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Name: Dennis Chae
Position: Staff Writer
Graduation Year: 2011
Whhaazzaaa, I'm Dennis Chae. I love my Baltimore Ravens and shoes. In fact, I collect sneakers and am always looking for a new pair of Nikes. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is probably going to be the greatest thing ever in a year or so. I like cotton candy ice cream. I don't like cotton candy. Oh, and my two favorite TV shows are "Entourage" and "Friday Night Lights."

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NFL - Championship playoff predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Jan. 24, 2010, 8:57 a.m. | In Professional »

This week promises some of the best match-ups we've seen all season. We've trimmed the fat and weeded out the weaker teams; all that's left is unadulterated gridiron action. Through injuries, sideline drama and doubt, these four teams have worked hard for the chance to battle it out for a spot in the first Super Bowl of the new decade.

NFL - Divisional playoff predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Jan. 16, 2010, 10:49 a.m. | In Professional »

The division playoffs bring us another week closer to the Super Bowl. The match-ups are more intense than ever and teams' momentum and consistency come into play.

NFL - Wildcard predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Jan. 8, 2010, 10:51 p.m. | In Professional »

The best teams in the NFL kick off 2010 January football with intense match-ups that read revenge and intensity all over. Last week, Blazers might have snagged a glimpse of how the Jets, Bengals, Eagles and Cowboys will fair on the field this week. But some of our weekend match-up teams deceived us.

NFL - Week 16 predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Dec. 26, 2009, 9:50 p.m. | In Professional »

It's time again to tune in for a couple days of of hard-nosed gridiron action. These last two weeks will determine the final playoff picture and yield some intense performances unseen in previous weeks. Games like Houston v. Miami, Baltimore v. Pittsburgh and Denver v. Philadelphia represent what is at stake.

NFL - Week 15 predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Dec. 18, 2009, 2:49 p.m. | In Professional »

With only three weeks left in the season, football fans learned of Chris Henry's untimely death on Thursday. The Bengals franchise will have to work through this tragedy and adapt to Henry's absence, a loss that will definitely affect them as we near the end of the season and begin the playoffs.

NFL - Week 14 predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Dec. 11, 2009, 3:02 p.m. | In Professional »

Week 14 is when the playoff talk begins in earnest. With a ticket to January football on the line, teams will be pulling out all the stops this week (lucky for us). Some teams are already out of playoff contention, but others are ready to give their all for a spot. We've got some truly heavy-hitting games this week.

NFL - Week 13 predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Dec. 4, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

We've finally made it to December. Though most games will be played on Sunday the sixth, they might as well be played on Friday the 13th. That's right, sports fans, Week 13 spells bad news for some teams.

NFL - Week 12 predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Nov. 26, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

Week 12 of the NFL regular season makes fans across the nation reflect on what they're so thankful for. An undefeated season? A shred of a chance for the playoffs? But maybe fans are just thankful for this national holiday, when they can sit down with friends and family and enjoy three games of football right after dinner.

NFL - Week 11 predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Nov. 22, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

This week some interesting games are coming out of the AFC. We've got Houston vs. Tennessee, Buffalo vs. Jacksonville and New England vs. the Jets. All eyes are going to be on the match-up between Randy Moss of the Patriots and Darrelle Revis of the Jets, which will be a battle between one of the best receivers and one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

NFL - Week 10 predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Nov. 12, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

This is a week of hardcore rivalries, which is why you hardcore football fans tune in every Sunday. This is real, pride-filled, friendship-breaking, enemy-making gridiron action.

Media in motion

By Dennis Chae | Nov. 9, 2009, midnight | In Features »

He hoists the video camera in a steady hand, its lens as his only source of vision, as he maneuvers his way through Blair's hallways like a hunter scoping out his prey. He comes to a halt as he approaches a classroom door and closely observes its doorknob, the focus of his lens.

NFL - Week nine predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Nov. 8, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

We're coming up on the ninth week of the season, and the games are still as exciting as they were when the season started. Now more than ever, a retrospective on the first half of the season is in order. Let's take some time to remember the first eight weeks of 2009.

NFL - Week eight predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Oct. 31, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

We've got quite a lineup of games in NFL Week Eight. The Colts play the 49ers, the undefeated Denver takes on the Ravens at home and the Dolphins swim against the tide of the division rival Jets.

