NFL - wild card previews

By Andrew Kung, Nitin Sukumar, Elsi Wu | Jan. 5, 2008, midnight | In Professional »

After a grueling 17 week season, the NFL playoffs are finally upon us. And rejoice, our Washington Redskins are indeed in them! Wild card weekend is always one for surprises, and the four intriguing matchups on tap will have their share. Can the Redskins pull off the upset in the Emerald City? Our experts have their say.

Year in Review

By Bryan Huang, Elsi Wu | Jan. 1, 2008, midnight | In Features »

With the minutes ticking down in 2007, SCO takes you through the unforgettable stories that made the year. From Blair's changing of the guard to Hillary's presidential run to the New England Patriots' crack at NFL history, take a walk down memory lane with SCO's collection of Blair-related, national, local, entertainment and sports stories posted this year.

A crack at history: perfection is fleeting in the NFL

By Kevin Teng, Andrew Kung, Elsi Wu | Dec. 22, 2007, midnight | In Humor »

The New England Patriots have looked all but invincible in 2007, sitting pretty at 14-0 with just two games away from the perfect season. Led by golden-boy Tom Brady, who juggles NFL record books and supermodel baby mamas with uncanny grace, this modern-day juggernaut is destined for greatness. But in their pursuit of history, there is one unlikely obstacle: the 1-13 Miami Dolphins.

Blair pins B-CC in season opener

By Elsi Wu | Dec. 13, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

NELSON H. KOBREN MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM, Dec. 12 – Blair's wrestling team came from behind to narrowly defeat the B-CC Barons in their season opener tonight, 43-34.

Blair one of five schools targeted in bomb threat

By Nitin Sukumar, Elsi Wu | Dec. 4, 2007, midnight | In Local »

Five Montgomery County high schools – Blair, Northwood, Einstein, Wheaton and Kennedy – were targets of a bomb threat reported this morning at 6:50 a.m.

Sean Taylor passes away in Miami hospital

By Elsi Wu | Nov. 27, 2007, midnight | In Professional »

Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor passed away early this morning from a severe gunshot wound incurred during a home invasion on Monday morning.

Brad Paisley's "Bonfires and Amplifiers" tour lights up Virginia

By Kate Harter, Elsi Wu | Oct. 10, 2007, midnight | In Music »

The area's country buffs found it "a good night/to be out there soakin' up the moonlight," on Saturday when Brad Paisley and his entourage hit the Nissan Pavilion stage for a sold-out show of more than 20,000 fans. On the road for his latest album "5th Gear," Paisley serenaded fans with a mix of his latest chart-toppers and celebrated classics.

Fall sports pep rally to be held Friday

By Elsi Wu | Sept. 6, 2007, midnight | In Local »

A short fall sports pep rally will be held Friday during sixth period in the stadium. Organized by media center specialist Susan Madden and attendance secretary Roxanne Fus, the pep rally aims to boost students' spirit and pride in their school.

2007 NFL Preview

By Andrew Kung, Nitin Sukumar, Elsi Wu | Sept. 4, 2007, midnight | In Professional »

Ah, September. The falling leaves and falling thermostat, the gradual transition back to the hallowed halls of Blair, and most importantly, the start of football season. Hope springs eternal in the NFL as all 32 teams stand undefeated. Savor it while it lasts, 'Skins fans. As always, SCO offers our predictions and insight, so that we can be ridiculed to no end come February. What time is it? It's game time!

Baseball shutout by Sherwood on senior night

By Elsi Wu | May 9, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

The Blazers fell scoreless in front of a home crowd for the second time this season after being overpowered by the undefeated Sherwood Warriors's explosive offense 9-0 on Thursday night.

Baseball shutout by defending division champs Wootton

By Elsi Wu | April 23, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

After a blowout five-inning home game last week against division newbie Northwood, the Blazers got a taste of their own bitter medicine Thursday night against defending division champions Wootton, ending up on the losing end of a 9-0 shutout.

Baseball outgunned by Poolesville in scoring shootout

By Elsi Wu | March 29, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

In an offensive explosion, the Blazers' nine run total matched the combined scores of the team's three previous games. But, lack of a similar response on the defensive end cost the Blazer's another game, 19-9 to the Poolesville Falcons.

Ain't no walk in the dogpark

By Elsi Wu | March 28, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

The Bulldogs sprung out of the gates, biting at the chomp of a Blazer squad crippled by injuries and back-to-back losses. All the Blazers could do was watch and hope that another foul turn would not decimate the team past the brittle skeleton that remains.

Bengals wipe up baseball's sloppy mistakes

By Elsi Wu | March 24, 2007, midnight | In Blair »

What was supposed to be a triumphant home and season opening victory for the Blazers and senior starting pitcher Matt Ludington became a demoralizing, lackluster showing, leaving the Blazers with even more bumps and bruises than they had started with.

"West Coast Winter Tour" paints D.C. dark blue

By Julia Mazerov, Elsi Wu | March 6, 2007, midnight | In Music »

The comeback kid of the alternative music scene, Andrew McMahon (formerly of Something Corporate), is striking out on his own. Releasing a solo album under the stage name Jack's Mannequin, McMahon's self-invented genre of "piano rock" is captivating audiences and selling out venues nationwide with the rocker's latest "West Coast Winter Tour." McMahon tore it up at the 9:30 Club in a two-night stint on Feb. 25 and 26, making it plain that while he may be sans Something Corporate, he sure isn't lacking in talent.

