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A storming success

By Eliza Wapner | Nov. 17, 2010, 8:33 a.m. | In Music »

It was a dark, rainy night. Storm clouds hung low overhead. Thunder boomed and lights flashed. A sweet, beautiful voice filled the 9:30 club's venue amidst the thunder.

November Playlist: Hot tracks for cool weather

By Valerie Hu | Nov. 8, 2010, 8:59 p.m. | In Music »

It's the beginning of the second quarter and an agonizing three weeks until Thanksgiving weekend. With so much work to do, Blazers are stuck in a stressful, school-oriented mindset. Even though school is far from over, these upbeat tracks will give Blazers something to celebrate as they wait for the holiday season!

Taylor Swift decides to "Speak Now" and sing out

By Valerie Hu | Nov. 1, 2010, 2:03 p.m. | In Music »

From headlining her first sold-out Fearless concert tour to winning Album of the Year, Swift became a household name and the country pop singer-songwriter of this decade.

A new day in Sugarland

By Molly Nicholson | Oct. 26, 2010, 7:34 a.m. | In Music »

Only special artists come out with albums that relentlessly add to their repertoire, making their listeners want more and more. Sugarland's senior album "The Incredible Machine" does just that.

Spooky tunes for a spooky holiday

By Molly Nicholson | Oct. 4, 2010, 6:32 p.m. | In Music »

Halloween is coming up and Blazers are going to scourge stores for the craziest costumes and listen to even crazier Halloween music. Regardless of whether Blazers will spend October 31 trick-or-treating or giving out candy, Silver Chips Online provides the perfect soundtracks for endless Halloween fun. So throw on the masks, pick up that candy bowl and turn up the stereo to get in the perfect mood for the creepiest of holidays.

"A Thousand Suns" fizzles out

By Alison Kronstadt | Sept. 19, 2010, 9:07 p.m. | In Music »

Musical experimentation can be good. Musical experimentation can bring a band greater fame, reach new audiences and sell more records. Simultaneously, extreme musical experimentation can break a band, especially one with a well-established fan base. Linkin Park's fifth album is almost completely different from anything Linkin Park has ever done. The outfit's risky "musical experimentation" alienates both old fans and prospective new ones, with overwrought lyrics, jarring failed attempts at artistry, and a disappointing lack of continuity and sense.

A biting good show

By Marjorie Fuchs | Sept. 13, 2010, 10:58 p.m. | In Music »

Vampire Weekend brought its charm and eclectic sound to the Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sept. 11 during its "2010 North American Tour."

It's a (Monster) ball

By Sarah Harper | Sept. 9, 2010, 2:36 p.m. | In Music »

Lady Gaga's second world tour, titled "The Monster Ball," came to the Verizon Center in D.C. on Tuesday, Sept. 7. The concert, which sold out mere minutes after tickets went on sale, combined Gaga's lyrical talent with her signature theatricality and resulted in a mind-blowing production. For a staggering three hours, the artist's blend of catchy pop choruses and glam rock hooks kept the audience on its feet and dancing.

Playlist: upbeat singles set the mood for summer break

By Mandy Xu | June 2, 2010, 10:45 p.m. | In Music »

Summer break is almost here and Blazers are already daydreaming about trips to the beach, pool parties and endless days of sunshine. True, school hasn't ended yet, but that doesn't mean that the fun can't start now.

Playlist: May brings hot weather and hotter singles

By Jenna Bushnell | May 9, 2010, 3:11 p.m. | In Music »

For some Blazers, the warm weather means one thing: blasting music from their cars with the windows down.

Playlist: New season, new artists

By Anya Gosine | April 8, 2010, 8:22 a.m. | In Music »

With the arrival of springtime, the flowers are not the only things starting to bloom. After asking Blazers for their latest music picks we compiled a list of rising hits by artists that are springing on the scene. Certainly as the weather heats up so will these songs – giving us faces to follow for many seasons to come.

Weezy turns whiny

By Blake Morgan-Gamber | March 7, 2010, 8:26 p.m. | In Music »

Despite its title, Lil Wayne's latest album, "Rebirth," evokes previous albums such as "Tha Carter III," as Wayne spits his typical lyrics about money and women. Though Wayne's attempt at a new style is admirable, "Rebirth" presents a scattered sound.

Playlist: Month of love brings unforgettable singles

By Fran Djoukeng | Feb. 28, 2010, 6:11 p.m. | In Music »

February is a time for romance and good tunes and the second month of the year welcomed a bloom of unique voices and melodies. During these past weeks, we surveyed Blazers' music docks and asked for their current track picks.

Playlist: New year brings new sounds

By Fran Djoukeng | Jan. 31, 2010, 4:56 p.m. | In Music »

At the close of 2009, pop music reigned as the leading genre but with 2010, expect a new influx of alternative styles. This month we strolled the Boulevard and asked Blazers for their track picks for January.

