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Nando's Peri Peri spices up Downtown dining

By Jialin Quinlan Natalie Rutsch | Feb. 9, 2011, 11:47 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

With restaurants already spread across five different continents, Nando's Peri-Peri finally brings its cultural flavor to Downtown Silver Spring. Its famous Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken, which has delighted worldwide, is a fusion of Portuguese and Mozambican cuisine.

Fun for less doesn't mean less fun

By Helen Bowers | Feb. 9, 2011, 11:44 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

When the weekend rolls around and you're trying to impress someone with a great date idea or just wanting somewhere new to chill with your friends, it can seem like the only thing to do in Downtown Silver Spring is to watch a movie or to eat at a restaurant. Not only does that routine get boring pretty fast, it can also cut a big hole in your pocket. But if you venture a little farther out of your comfort zone, you can find some great places that won't set you back more than $10.

Book nook

By Claire Sleigh | Feb. 9, 2011, 11:36 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Remember back in elementary school when we had all that time on our hands? Back then, the most nerve-racking part of the day was show-and-tell, and there was always time to play and relax. Now, with all the stress of classes, finals and extra-curriculars, finding a free moment to curl up and read a book can be a challenge. For Blazers looking to squeeze a book between physics homework and soccer practice, Silver Chips provides a selection of four different quick reads that are sure to make a lasting impact.

Dress to kill the winter chill

By Noah Mason, Jialin Quinlan, Gardi Royce, Eliza Wapner | Dec. 16, 2010, 7:04 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

With winter rolling around, it's time to break out the hats, scarves and puffy coats. But for those Blazers who are tired of looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters, anyone?), your trusty Entertainment Team, along with a couple of extra models, has braved the malls and the magazines to bring you what we believe are the season's latest looks.

Moving on to greater gigs

By Claire Boston | Dec. 16, 2010, 6:43 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Shortly after 6 p.m., the band takes the stage at the 9:30 Club. Their sound check is enough to make their front-row fans to erupt in cheers. But they aren't a big rock band performing a gig on a national tour. They are The Agiles, a self-described alternative rock band made up of mostly members from Blair.

Silver Chips vs. YouTube

By Natalie Rutsch | Nov. 11, 2010, 11:21 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Local Haunts

By Natalie Rutsch | Oct. 7, 2010, 7:10 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

With Halloween just around the very dark and spooky corner, we're starting to see more and more of our favorite ectoplasm-filled friends: ghosts. But while we know where to find ghosts in the horror movie section of the video store, finding ghosts in our own city is a bit more challenging. As any reporter tasked with a local ghost hunt will agree, oftentimes the paranormal apparitions are less than willing to be found. But while many employees at D.C.'s supposedly haunted hotspots are quick to assure you that the only thing haunting their buildings are tourists searching for a scare, some research digs up lore about the capital's ghoulish history. The one place willing to dish out a ghost story, a Silver Spring auto parts retailer, isn't exactly a tourist destination, but still a good place to point out as a spooky spot when you're driving by. Who knows, maybe with some luck, a little bit of faith and an Electromagnetic Field Detector, you'll have more luck finding a ghost at one of these rumored sites.

A night in Bollywood, but without the crowds

By Claire Sleigh | Oct. 7, 2010, 12:38 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

The entrance is almost hidden and the place is dark. The sign outside proclaims that the restaurant is "Open!" but it doesn't look convincing. But inside a different story unfolds, a story of travels and trips, of delicious food and spices.

Spy in the city

By Jialin Quinlan Natalie Rutsch | Oct. 7, 2010, 12:11 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Oleg Ledvekov is trying to steal American secrets for the Russians. He has an accomplice with dangerous access to important American secrets, and she's prepared to spill if her price is met. The only people standing between the Russian spies and top-secret American intel are your trusty entertainment editors. Our mission? SlyFox.

A 'Top'-notch meal with a side of Chips

By Eli Okun Natalie Rutsch | June 3, 2010, 12:23 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

The knife block was ready, the ingredients from a quick trip to Safeway were arrayed on the table and the griddle was sizzling. Natalie and Eli crouched in anticipation in front of Eli's refrigerator. Silver Chips's own version of "Top Chef" - in a decidedly less glamorous Chevy Chase kitchen - was about to begin, and emotions were running high. The timer sounded, and the reporters-turned-cheftestants were off to Eli's six-burner stove to whip up the best bites this side of Bravo.

Chefs in the city

By Eli Okun Natalie Rutsch | June 3, 2010, 12:15 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

D.C.: it's the metropolis in our backyards, the site of our field trips and the destination of our Metro rides. The city boasts great monuments, restaurants, museums, festivals and concerts - all the typical markers of a lively city. But, really, what tells us that our beloved neighbor D.C. has made it? That's right, the only honest indicator of success we have left today: reality television.