Synthetic turf to be installed in Blazer Stadium

By Elsi Wu | Jan. 30, 2007, midnight | In Local »

The Montgomery County Department of Parks and Planning (M-NCPPC) is currently in the preliminary stages of a project to install synthetic turf on the Blazer Stadium field.

SGR launches Darfur call-in campaign during lunch

By Julia Mazerov, Elsi Wu | Dec. 15, 2006, midnight | In Local »

Students for Global Responsibility's (SGR) campaign to promote awareness on the genocide in Darfur continued today with a call-in session on Blair Boulevard across from the guidance office during 5A and 5B lunches.

Blair claims Spirit Award for second consecutive year

By Elsi Wu | Dec. 10, 2006, midnight | In Local »

Blair's varsity cheerleading squad won the Spirit Award and placed fourth in the Division II MCPS cheerleading championship held at Blair yesterday afternoon, Dec. 9.

Urban's "love," "pain" and "crazy things"

By Elsi Wu | Dec. 8, 2006, midnight | In Music »

The reigning king of country, Keith Urban, is decidedly defending his throne with the release of his highly anticipated fifth album, "Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy Thing." Featuring Urban's Australian-bred style of classic country heavily infused with rock 'n roll sounds and smooth vocals, the album has rocketed straight to the top of Billboard country charts. His most successful album to date, "Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy Thing" is a strong compilation that represents Urban's originality as well as his down-home country flavor.

Maryland finishes season with bowl bid

By Elsi Wu | Dec. 8, 2006, midnight | In College »

After hopes of an ACC title were dashed by a final regular season loss to Wake Forest, Maryland advances to the post-season and the Champs Sports Bowl against Purdue in Orlando on Dec. 29.

Two fire alarms disrupt school day

By Elsi Wu | Nov. 20, 2006, midnight | In Local »

Fire alarms sounded at 7:48 a.m. and 10:35 a.m. this morning, prompting two school-wide evacuations.

"Flushed Away" stays clean on screen

By Elsi Wu | Nov. 7, 2006, midnight | In Movies »

A new brand of toilet humor, "Flushed Away" is one of few animated films that breaches the gap between funny and sophisticated humor. From the creators of "Wallace & Gromit," this British creation brings inventiveness to a season of animated films that has so far been less than comically satisfying. With a host of stars to breathe life into the film's dazzling animations, "Flushed Away" is a surprising hit for casual weekend movie-goers.

For believers only

By Elsi Wu | Oct. 30, 2006, midnight | In Features »

One of the ongoing perks of living just outside the nation's capital is being constantly surrounded by a range of historical landmarks. But, in the spirit of Halloween and all things ghoulish and ghastly, "historical" has become synonymous with "haunted." Although hard to distinguish amid the modern roads and power lines today, old communities such a Rockville, Sandy Spring and Silver Spring boast some of the most dated and most notoriously haunted places in the area. According to Shannon O'Rourke of the Montgomery County Historical Society, "everything around here's supposed to be haunted."

"Continuum" cries foul at games of politics, love

By Elsi Wu | Sept. 28, 2006, midnight | In Music »

Clean-shaven yet adorably shaggy, John Mayer's puppy-eyed look has played perfectly into the bluesy, romantic crooner he'd always been. Until now.

"The Last Kiss" is a can't-miss

By Elsi Wu | Sept. 21, 2006, midnight | In Movies »

Almost everyone has been in loveâ€"and fallen out of it. It just all depends on how hard one falls. Surprisingly, there are more ways of hitting rock bottom than most have imaginedâ€"infidelity, neglect, strifeâ€"and that's just after age 30. In this major motion picture just oozing with indie vibes, love is about more than just feelings.

Gary and the "gang" rock out Nissan Pavilion

By Elsi Wu | Sept. 13, 2006, midnight | In Music »

You know you're at a country concert when cowboy boots, hats, and Daisy Duke's are just staples of the regular attire. Armed with burgers, beers, and big voices, all of the area's hillbillies were out in full force in Bristow, VA to celebrate the reigning group in country, Rascal Flatts.

Blair welcomes parents at Back-to-School Night

By Elsi Wu | Sept. 7, 2006, midnight | In Local »

Blair's annual Back-to-School Night was held today from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Parents and students attended the event that focused on improving communication between the school and home.

Skins' Preview '06-'07

By Elsi Wu | Aug. 23, 2006, midnight | In Professional »

Look alive football junkies! Dust off your foam fingers and throw your jerseys on, because the kickoff of the NFL season is approaching faster than a yellow penalty flag in the old, sloppy Spurrier-coached Skins days.

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Photo: smoothies

By Elsi Wu | May 28, 2008, midnight | In ‎Latest »

Use fresh, frozen or canned fruit to blend up a healthy treat that's perfect for summer.

Photo: Louis Varella

By Elsi Wu | Jan. 9, 2007, midnight | In ‎Latest »

Photo: The Beall-Dawson House

By Elsi Wu | Oct. 30, 2006, midnight | In ‎Latest »

The Beall-Dawson House.

Photo: Chestnut Lodge - Rockville

By Elsi Wu | Oct. 30, 2006, midnight | In ‎Latest »

The Chestnut Lodge.

Photo: National Park Seminary

By Elsi Wu | Oct. 30, 2006, midnight | In ‎Latest »

The National Park Seminary.