Emma Zachurski

Name: Emma Zachurski
Position: Entertainment Editor
Graduation Year: 2006
Emma has lead a bohemian lifestyle ever since her birth to an eccentric pair of a journalist and an artist. She is now currently a senior and looks forward to another great year with Silver Chips Online! Her spare time is best spent listening to her iPod, making music, reading almost anything by dead Russian or French men,doodling, daydreaming, lollygagging around New York City on weekends and taking a part in other such oddball behavior. She loves the satirical humor of Kurt Vonnegut Jr., the films of Federico Fellini and the music of everyone ranging from Bob Dylan to Howlin' Wolf to Leonard Cohen.

Stories (30)

78th Annual Academy Award Winners

By Danny Scheer, Emma Zachurski | March 5, 2006, midnight | In Print »

It's time. After 15 minutes of Jon Stewart's comedy and some old gay western jokes, the results are in. Here are the 78th Academy Award winners.

"Awake and Sing" opens eyes

By Emma Zachurski | Feb. 3, 2006, midnight | In Plays »

New York City, the Great Depression: people are out on the street, money is impossible to come by and everyone is struggling to make ends meet. This grim setting is the embodiment of Clifford Odets's surprisingly life-affirming classic "Awake and Sing." Though the play's cast of characters, a down-on-their-luck Jewish family, face the same hardships of everyone else in their crashing city, their story is one of perseverance and will—a story which D.C.'s Arena Stage captures masterfully in their new production.

2006 Oscar nominations released

By Danny Scheer, Emma Zachurski | Jan. 31, 2006, midnight | In Print »

The Academy of Arts and Sciences released the 2006 Oscar nominations today, Tuesday, Jan. 31. Official Silver Chips Online predictions and a special Oscar feature will be released soon.

D.C. protest to be held Saturday

By Emma Zachurski | Sept. 23, 2005, midnight | In Local »

In response to the ongoing war in Iraq, United for Peace & Justice and ANSWER has organized an anti-war rally to take place Saturday, Sep. 24. Events and performances are scheduled on the Washington Monument grounds and near the National Mall area. The event is set to take place from 10 a.m. through the night.

Silver Quill wins Columbia Scholastic Press Association Award

By Emma Zachurski | Sept. 10, 2005, midnight | In Local »

Silver Quill, Blair's yearly literary magazine received the Gold Circle Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) during the week of Sept. 4.

Bob Dylan amazes Maryland

By Emma Zachurski | June 19, 2005, midnight | In Music »

From the very start of his career, Bob Dylan has captured audiences everywhere with his extraordinary music. Now, at the age of 64, Dylan is still a fascinating musician as well as a great performer who continues to deliver excellent concerts to thankful fans. The night of June 14 at Prince George's stadium in Bowie, Maryland was no exception to Dylan's remarkable streak of crowd-pleasing performances. Dylan's concert brought a mixed group of fans together to sing along, dance and cheer throughout yet another amazing show by the incomparable artist.

Margaret Cho leaves Warner Stage in stitches

By Emma Zachurski | May 15, 2005, midnight | In Plays »

There was a distinct feeling of anticipation on Friday, May 13 in the Warner Theatre as people packed into their seats to wait for comedian Margaret Cho to take the stage. The audience's expectations weren't let down either. Cho engaged viewers with the hysterical, smart and outrageous performance everyone had hoped for.

"Kung Fu Hustle" kicks conventional comedy out the door

By Emma Zachurski | April 25, 2005, midnight | In Movies »

The art of Kung Fu is a serious study that takes discipline and effort. Organized crime gangs are intimidating, violent and ruthless groups who have the ability to throw entire cities into chaos. Now what happens when these two subjects come together? Why, you get "Kung Fu Hustle," the funniest film of 2005 so far.