Beyond the boulevard

By Eli Okun | June 3, 2010, 12:13 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

In case of emergency

By Jialin Quinlan | June 3, 2010, 11:45 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

It's a typical disaster drill, students calmly exiting their classrooms in single file lines toward their designated gathering sites…Let's not kid ourselves. In reality, bright lights flash as the automated voice repeating drill instructions is drowned out and altogether ignored by the thousands of students making their way to "safety.” The monotone voice is almost always greeted by fist pumps, the scraping of chairs being pushed away from desks and choruses of "yesssss.” In light of the recent surge in disaster drills, it has become this reporter's responsibility to inform readers of the most effective ways to escape the school with all their fingers and toes.

Reporters to the rescue

By Lily Alexander Vicky Lai | April 22, 2010, 7:50 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

They live right next door to Blair, but we only see them in the case of an occasional third-floor fire or a false alarm. We, Lily Alexander and Vicky Lai, two valiant Silver Chips staffers, decided to pay a visit to our friendly next-door neighbors at Silver Spring fire station 16 and, instead of asking for a cup of sugar, ask for a ride on the big red trucks.

Beyond the boulevard

By Jenny Sholar | March 11, 2010, 12:02 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Charmed, I'm sure

By Lauren Teixeira | March 11, 2010, 8:07 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

It is easy to forget that Washington, D.C., and Baltimore are only 40 minutes apart. Even a cursory examination reveals cities with diametrically opposed characters. With a renewed interest in the city due to hit HBO show "The Wire" and a growing art and music scene that has garnered national fascination, it's time to revisit Charm City and explore what makes it so, well, charming.

Chips Trips: Women's History Month

By Samantha Lint | March 11, 2010, 7:53 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

A haven not only for women of the past but also of the present, the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) offers a venue exclusively for women's art. Until the last century, women artists had trouble finding success. Often, like writers, they had to work under an assumed name to gain any respect. NMWA proudly displays these artists from the 16th century to today.

Boulevard of perfect dreams

By Rebecca Novello | March 11, 2010, 7:38 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Dreams often grant us a much-needed escape from our daily struggles. In a dream, anything is possible - swimming through a vat of delicious chocolate, jumping from a 50-story building unscathed, even flying through the hallways of school. So when budget cuts and insufficient funds push on the school from all sides, a daydream in a dull class about a fantasy Blair - one with no monetary limitations - can be the perfect way to brighten up the afternoon.

Beyond the boulevard

By Laura Anthony | Feb. 5, 2010, 12:11 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

From Paris with Love (R) - John Travolta has a goatee, a million different guns and an unorthodox spy mentality to help him stop a terrorist attack in Paris with the help of a low-ranking employee at the office of the U.S. Ambassador in France, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The director of "Taken", Pierre Morel, brings another action movie reminiscent of "Die Hard" and just about every other spy movie out there. But the car chases and explosions are still pretty cool. (Feb. 5)

Talent of Olympian proportions

By Tasnia Habib Samantha Lint | Feb. 5, 2010, 11:51 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

The medals, the snowsuits, the way an ice skater's feet execute a perfect triple axle — the Winter Olympics are full of wonder. Every four years, world-class athletes from across the globe come together for hair-raising competitions on ice and in snow. We, your entertainment editors, were shocked and embarrassed when we were not invited to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Demeaned but determined, we decided to host our own event in Silver Spring to showcase our Olympian talents in three winter sports.

Best of music

By Natalie Rutsch | Dec. 17, 2009, 6:59 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

2009 witnessed the wild success of music artists fresh out of high school. From Taylor Swift to Drake, 2009 has seen young artists from multiple genres topping the charts and capturing Blazer attention (in a random lunchtime poll of popular '09 songs conducted by Silver Chips).

Deck the halls with spirit

By Tasnia Habib Samantha Lint | Dec. 17, 2009, 2:48 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Every year along with shiny new presents and tasty desserts, the holiday season brings the elusive "holiday spirit." Yearlong grinches become angels just for these two months – or at least, that's the hope. But can your entertainment editors live up to these tall expectations?

Beyond the Boulevard

By Gardi Royce | Dec. 17, 2009, 2:33 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Sherlock Holmes (PG-13) — The classic detective Sherlock Holmes is back with a bang, but this time, he's stepped out of his Baker Street home to fight giant men and cavort with beautiful women. The film, directed by Guy Ritchie, features "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes, alongside Jude Law, who plays sidekick Dr. John Watson. Though the movie isn't in line with traditional Holmes portrayals of Arthur Conan Doyle's famed sleuth, Holmes's antics are sure to appeal to viewers. After all, "Nothing Escapes Him" — not even the audiences. (Dec. 25)

Best of T.V.

By Olayinka Oladiran | Dec. 17, 2009, 2:29 p.m. | In Print Entertainment »

For American television, it was the year of teen drama. Everyone, from pre-teens to teens to even adults was infatuated with the slew of high school and college-based shows. The bad, the bold and the beautiful all came together to give us an explosive year of remarkable entertainment.

Staring at the blank screen won't help

By Samantha Lint | Dec. 17, 2009, 8:34 a.m. | In Print Entertainment »

Every year, thousands of seniors spend countless hours agonizing over how best to make themselves stand out, show off their experiences and fluff themselves up like the peacocks on the Discovery Channel. Inevitably, we come face to face with the dreaded college essay.

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