A spectacular feat

By Ava Wallace | Dec. 20, 2009, 10:33 p.m. | In Music »

As specks of snow fell on the ground on Friday evening, junior Zoe Kurtz led Blair's a cappella group, InToneNation, in their rendition of The Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Kurtz swayed to the rhythm while behind her festive lights encircled a large, colorful banner that read "SGR Spectacular."

A lovely evening with Blair's cabaret

By Ava Wallace | Dec. 12, 2009, 10:39 p.m. | In Music »

Blair's cabaret held its first annual "Cabaret for Cancer" Friday night in the auditorium. The cabaret showcased the artistic gifts of 17 Blazers in a heartwarming show that centered on the theme "All You Need is Love." The cabaret featured 25 songs ranging from humorous show tunes to intimate ballads.

Gaga is gold

By Sophia Deng | Dec. 5, 2009, 12:03 a.m. | In Music »

There's no need to put the dancing shoes away - take two, and Gaga is just as good. In Lady Gaga's first album, "The Fame," the pop singer hypnotized the whole world with catchy hits, giving rise to teenagers everywhere belting "Just Dance" and "Papa-paparazzi."

Chillin' and representin'

By Amir Gorjifard | Nov. 30, 2009, midnight | In Music »

D.C. rapper Wale has been dominating the local underground rap scene for years, and now he has shot into mainstream music as a success. When his single, "Chillin," was released on June 2, the nation was surprised by this relatively unknown rapper and his collaboration with pop diva Lady Gaga.

"The Boy" knows just enough

By Ava Wallace | Oct. 8, 2009, midnight | In Music »

Since the release of his debut album in 2007, pop star Mika's energized songs have stolen hearts and no doubt caused fans' voices to crack when they try to sing along. Well, warm up those vocal cords, because Mika's back and he hasn't changed a bit. He's still spunky and he's still creative.

"Blueprint" for success

By Dennis Chae | Oct. 6, 2009, midnight | In Music »

Jay-Z has been in the rap game for a very long time and has been through it all - a heated feud with rapper Nas, a promotion to Chief Executive Officer of Def Jam Recordings, retirement and a comeback. Through it all, he's been able to consistently produce chart-topping albums including his 11th studio album, "Blueprint 3."

"All I Ever Wanted" is Kelly

By Susie Branson | March 20, 2009, midnight | In Music »

It's time to get back to jumping on those beds, cranking up the stereo and screaming lyrics in your car, because Kelly is back! Kelly Clarkson's fourth album, "All I Ever Wanted," released Mar. 10, has not only dissipated some of the recent embarrassing dismay of her third album, "My December," but revived her popular status as the spunky, energetic artist we all know and love.

You too will want U2

By Anika Manzoor | March 18, 2009, midnight | In Music »

After a five-year hiatus, U2 fans are anxious to see what genius these recent Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers cook up next. Unfortunately, after 11 albums of Bono's impassioned vocals and the signature timbre of The Edge's guitar, "No Line On The Horizion" doesn't match up to the anthemic prowess the band established in the mid-1980s. But who can resist Bono's voice and The Edge's awesome guitar playing? "No Line" may not be U2's best album, but considering much of the bile that is produced by the music industry these days, it's absolutely supreme.

Winter concert warms the soul

By Monica Wei | Jan. 13, 2009, midnight | In Music »

Blair's second winter concert, featuring the Blazer Choir, InToneNation, the Chamber Choir guitar ensemble and the symphonic orchestra featured fun and foreign songs of a wide variety – from the soft and lilting to the haunting and sad to the upbeat and cheerful. These engaging tunes, coupled with conductors Dustin M. Doyle and Paul Newport's desire to include audience involvement, resulted in an intimate and warm concert.

Pro/Con: Auto-tuning the music industry

By Jenna Bushnell David Tao | Jan. 6, 2009, midnight | In Music »

If you've turned on the radio in the past few years, you're probably familiar with the robotic twang of "T-Pained" vocals. This trademark motif of namesake and Florida R&B crooner T-Pain is caused by Antares Audio Technologies's Auto-Tune plug-in, a program that snaps sour notes into a computerized pattern with a distinctive tremble.

Soulja Boy tells 'em nothing

By Katie Sint | Dec. 26, 2008, midnight | In Music »

The musical genius who brought us meaningless yet extremely popular tracks like "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)" and "Get Silly" brings the same lackluster approach to his newest album, "iSouljaBoyTellem." SouljaBoy amazingly manages to make each of the 16 tracks on "iSouljaBoyTellem" as mindless as the next. From the bouncy beat of "Rubberbands" to the ridiculous "Wit My Yums On," SouljaBoy has established himself as an artist that should never, ever win a Grammy.

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