Blair construction projects completed

By Dennis Chae | Oct. 25, 2009, midnight | In Local »

A Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)-commissioned contractor completed the addition of two sets of stairways along the hills behind Blair and a handicap ramp adjacent to the baseball field this week to enhance campus safety conditions and improve access to the baseball field.

NFL - Week seven predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Oct. 24, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

The picks are getting harder and harder to select each week, as we seem to be heading into unknown territory. Winless teams like the Chiefs are getting their first victories, and undefeated teams like the Giants are receiving their first losses. But where does "the unexpected" put us? To be honest, we're really not sure.

NFL - Week six predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Oct. 17, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

The sixth week of the NFL is here, and it looks to be a fantastic week for football. Great match-ups and rivalry games are sprinkled here and there: the New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints game, the Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons game and the Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals game are among the top.

NFL - week five predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Oct. 10, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

Only five teams remain undefeated after the first five weeks of the 2009 NFL season. From the National Football Conference (NFC), the Vikings, Giants and Saints haven't dropped a game yet. From the American Football Conference (AFC), Denver and Indianapolis stand alone.

Fantastical football frenzy

By Dennis Chae | Oct. 9, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

In a country where gridiron greatness reigns in the sports market, fantasy football gives its users an outlet to live their pigskin fantasies.

"Blueprint" for success

By Dennis Chae | Oct. 6, 2009, midnight | In Music »

Jay-Z has been in the rap game for a very long time and has been through it all - a heated feud with rapper Nas, a promotion to Chief Executive Officer of Def Jam Recordings, retirement and a comeback. Through it all, he's been able to consistently produce chart-topping albums including his 11th studio album, "Blueprint 3."

NFL - Week four predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Oct. 3, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

As the upsets in week three slowly move to the back of our minds (well, maybe not all of the upsets), NFL week four promises to be thrilling.

Freshmen election results announced

By Dennis Chae | Oct. 2, 2009, midnight | In Local »

Freshmen Irene Ravitz and Jason Ma were voted president and vice president respectively for the class of 2013 following elections held last week during U.S. History classes. Election coordinators tallied the results, announced Friday, using a computer-based voting system in the auditorium.

A field of dreams

By Dennis Chae | Sept. 28, 2009, midnight | In Features »

Blazers clad in their red football uniforms stand gazing from behind the white line, anticipating their offense's last play against the Magruder Colonels before the end of the half.

NFL - Week three predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Sept. 26, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

Uncertainty is rampant in NFL week three. First of all, the NFL was full of drama last week with unbelievable upsets that marred SCO staffer records. Teams like the Houston Texans, New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals proved to be formidable opponents for princes of pigskin like Tom Brady, and reminded football fans everywhere of that old saying "any given Sunday…"

NFL - Week two predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Sept. 18, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

Opening week has ended and week two of NFL football is right around the corner. We got a taste of what's to come this season, but we've only touched the surface. Much of the week played out as many had expected: Adrian Peterson once again tops the league with 180 rushing yards, Peyton Manning connected with Reggie Wayne for 162 receiving yards and ol' Tom Brady threw for 378 yards.

NFL - Week one predictions

By Dennis Chae, Ava Wallace, Rose Wynn | Sept. 12, 2009, midnight | In Professional »

As September arrives, millions of Americans across the nation share a common interest: football. With fall comes the much anticipated beginning of the NFL season - a time when fans everywhere rejoice and saturate their lives with goodness otherwise known as America's most popular sport.

"The Rise of Cobra" rises above the rest

By Dennis Chae | Aug. 12, 2009, midnight | In Entertainment »

Some would say that G.I. Joe epitomizes the epic fantasies of every American boy growing up in the 80s and early 90s. Dynamic characters such as the heroic Duke and the skillful Snake Eyes engaged the nation's youth with American values and non-stop action.

Blair alumnus wins gold in international science competition

By Dennis Chae | Aug. 2, 2009, midnight | In Local »

In his second year of participating in the competition, Blair alumnus Jonathan Gootenberg earned another gold medal in the 20th annual International Biology Olympiad (IBO), which took place in Tsukuba, Japan from July 12 - 19.