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Two singers are better than one

By Ava Wallace | Feb. 7, 2010, 9:05 p.m. | In Lifestyle Blog »

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards gave viewers fashion, fame and talent in a three-and-a-half hour broadcast last week. From country to rock to hip-hop, the Grammys delivered music's biggest stars, and those stars aligned in stellar collaborative performances.

The in thing is to be out

By Julia Wynn | Jan. 19, 2010, 7:33 a.m. | In Lifestyle Blog »

Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey have abandoned their talk shows. Miley Cyrus has declared her alter ego Hannah Montana to be destined for extinction. Simon Cowell has announced he's leaving "American Idol." Next thing we know Jay Leno will be off primetime - oh wait, he is.

The mischievous noughties

By Mandy Xu | Dec. 31, 2009, 10:30 p.m. | In Lifestyle Blog »

To say the least, the noughties, another term for the 2000s, have been an interesting decade, but they didn't turn out to be the happiest in history. The nation recently went through the worst economic depression since the 1930s, a frightening terrorist attack in 2001, two wars and a devastating natural disaster.

Shattering standards

By Fran Djoukeng | Dec. 14, 2009, 9:23 a.m. | In Lifestyle Blog »

Susan Boyle has come a long way, establishing herself as the breakout star of the year with the release of her new album "I Dreamed A Dream." Boyle's record has sold three million copies globally, according to Columbia Records.

A welcome kiss for Disney

By Mandy Xu | Dec. 10, 2009, 9:44 a.m. | In Lifestyle Blog »

Over 70 years ago, "Snow White" broke the boundaries of film. Not only was it the first full-length color feature in motion picture history, but it also created a magical legacy that would capture hearts around the world.

BangaLore #29: Behind the silver screen

By Sonalee Rau | Nov. 19, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

Each of the fifty American states has a state bird, a state flower, a state motto…now, what about a state film industry?

A modern phenomenon

By Ava Wallace | Nov. 17, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

The main feature on, the website of a popular video game developer, is a movie-like video depicting the horrors and aw-inspiring images of war.

Coating the holidays with warmth

By Fran Djoukeng | Nov. 15, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

This time of the year not only serves as a cause of celebration, but also is a season to help our neighbors and those in need around our communities.

Vampires need to bite the dust

By Blake Morgan-Gamber | Nov. 5, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

They're everywhere. Ever since the "Twilight" book series was reformatted for the big screen, unnecessary TV shows about vampires have surfaced, ripping off the series' success.

Infamous Vick cashes in on new show

By Mandy Xu | Nov. 3, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

What do mothers with eight children, bachelors and young fashionistas have in common? They are all a part of the reality show cult, allowing cameras into their private lives.

Child's play

By Ava Wallace | Oct. 30, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

With his movie "Where the Wild Things Are," director Spike Jonze has discovered how to create instant box office hits. Start with a beloved children's book and add some Hollywood magic. "Where the Wild Things Are" stormed the box office, becoming the number one movie in the nation.

BangaLore #28: Call it crazy

By Sonalee Rau | Sept. 29, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

In a country where thousands have no food to eat and no roof over their heads, let alone electricity, it appears that there is one good which all consumers must possess regardless of their income bracket. Even the housemaids and the homeless have it. They call it, simply, the "mobile."

BangaLore #27: Live and learn

By Sonalee Rau | Sept. 13, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

Remember Career Day in elementary school? We were told that we could each be whatever we wanted to be when we grew up, from an ice-cream vendor to the president of our nation.

BangaLore #26: Professing our appreciation

By Sonalee Rau | Sept. 7, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

On Friday, countless Indian Ph.D. students took time away from their classes, jobs and paid internships to applaud their professors and cut a cake for them.

BangaLore #25: If swine could fly

By Sonalee Rau | Sept. 4, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

It started when we arrived at Bengaluru International Airport and stumbled into the customs line at 4 a.m.

Everything's louder in China

By Mandy Xu | Aug. 24, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

My summer this year was not spent at the beach or the pool. Instead, I lived the realities of the Chinese countryside and grew to appreciate a way of life so different from the hustle and bustle that characterizes Americans' day-to-day routines.

BangaLore #24: See you (mon)soon

By Sonalee Rau | June 17, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

Dear Monsoon, It's over? So soon? I've been in India for a year, and I've thought about what to write in this blog for many months now. But how can one fit the salient features of a year-long experience into 300 words, when the lack of suitable clichés is the only cliché suited to a country like this?

BangaLore #23: All that glitters is gold

By Sonalee Rau | June 4, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

Every country has its own, sometimes unrealistic, perceptions about what it is to be beautiful. India is no exception. In Bangalore, there is a long unwritten list of requirements for "beauty" – and it pushes people to their limits.

America's loss

By Sophia Deng | May 25, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

When 23-year-old Kris Allen was named the eighth American Idol Wednesday night over 27-year-old Adam Lambert, my jaw dropped to the ground. Stepping closer to the TV in disbelief, I gripped the black box, waiting for Ryan Seacrest to yell "April Fools!"

A call for spirit

By Katie Sint | May 24, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

As I listen to InfoFlow in the morning, I always hear about exciting upcoming events and new clubs being started by my own peers. But that's only when I listen to InfoFlow.

BangaLore #22: A midsummer day's reality

By Sonalee Rau | May 13, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

We're having an Indian summer in Bangalore right now.

An on-screen offense

By Fran Djoukeng | May 10, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

With the onset of the summer blockbuster season, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, and Walt Disney Pictures, among other giant film companies, are maximizing every opportunity to publicize possible hits.

F for Facebook

By Julia Wynn | May 5, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

For all Facebook's social charm and fun applications, parents may now have the proof they need to limit our use of the social network or prohibit it entirely (gasp).

BangaLore #21: IIT's "it"

By Sonalee Rau | May 2, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

The college craze: it's an inevitable part of life for high school students and graduate school applicants all over the world. To make matters more difficult, there's a stigma associated with not going to a great college in any country.

Viva la Slanket!

By Kiera Zitelman | April 25, 2009, midnight | In Lifestyle Blog »

As a member of both the "When I grow up, I'm going to be Liz Lemon…blerg" and "The Slanket is far superior to the Snuggie" Facebook groups, I was obviously ecstatic when my love of Slankets (I own a blue one) united with my favorite TV show, "30 Rock," on Thursday.

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