SGR sponsors AIDS teach-in

By Emma Zachurski | April 22, 2005, midnight | In Local »

Two guest speakers spoke to Blair students yesterday on the issue of the international HIV/AIDS epidemic. The teach-in was held by Students for Global Responsibility (SGR).

Instrumental music and choral groups win awards during Chicago trip

By Emma Zachurski | April 17, 2005, midnight | In Local »

Blair's music department received a total of five honorary plaques and three trophies for their performances in the Heritages Festival in Chicago, Illinois. The participating groups from Blair in this festival were the Honors Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, String Orchestra, and the Chamber and Blazer Choirs.

Remembering Arthur Miller

By Emma Zachurski | Feb. 20, 2005, midnight | In National »

Playwright Arthur Miller, known best for his plays "The Crucible" and "Death of a Salesman," passed away in his home in Roxbury, Connecticut on the evening of Feb. 10. His death was due to congestive heart failure, according to CNN.

Billie Holiday

By Emma Zachurski | Feb. 5, 2005, midnight | In Features »

There are many reasons to cherish the legacy of Billie Holiday: her raspy one-of-a-kind voice, her unique spirit that propelled her career and the powerful lyrics that only she could sing make up Holiday's significant role in jazz-music history. In addition, Holiday's songs, such as "Strange Fruit," a dark and realistic narrative of the racism she witnessed in her short lifetime, secure her significant role in Black history.

Skate Park to be built in Silver Spring

By Emma Zachurski | Jan. 28, 2005, midnight | In Local »

The Park and Planning Commission of Silver Spring has created a plan to expand the recreational park located on Fenton Street and Philadelphia Avenue and add a skate park. According to The Gazette, the park is to be between 1.5 and 2 square acres and the skateboarding facility will be approximately 14,000 square feet.

Go "Sideways"

By Emma Zachurski | Jan. 27, 2005, midnight | In Movies »

Every friendship is full of stories, sentiments and unforgettable moments shared together. "Sideways," the latest triumph by director and writer Alexander Payne ("About Schmidt"), deals with the complex subject of relationships in a way that is moving, intelligent and hilarious all at once.

Somewhat "Good Company"

By Emma Zachurski | Jan. 20, 2005, midnight | In Movies »

Fact: "In Good Company" is indeed another romantic comedy fitting all the criteria of cutesy, sugary, warm and fuzzy elements. Myth: "In Good Company" is just another boring comic misfire from Hollywood.

"The Woodsman" isn't too sturdy

By Emma Zachurski | Jan. 12, 2005, midnight | In Movies »

A movie completely devoid of redeeming qualities is tolerable in the sense that nothing seems wasted. However, "The Woodsman," is even more disappointing than such a film because it wastes a remarkably powerful and chilling performance from Kevin Bacon by not offering a worthy backdrop.

Pleasant but shaky waters of "The Life Aquatic"

By Emma Zachurski | Dec. 18, 2004, midnight | In Movies »

Filmmaker Wes Anderson has set sail into new waters. His latest film, "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou," is a goofball comedy that's chiefly concerned with bringing laughs.

Grammy rock music nominees are nothing to rave about

By Emma Zachurski | Dec. 17, 2004, midnight | In Op/Ed »

On Dec. 7, a crime against music, particularly rock and alternative, was committed: the Grammy Awards nominations were announced.

"Tarnation" breaks boundaries to create art

By Emma Zachurski | Nov. 16, 2004, midnight | In Movies »

Documentaries are usually for informing only, but "Tarnation" goes beyond the simple genre to create an incredible work of true-life-cinema. Jonathon Caouette's innovative filmmaking debut, "Tarnation" makes sorrowful tales of family and life as entrancing as they are poignant.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat announced dead

By Emma Zachurski | Nov. 11, 2004, midnight | In International »

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat passed away in his sleep on Nov. 11 at 3:30 a.m. in a hospital in France. No cause of death has been disclosed yet, according to The Washington Post.

