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It's a tough game

By Marjorie Fuchs | Sept. 27, 2010, 10:49 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

On Sept. 20, Denver Broncos' Wide Receiver Kenny McKinley was found dead in his Colorado home from an apparent suicide.

Gold things come in threes

By Sarah Harper | Sept. 19, 2010, 5:51 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

The elite gymnast is a product of the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA) in Dallas, Texas, the same gym that trained Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin, 2004 and 2008 Olympic gold-winners respectively.

The new "King" of South Beach

By Eli Schwadron | Aug. 22, 2010, 5:39 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

On July 8, LeBron James sent the sports world into a frenzy with his announcement to join the Miami Heat.

Haynesworth: A lesson in sportsmanship

By Liv Jacobson | Aug. 10, 2010, 11:24 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

Over the past few months, Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has caused quite a stir both in the Washington area and across the nation.

Galarraga's grace in a classless age

By Mandy Xu | June 11, 2010, 7:26 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

Off the record, it doesn't even matter; Galarraga will be immortalized. This "imperfect" game is more special and honorable than any perfect game in history.

The melting cup

By Masha Lafen | June 8, 2010, 10:15 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

According to USA Today, American fans have purchased the highest number of World Cup tickets compared to any other country except host nation South Africa.

Nabbing McNabb

By Rose Wynn | April 15, 2010, 7:44 a.m. | In Sports Blog »

Controversy, a history of injuries and disappointment. These qualities mar quarterback Donovan McNabb's recent years on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Front row couches

By Anya Gosine | March 21, 2010, midnight | In Sports Blog »

The roar of the stadium grows increasingly louder as the player dribbles down the field, dodging opponents in a quick zigzag fashion. The goalie dives to catch the ball mid-air, and as he hits your living room floor you jump - knocking off your 3D glasses.


By Jenna Bushnell | March 19, 2010, 7:40 a.m. | In Sports Blog »

There's nothing I love more than the Olympics, which is why I'm sad to see them go. The idea that nations from all over the world can put aside their differences for a little fun competition just goes to show the value of sports. Not to mention, the Winter Olympics garner a sense of national pride (37 medals for U.S.!) that recently seems hard to come by.

All iced out

By Anya Gosine | Feb. 25, 2010, 7:50 a.m. | In Sports Blog »

Apolo Ohno flew across the finish line behind Lee Jung-Su and Lee Ho-Suk of South Korea. The roar of spectators packing the Pacific Colusseum shook the rink - Ohno had just emerged as the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian.

Golden girl

By Sophia Deng | Feb. 12, 2010, 4:46 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

With the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver just around the corner, the American athletes anticipated to win gold have been elevated to superstar status. There is snowboarder Shaun White, who has made his competitors tremble after he successfully landed a Double McTwist. There is speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, ice skater Evan Lysacek...But perhaps the most important name is alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, the true heroine of the games, the face of the U.S. in Vancouver.

A troubled Tiger

By Jenna Bushnell | Jan. 14, 2010, 1:25 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

It may have been last year, but I remember it clearly - when news outlets announced that Tiger Woods had been in a car accident. My dad, a golf aficionado, made sure to text everyone in my immediate golf-loving family. Later we learned that Tiger suffered from minor face lacerations. With weeks to come, his reputation would suffer the most damage.

Comedic spice on ice

By Masha Lafen | Jan. 12, 2010, 9:29 a.m. | In Sports Blog »

Comedian Stephen Colbert's "Colbert Nation" has joined the Vancouver Olympic festivities by funding the United States Speedskating team. Earlier in 2009 the team lost its largest sponsor, the Dutch bank DSB when it declared bankruptcy, leaving the team scrambling to raise $300,000.

Lobo gone loco

By Blake Morgan-Gamber | Nov. 24, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

In sports, there's a fine line between team spirit and just playing dirty. Unfortunately, University of New Mexico (UNM) soccer player Elizabeth Lambert could not differentiate between the two in New Mexico's game against Brigham Young on Nov. 6.

Suiting up for change

By Rose Wynn | Nov. 24, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

Michael Phelps was the only one with his chest bare at the Stockholm races. But in a waist-high 2008 Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit, Phelps cut through the water 1.84 seconds too slow.

No thick skin

By Rose Wynn | Oct. 19, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

The most we can say for the Redskins is that they have been lucky. Not only have most of their first competitors hung at the bottom of their divisions, but all the teams had no victories to their name when they played the Redskins.

Fantastical football frenzy

By Dennis Chae | Oct. 9, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

In a country where gridiron greatness reigns in the sports market, fantasy football gives its users an outlet to live their pigskin fantasies.

Denying them a league of their own

By Blake Morgan-Gamber | Aug. 14, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

Flash forward to August 2012. A time sports fanatics all over the world crave every four years has finally come. But the quadrennial summer Olympic Games in London will be missing something that will bring disappointment to female athletes around the world.

Towards greener pastures

By Rose Wynn | May 27, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

Blazer field has been through some tough times.

The art of the sport

By Rose Wynn | March 31, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

Kicks fly high. Flyers soar in the air. Girls jump and move across the court with energy, beaming with smiles as wide as the poms they clutch in their hands. Many doubt that girls in skirts and smiles can participate in hard-core athletics, and the job is a lot harder than it looks.

No fan's land

By Susie Branson | March 5, 2009, midnight | In Sports Blog »

Three, two, one - BEEP. The gym erupts with victorious cheers as the stands struggle under the weight of jumping fans who are supporting their fellow classmates and school. Or at least, it should have.

Favre: Gone for good

By Anshul Sood | Feb. 18, 2009, 1:20 p.m. | In Sports Blog »

On March 4, 2008, Brett Favre declared his retirement from the NFL. But when the 2008 - 2009 season rolled around, there was Favre in a New York Jets jersey. After an up-and-down season, Favre is calling it quits again. On Feb. 11, Favre announced his retirement from the Jets and the league. And this time, it looks like we won't be seeing Favre in a uniform again.

Send Plaxico packing

By Kiera Zitelman | Nov. 30, 2008, midnight | In Sports Blog »

Whenever I watch a National Football League game - regardless of who is playing - it is a sure bet that I will see at least one NFL-United Way commercial. Without a doubt, sandwiched between a Miller Lite ad and a preview of this week's episode of "Family Guy," a caring football player will be helping some children plant trees, or something equally cute. Every professional sports league does a charity partnership, and I'm all for it. The NFL sends a good message with those commercials. But when a player decides to behave irresponsibly and set a bad example for fans young and old, it's time for league officials to show they mean business.

The fall guy

By Anshul Sood | Nov. 27, 2008, midnight | In Sports Blog »

After more than five years of service to Washington, the Wizards repaid head coach Eddie Jordan by firing him on Tuesday after the team's 1-10 start to the season. Jordan is replaced by interim head coach Ed Tapscott, the former head coach at American University. Team president Ernie Grunfeld said he "felt it was time to make a change" - but Jordan was not the problem with the Wizards.

A sad day for sports

By Greg Kohn, Anshul Sood | Nov. 12, 2008, midnight | In Sports Blog »

Over four years of high school, most students have the chance to attend at least one sporting event, if not many. And every time, students hear this message: "An important mission of the interscholastic athletics program is to teach and reinforce values relating to sportsmanship, competition, and fair play. It is expected that team personnel, parents, and spectators respect this mission by exhibiting appropriate behavior at athletic events," or something of that nature. Yet an incident at a varsity boys' soccer game this year defied those expectations.

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