"Arrested Development" is still delightfully captivating

By Emma Zachurski | Nov. 11, 2004, midnight | In Television »

Last season, "Arrested Development" proved to be one of the best comedies to grace network television in a long time. The show kept getting better and won an Emmy for best comedy thanks to its over-the-top humor and excellently written episodes. Based on the latest episode, it looks as though the second season of "Arrested Development" is going to be just as great as the first.

Cox, Ervin and Abrams win Montgomery County elections

By Emma Zachurski | Nov. 4, 2004, midnight | In Local »

All voting precinct results have been reported as of Nov. 3 2004, and Sharon W. Cox , Stephen N. Abrams and Valerie Ervin all won board of education elections. Ballots also included three referendums, called Question A, B and C, that were defeated.

Arafat in seriously ill but stable condition

By Emma Zachurski | Oct. 28, 2004, midnight | In International »

Palestinian president Yasser Arafat is considered seriously ill but in stable condition as of Oct. 28. He has been staying in his compound in Ramallah and has had doctors from Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt come to treat him over the last week according to The Washington Post.

"DIG!" this

By Emma Zachurski | Oct. 26, 2004, midnight | In Movies »

Rock stars: something about their extravagant lifestyles and rebellious attitudes makes them fascinating to many. However, in the documentary "DIG!", there is another side of rock musicians shown, a human side, including their relationships and the highs and lows of their careers.

Memorial for 2002 sniper victims dedicated

By Emma Zachurski | Oct. 2, 2004, midnight | In Local »

Brookside Gardens dedicated a memorial for the victims of the 2002 sniper shootings yesterday, Oct. 1. The event was held during the daytime and drew in approximately 300 to 350 people.

Three Blazers learn the finer side of fashion while on BBC show

By Emma Zachurski | Sept. 20, 2004, midnight | In Features »

Oodles of money, a good chunk of time devoted entirely to shopping, your own stylist and clothing stores of varied types waiting to give you the ultimate chic makeover equals the definitive dream for most aspiring fashionadas. However, in the case of seniors Erinn Johnson-Long, Clarence Turner and Susan Blythe-Goodman, this experience was no dream but rather an exciting opportunity for remodeling their fashion outlook and tastes.

Silver Spring Borders to hold grand opening celebration

By Emma Zachurski | Sept. 17, 2004, midnight | In Local »

Borders has announced they are holding an event in celebration of their recent store opening in downtown Silver Spring. The event is free and open to the public and will be from 10:30 a.m. to the late evening on Saturday, Sept. 18.

Honors Jazz Band to perform at Silver Spring Festival

By Emma Zachurski | Sept. 8, 2004, midnight | In Local »

The Silver Spring Jazz Festival has been scheduled for Sept. 11 from 3:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Silver Plaza located at the Ellsworth Drive Fountain between Georgia Avenue and Fenton Street. The festival is open to the public and free of charge.

Björk grows her roots in "Medúlla"

By Emma Zachurski | Sept. 6, 2004, midnight | In Music »

There seems to be nothing that Björk cannot accomplish. Since her start as an Icelandic jazz singer at the age of 12, she's explored and broadened her musical style countless times without ever failing to amaze or surprise fans and skeptics alike. Her latest record, "Medúlla," is no different, taking vocal innovation to a whole level of creativity.

"Uh Huh Her": not an album to forget

By Emma Zachurski | June 27, 2004, midnight | In Music »

"Uh Huh Her" is possibly singer songwriter P.J. Harvey's most diverse and musically accomplished work since her 1995 blues-rock, organ-backed, hard-hitting "To Bring You My Love." Breaking away from the almost completely pop-polished style of her previous album, "Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea," "Uh Huh Her" is less of an image album and more of a creative project, that aims for and delivers complete music bliss. In "Uh Huh Her," Harvey merges her previous trademark musical specialties, which range from haunting lyrics and deep growling vocal tracks to falsetto moans and a never ending palette of mixed emotions that grace each track in an unforgettable manner.